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    The Queen interrogates Ginevra

    Ginevra Lannister
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    The Queen interrogates Ginevra Empty The Queen interrogates Ginevra

    Post by Ginevra Lannister on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:24 pm

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) approaches her brother quietly and looks up at him questioningly, studying his face to make sure he is well

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) nods to Gin and Kel as he stops a moment, his gaurds rushing back to his side as he speaks to them "Ready the men, and send out work to all our agents, Buy new agents if we have too!" he then looks to Kel with a smile "Are you well, sister?"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) quietly watches him with the guards, merely listening and taking in the words and actions as the men all but scurry around them. she then turns her jade gaze towards her brother once more and she warmly smiles "I am well, Ramsii....and are you well?"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Why is the Queen all in black? She seemed very agitated." she asks

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): Its nothing, just some matters to attend too *he glances to his chest where the Hands badge used to ride, looking at the empty spot a moment*

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) smiles up to him and nods gently "Alright....as long as you are fine" she adds softly, ever concerned for him. her eyes rest to the spot his fall and she takes a deep breath.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) sees the Queen emerge from the Council chamber in her black gown and curtseys "Your Grace ..." ... she notices Ramsii's gaze, but keeps her attention by the Queen, who looks so unusual today

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles, "good morrow." her voice soft and unstressed.

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) tilts her head and catches a glimpse of the Queen, she smiles warmly as she dips into a gentle curtsey "Good day Your Grace, I hope you are well"

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to her, "likewise, I am well, I hope you both are as well." she watches Ramsii, knowing without seeing his front what he was looking at, "all will be as it should be, won't it Lord Baratheon?"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) offers her another smile then looks back at her brother

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) glances over his shoulder and nods to the queen "Aye, Your Grace" he then looks to his gaurds notign some of them still around "WELL? What are you waiting for?" he then grabs one and pushes him along "we have much to do, if you'll pardon me"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) watches her brother depart with his guards, keeping the smile on her face though her eyes shimmer lightly with concern as he seemed so tense. she comforted herself with the knowledge that at least he was not worrying over her now and she could provide him that comfort at least

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) kept her gaze steady and watches Ramsii leave knowingly, sucks in her cheeks and finally sometime after the doors closed behind him she finally pipes up, "Ladies, ... Lemmoncakes?" smiles charmingly.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks after him, then turns her gaze back to the ladies "Your Grace, you certainly do look impressive today ... I hope the black doesn't indicate any sad news?"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) smiles warmly to the queen and nods

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) smiles at the mention of lemoncakes

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts my eyebrows to Ginevra, "no not at all, our house colors are black and red, Ginevra, and the King fancies me in black." smiles, "let us go out then to the small folks hall, the lemmoncakes ther are far less stuffy then in the noble's feast hall." she grinz and sets forth.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) enters the hall and plops down right in the middle of a long bench rather than her customary spot at the high table.

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) settles herself on the bench and brushes back her dark hair thinking for half a second that she should just pull the troublesome stuff up. she smiles to the two ladies next to her

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) follows the Queen and Kelia, waiting for them to sit and takes a seat as well ... she smiles and is obviously excited to be here with the Queen, but also looks a little pale

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) orders the three plates of lemmoncakes and three pitchers of juice, then the maid dismissed she turns to Ginevra, "so tell me Ginevra, what did you do in Winterfell that incited the king so much he laid his hands on your neck, hum?"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) glances to Ginevra, her eyes widening a bit

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks up quickly, meeting the Queen's eyes, and breathing in sharply ... "Your Grace ... I never intended to speak of this to you ... " then her voice trails off, as she realizes the Queen's choice of words. "She straightens and swallows, her jaw tightening a little. "I do not know, who told you of this incident. I had preferred to forget it. Very well, the Lady Stark was present, as well as several guards and the lady of the Inn ... " She breathes in and out. "The evening before His Grace had rented the whole inn for the court to stay there, which was very generous."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) listens intently

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "We all saw a strange couple enter, a man, who looked very much like ..." she looks at the queen ... "your late ... err .. the late King. With him was a woman of silver hair and noble clothes, They had many guards with them. His Grace didn't speak to them, but I saw his gaze. It was at this point, when the couple wanted to stay at the inn for the night, that His Grace rented the tavern. A while later, he left to return to you, my Queen. He said he would return the next day."

    ] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over, "that does not explain why he put his hands on your neck Ginevra, spare me the details, get to the reason," waving her hand in the air as the plates were brought forth with pitchers of juice and goblets.

