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    Post by Duncan Arryn on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:02 pm

    Duncan Arryn: Vital Statistics & Brief Bio
    Age: 30
    Ht: 6’4” Wt: 210 lbs.
    Hair: blond Eyes: blue

    Scars, marks, tattoos: 1)vertical scar over left eye 2)various scars on torso, front & back 3)whip mark scars on back 4)tattoo of an eagle on a sky blue background on right upper back

    Marital status & children: widower; wife perished at sea in a battle between Lyseni & Myrish ships; a bastard son from a Dothraki girl

    Parentage: Father was Jarok Arryn, younger son of the Lord of Arryn & younger brother of Jacob Arryn, the Lord’s heir. Jarok Arryn was sent to Braavos to oversee the trading interests there of the Mountain and Vale (and because he had gotten the daughter of one of the Arryn bannermen pregnant.) Jarok spent the rest of his life on the continent of Essos, engaged in trade. Mother was Jarok’s second wife, Bylisi’a Taemsin , daughter of Jarok’s trading partner from Lys.

    Duncan Arryn (currently known as Duncan Antares) is a 1st cousin to the late Lord Arryn. He has spent all his life on the continent of Essos. Early in life he learned the merchant trade from his successful father. His father provided him an excellent education with a maester for a tutor but he also was streetwise, spending his idle time with the boys in the back alleys of Pentos. At the age of 18 he was given to the Dothraki as a hostage to secure a trade agreement and lived among them for 4 years. He was enslaved by a different khalasar for an additional year before escaping. For the next 7 yrs he wandered the Free Cities and the territories between them seeking adventure and fortune. He married but lost his bride when the ship carrying her to Lys was sunk by a Myrish war ship. While enjoying the pleasures of Lys, he learned of the death of his cousin, Lord Arryn. He comes to King’s Landing posing as a bard until he can assess his chances of succeeding to the Eyrie and the safety of pressing his claim.

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