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    Capture: The King, The Knave & Thresia - Torment & Threats

    Elaena Velaryon
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    Capture: The King, The Knave & Thresia - Torment & Threats

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:18 am

    [08:29 PM] Aeden turns looking to Bradd and nods "Ser Stone, good to see you sandman"

    [08:30 PM] Bradd Stone smiles and stand, "and you, Your Grace." as he glances in at the She-Wolf tent.

    [08:30 PM] Aeden watches the raven land on his arm, pulling the notice from it and sends the bird off opening the message

    [08:30 PM] Thresia angrilly cried out at this blasted dress she wore.. wishing to tear at the fabric, as it made her into a weak female, she wanted the leathers of her riding outfits, the leather pants, the jerkin, she felt like a wilted flower in these clothes...they were yes for a woman of her status, but she was meant to ride destriers.. she needed to find her daggers, and was hell bent on having them the next time she saw that Knave...' Stone.'

    [08:31 PM] Bradd Stone watches the King curiously, "a message, Your Grace?"

    [08:33 PM] Aidan Braveheart nods "indeed it is my friend. I think soon we might need to begin more drastic acts or we'll begin to move on winterfell with Lorch leading the vanguard"

    [08:34 PM] Thresia paid little heed to that great bickering Knave outside, she sensed his eyes on her again, she got up.. paid scant attention to the goings on, and walked to the doorway of her tent and forcefully ripped at the screen.. pulling it closed so she might have some measure of privacy..she mumbled under her breath.."low, bloody, Knave, fire eating, monster.. how I wish I had the strength.." and then the words died out, only those outside of the tent heard a angry mumbled curse from within.. as she stubbed her toe..then slammed the lid of the chest..she cried out in outrage like a angry Wolverine..though not so loud..

    [08:35 PM] Aeden turns and looks to one of his guards tipping his head to thresia's tent "bring her, now"

    [08:35 PM] Bradd Stone furrows his brows, rubs his chin thoughtfully, "I see." all the while watching the woman in the tent. He hoped she tried something, he really did, flaying her fingers or toes and hearing her scream, would be music to his ears, seeing Stark blood would be wine for his soul.

    [08:36 PM] Bradd Stone rips open the curtain, "out now, the king will see you." his voice curt and strong.

    [08:38 PM] Thresia hands moved over her skin under the clothing as she growled under her breath as the welts appeared once more, she looked up as her privacy was removed...tiny hands fisted, she marched to the doorway, and pushed past him.. nearly knocking herself over... he was like a ungiving wall..she moved out toward the King...she sighed..."your Grace," she inclined her head His way..

    [08:39 PM] Bradd shoves her down to her knees, "You will kneel before the king." again his voice hard, strained, she would know he meant his words.

    [08:39 PM] Aeden nods to Vayon's sister and grins looking over her "feminine clothing seems becoming on you, most fitting indeed. Now unfortunately it's time I put a catalyst on the flames of war. What is your brother's weakness?"

    [08:42 PM] Thresia was shoved downward, she struck out at the Knave.. "Unhand me you Cur!" she growled as she drew back..she was terrified of him but her anger had the best of her and she had a terrible temper she was well known for...she stayed down.. hearing the compliment, though it was not something she wished to hear.."And what will I be allowed if I tell you of such, your Grace?" She attempted to take the snear from her voice.. she was terribly angry at the Sellsword..

    [08:43 PM] Aeden shrugs "you get to live another day" his voice grew cold and unfeeling "I cannot waste any longer with this war time and supplies are in short supply. If you assist us you will not be harmed today"

    [08:45 PM] Bradd stayed in reach of the woman, he'd like nothing more than to get what the King wanted from her lips, and he could, "I can find out for you, Your Grace, I know how to make this woman talk." he sneers.

    [08:47 PM] Thresia she gasped in alarm.."Today?! What of tomorrow and the next?" She had to re think, there had to be someone here that might aid in her rescue.. she sighed and struggled within herself..she heard her captors words and she drew back frightened, though her eyes within smoldered her anger at him her hatred..she spat at him.."Do not you touch me you Knave!" She said in her best warning tone.. that always worked at home.. though the guards were afraid of her brother...she looked back to the King.."You will not like my answer, your Grace."

    [08:48 PM] Aidan Braveheart looks to Bradd "make her answer for me then sandman"

    [08:49 PM] Bradd looks hard upon the woman, gripping her by the hair dragging her to her feet, manhandling her til she was back inside the tent. "NOW."

    [08:50 PM] Bradd he nearly threw her onto the small tent chair.

    [08:51 PM] Thresia shook her head as she feared the worst.. he called her captor that name again and she only thought the worst of it.. as she drew away.."Nay, your Grace, tis not what I meant!" As she was dragged away kicking and screaming to the tent.."No!!!..."

    [08:51 PM] Aeden steps in to the tent as he growls "then speak Lady Thresia"

    [08:52 PM] Bradd steps to the side so the King had a view of the she-wolf.

