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    House Darklyn



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    House Darklyn

    Post by Arin_Darklyn on Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:05 am

    According to the books yes this house was indeed killed out by the mad king but as were before that time i figure why not an raise it up
    this house is to replace House Boreas
    Lord Arrogance is still same character but will be going by his birth name Arin
    Lord Arin of House Darklyn, lord of Duskendale
    the King has given my character this house and the lands associated with this change lost that rp when my internet went down but if you have questions feel free to ask the king i had in role play asked for permission to wipe out the npc Mormont family and claim their lands an mine as battle spoils for my family but the king wanted his Blade close so he gave me land close to kings landing an the house name that went with it
    will be actively recruiting members
    Lord *filled
    Lady *filled
    Younger Brother is a knight an trained the Lord's Son Open spot was an npc but am willing to have some one play it if they want
    Younger Sister, *filled
    Son *permanent NPC
    Daughter *filled
    all other family members died when the vale was sacked any family that shows up are still welcome however will have be distant cousins or younger siblings that were thought to have been lost
    any ideas you bring to me to help fill in the missing pieces will be looked at and given proper time to think on if it fits i will let it happen
    know that this house was at a time ever loyal to house targaryen however they did defy the mad king much later and all get wiped out
    My old house, House Boreas was at one point a Banner house of House Arryn, Arin swore fealty to the king thus becoming a sworn banner man of house targaryen side note my back ground for being both knight of the vale as well having my house be from the eyrie was done before there was a sim an actual house of arryn i apologize for not making my self known to rp with was taking an extended break from this rp to explore other role plays of course i know my character could be a seen as an oath breaker good luck charging him as soon as the king made him his Justice all past crimes were forgiven any way
    thanks for reading and please do get back to me if interested here a wiki page on this house http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Darklyn
    as far as i know no words were known so for now will be using the words"these colors don't run" if you have better idea do tell again thanks for reading i know i type too much sorry

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