    [08:55 PM] Thresia she tried to move away from her captor as He thrust her forcefully back into the chair within her tent, and the King came forth.. her mouth had become dry she'd yet to have eaten this day, as she was not fed..it was as though they had been starving her for a purpose..she gave a smoldering hate filled stare at Stone... then glanced to the King.. "my Lor......" she began to say, but corrected herself..."your Grace... tis I...I am one of his big weaknesses... He loves me more then anything..but he is stubborn...you grew up with him.. you know how stubborn he can be, and how he hates anyone to not want to follow his direction.. he worries that His people will find him weak, if He takes the knee.. your Grace." She lowered her eyes she was terrified of Stone,
    [08:57 PM] Aeden smirks "I do know and the fact that he cannot swear fealty to me of all people it is a shame indeed. He needs to bend the knee or we will decimate the north if need be, at this point I'm willing to offer any one of his banner men protection and gold in exchange for his head"

    [09:00 PM] Bradd his hand rested on the dirk he kept at the ready, it was sharper than most and used for flaying, "perhaps if we send him a piece of her, Your Grace." he sneers.

    [09:01 PM] Thresia eyes widened.. as she heard what he said...'his head' ... oh no no...she shook her head vehemently..."please your Grace....please have mercy..please I beg of you, show my brother mercy!" She feared for herself as well, but she was only one woman.. she had nothing to offer of herself..she had but eighty thousand pieces of gold, and her maidenhead.. she shrank back at the words of the Knave..

    [09:03 PM] Aeden raises a brow "no, not yet Bradd we'll see what we can find out willingly" he looks to Thresia again "I need more information than that to keep you alive Thresia"

    [09:05 PM] Bradd had all he could do to control himself and not reach out and take her by the hair, he wanted nothing more than to flay a wolf finger, it would be a fitting gift for Lord Stark.
    [09:15 PM] Thresia gulped a bit at the words from the king..she gripped the chair, her scalp tingled from where she was grabbed.. and she wanted to literally bite at her captor for treating her in such a way, her shoulder ached from where she was yanked and she sat there terrified, she did not know what they wanted more from her..she shook her head..and delved into everything that her brother may have told her that might be of some use.. her eyes stayed alert as she glanced a few times at the Knave..she was literally terrified of him and most of the time she could not even begin to think when he was near... it was like she'd gone stupid..she again looked to the King.. who stood impatiently near..

    [09:17 PM] Aeden taps his foot "Lady Thresia, you're keepin an impatient man waiting.. How would I get vayon to take the knee?"
    [09:19 PM] Bradd grabs the woman by the wrist, turning her hand palm up and pulls his dirk, "speak now or feel the pain... I've warned you for the last time, woman." his voice was calm, quiet, dangerous.

    [09:21 PM] Thresia she turned several shades of red and pink, as she thought of a man touching her in a way that might remove her virginity.. she remembered the words of the Knave and that frightened her even more..she looked to the King..and her lips parted she spoke quietly.. her eyes averted..it was not something she would have normally spoken of in close quarters with anyone save her family.."I am a maiden, your Grace..and I have a large dowry that will go to any man that wished to wed me." she had begun to say something else but she was grabbed she saw the dirk.. and her hand the one he had accosted before.. sent shooting pain through her arm.."aiiiii..... "

    [09:22 PM] Aeden raises a brow "so taking your maidenhood is the answer?"

    [09:23 PM] Bradd shakes his head at the King, "no she lies, let me flay a finger, send that worthless brother of hers a bit of her skin, that will send a message, surely it will send a message," he posed her fingers with his thumb, picking out the ring finger, holding it, griping just that finger, she would not be able to pull away.

    [09:24 PM] Thresia she frowned she had been told that saving herself for a husband had always been the ideal way for a woman of her status to deal with things, she did not know of these men that harmed women, she never saw her brother harm any woman.. at least not in her view.. she did not think he would do so...she shrank away from Stone...she tried to yank her arm free.."I am a Maiden! I can be married off!" She looked terrified.. as she lashed out with her booted foot at the shin of the Sellsword, only ending up bruising her toes.. she cried out again.. as she attempted to draw from him.

    [09:25 PM] Aeden shrugs "so marrying you off would get your hard headed brother to bend the knee? How would that work?"

    [09:28 PM] Bradd poses the point of the dirk on the point of her ring finger, enough pressure would cause a drop of blood to form at the tip, it would send a shockwave of pain through her arm, "better think quick, M'Lady, the King asked a question." the sight of that one drop of blood incensed him more, he wanted nothing more than to draw that knife down her finger, he held waiting, the king did not yet command it.

    [09:28 PM] Thresia she moaned in agony, as Stone held her hand tightly... her fingers ached.. she looked to him pleadingly...then away knowing that he hated her.. he hated her family, and her kind..she looked for mercy from the King.."Please your Grace, show me mercy!" She shook her head...vehemently.."Please not my ring finger your Grace.. anything but that!" She shook her head.. lowering it.. her dark hair fell forward..she softly whispered.."I know not what else I can say to make you make him take the knee!"

    [09:30 PM] Aeden licks his lips a moment as he thinks his voice growing cold once more "so you're useless? You have not a single bit of information to help us spare your brother's life?"

    [09:31 PM] Bradd looks away from the blood long enough to take in the form of the king and back, "send a message, Your Grace, send the Wolf a bit of her skin, that would be useful." he prodded almost sounding excited at the point of flaying the finger of the stark woman.

    [09:37 PM] Thresia looked away... she held her breath, knowing there was nothing else she could say or do, that the Sellsword was hellbent on taking her finger, and the King did not truly care for those of the North, that was enough for her to know.. what was one simple finger of a young woman, she did not work.. she had servants to do for her, she would wear a wedding ring on another finger... she said only.."Do with me what you will, your Grace, I am innocent and have done naught to you..I can take the knee to you and swear my fealty to you, but I know not what good it will do. I am at your mercy."

    [09:39 PM] Aeden looks to Bradd "back off her sandman. I have another idea. Lady Thresia you will write your brother a message you will not send it until me or one of my men read it ensure in your message to mention how he needs to bend the knee to get you home safely"

    [09:40 PM] Bradd dropped her hand and stepped back instantly, sheathed the dirk, the look on his face was one of contempt. Then he looked on his king and nodded, "of course, as you wish, Your Grace," instant obedience and loyalty drove him far more than the lust for stark blood.

    [09:46 PM] Thresia felt a small amount of relief but it would probably be short lived, she looked upon her captor with hatred, drawing her hand back, her finger bled some and she dropped it in her lap.. she did not even try to stop the bleeding.. it just oozed from her finger staining the gown she wore, what did she care... it was not her gown.. she averted her eyes from the King to his shoulder.."yes your Grace, as pleases you, your Grace.." she said in a neutral tone of voice..she wondered how she could get a message to her brother or get him to read between the lines..

    [09:47 PM] Aedan holds a hand up "my condition though, if anything seems off about this letter or seems mysterious or even hints at anything besides a letter pleading him to take the knee then you risk your life"

    [09:48 PM] Bradd glances at the King, "might I take my leave, Your Grace, a tankard of ale has my name on it and a curvy camp follower is keeping my tent warm tonight.... unless you have fruther need of me?"

    [09:49 PM] Aeden nods "for now my friend, you may go thank you"

    [09:50 PM] Bradd bows from the neck and waist making that clapping sound of his vambraces on his cuisse, "Your Grace," and turned to the woman, "M'Lady" nodding as befit her station, he strode quickly out.

    [09:51 PM] Thresia heard the words... she did not even deign to look at th sellsword...she ignored him completely...she only spoke to the King.."as pleases you Your Grace." She sighed.. there would be no way to get a message to Him.

    [09:54 PM] Aeden turns and speaks quietly "I do hate to act like this, I wish nothing more than to be your friend Thresia, I wish nothing more than a healthy future with a lord and land and many children but your brother does not allow that to happen. There are many men in the south who would make a suitable husband and you would be popular I am sure with them but because your brother does not want to be loyal to a man he once fought beside it hinders that opportunity"

    [09:58 PM] Thresia eyes sparked blue fire at Him...but her words were quiet...subdued.."Your Grace you speak as though we might be friends.. THAT will never happen, I may bow to you, and I may kneel to you, and I may do your bidding, but WE will ---never-- be friends, that is something you cannot force on anyone. I care not if I am popular, I do not know what one has to do with the other, your Grace, I am just unlucky enough to be the sister of my Brother..But, I think that if you were to kill me, He'd not bother with anything for you would not have anything to work with.." She said this truthfully for it was how she felt.. she then looked away..she blinked away the tears that formed, knowing that her brother loved his position more then he loved her.

    [10:00 PM] Aeden smirks "that's a shame now isn't it. I sacrifice much more than some ego for those I care about and who are loyal to me" with that he pushes out of the tent to leave her to her thoughts he stops a servant and nods motioning to the tent over his shoulder "see she is fed"

    [10:12 PM] Thresia waited within the tent for someone to come to feed her, but none came...she shrugged, and laid down in the bed, she supposed after the King departed, the servant ate the food themselves..her presence was not really wished there, as he said..their supplies were running low..a lone tear traced itself across her cheek into her hair and she sniffed.. she pressed the heel of her hand into her eye and rubbed it away..her finger stung where Stone had pricked her finger with the knife..and enough blood had seeped out.. her hand lay limp on the side of the bed, she'd removed the finery, and lay in just a chemise, the thin blanket barely covering her..she wondered what she was to do, she thought of finding something sharp to cut her hair with, that perhaps that might be enough to bring her brother forth... tears sparkled in her blue green eyes.. her lashes were spikey with droplets on their ends, she sniffed.. she had always loved her long beautiful black hair...to lose that length would be nearly as terrible, as her hands being cut, being shorn would be shameful for her..she may not find a husband if her hair was not long, but the hair would grow back... in time...she supposed..she wondered what she would write to her brother.. to make him take the knee..she did not know.. how to make him do anything..she sniffed... then turned over in a fetal position..

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