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) smiles to the one who brings the cakes and juice. she takes one of the cakes and merely nibbles on it as she quietly listens to Ginevra and the Queen

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "Just after His Grce had left, Lord Baratheon offered his rooms to the couple. Then he left as well. I found that curious, but I did not ask him. As the man with his sigil of red and black looked so much like .. actually, like a Lannister, I asked him, who he was. He was being very unpleasant, but wanted to inquire about the state of affairs in Kings Landing and Casterly Rock. Taht I found curious as well. His wife seemed pretty, and I noticed that her Guards wore the sigil of a house once loyal to House Targaryen. ..." She clenches her fists for a moment. "So, as the next day His Grace told me to let him know what I had seen, I spoke, wishing to inform him of what I had learned. At this point he jumped at me. Everyone in the inn saw it ..." she breaks off, looking at her hands

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "He believed I made it up, he said later, to sully his name. He ... he apologized, Your Grace. I would not have spoken of it to you."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath, "Ginevra, you are skirting me, and giving me details of things I don't need and no details of things I do need, NOW TELL me TRUE.. what provoked the king, word for word.. what did you say to him?" lifting her eyebrows adamant to get the facts and not this gibberish she was being fed

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) quietly glances to Ginevra then to the Queen before she takes another small bite of the cake

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) now looks at the Queen, unbelieving, she takes a deep breath "I do not know your reasons for being so cold, my Queen. Those details, as you call them, were not unimportant. I do not recall my exact words, but I told him that the man called himself a Blackfyre and that he wanted to see the starks of Winterfell."

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) smiles a bit, remembering seeing the couple and how everyone all but ignored them. she had not said much to them either as her focus had been elsewhere though she recalled she never saw the couple in Winterfell itself only just in the town

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "no you are not telling me the truth, Ginerva, because we already knew about what the bastard called himself. We already knew about his want to see the Starks and such things. That would not be why the King choked you. You want to know why I am so cold to you Ginevra I will tell you. Your family has been less than forthcomming with their involvement in the rebellion, when I offered you advice to get into good graces with the court, you threw it in back in my face. So.. as far as I am concerned, appology or no, the King choked you with good reason." narrowing her eyes, "especially if you spoked to him in round about truths as you are speaking to me now." turning to face forward she poured herself a goblet of juice and drank some, then turning back, "had you listened to me in the first place you would have already been back in good graces with the court, but you want to do things your own way. Well child, now you know what your way gets you... choked by the King." sucks in her breath, "if

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall): I were you, Ginevra if you value your head, I'd give the King a large berth whenever you see him."

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) quietly enters the kitchens via one of the hidden passageways. His eyes moving over to his beloved wife as he approaches her slowly, leaning down to brush a kiss upon her cheek

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) glances up, seeing the king and smiles warmly "Good day Your Grace, I hope you are well"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) swallows hard, her face still as a stone, her eyes unvolutarily brimmed with tears. She clenches her fists, and releases them again, and slowly rises. "I have not lied to you, my Queen, I said nothing else, and all I wanted, was to let His Grace know what I had seen. I am not used to being accused of lying, your Grace, I do not understand still, and there were many people present. I spoke the truth."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) jumps slightly, sets her goblet down, tilts her head for his kiss, glancing to Ginevra with warning eyes, "sit Ginevra, I did not give you leave to rise, you are not dismissed." then she smiles to her husband, "how does the day find you, Love?"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) furrows her slender brow a bit hearing Ginevra and the Queen but says nothing as she sips on the goblet of juice. in her typical fashion, she remains quiet merely listening and taking in the things around her

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) realizes the king has entered quietly, lowering her head and curtseying, then follows the Queen's command

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Not well. It seems the Hand of the King does not wish to be found...And this worries me. ::He replies before gently slipping his hand into hers and holding her delicately from behind, wrapping his arms around her carefully.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) lifts my eyebrows, "I thought as much would be the case when I ended my talk with him yesterday and he was seen riding out of the city directly after. Daegon, would you go speak with Lord Baratheon for me please, I... umm.. unless you have already, but I spoke with him this morning and well.. I think he has some things to talk over with you."

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) peeks over at the King and Queen, a small smile curling her lips as she watches the tenderness between them and she gives a soft sigh.

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Certainly my beloved...but what did you and Lord Algood speak of that would make him hide from me, if you do not mind my asking? ::He asks before once more kissing her on the cheek in an affectionate manner as he held her hands gently

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) pats his shoulder lifting her arm, pulls him down and whispers in his ear, for only him to hear. "he made me swear an oath not to speak to you of it, but he did not make me swear I wouldn't speak to Ramsii of it." she then smiles knowingly and turns to look him in the eyes with that silent communication husbands and wives sometimes share.

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) nods once in reply before leaning and caressing her lips with a soft kiss then rising slowly "I understand. Oh, before I leave be sure to tell your Queens Guard that they now have better arms and armor awaiting them in the Barraks. " He says before bowing his head to her "I shall return shortly my love." He says before turning on his heel and walking towards the door.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods and signals the queens guard captain who gives his man an order, and the man leaves forthwith.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) holds her goblet with juice in her hands, to keep her hands still and from shaking

    ] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) nods to his guards and as he leaves half of them stay to compensate for the absence of the Queens Guard.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) turns back to Ginevra, after having taken a few very needed bites of lemmoncakes, "now then." she glances to Kelia, taking a breath, then back again to Ginevra, "you did well, but I'm going to tell you true now, just like I did before, if you do not go into the sept for a time, again NOT to take vows of the sisters... but to ammend and atone for yours and your families shortcommings, you are going to find yourself ostersized from court." she pauses pronouncedly and continues, "if you do not, Ginevra, I'd suggest to you that you should leave court immediately because you are going to only continue to incite the King and my wrath by not listening to us." again she pauses and continues..."do you understand?"

    Kelia Baratheon (xkeliax) glances to the Queen and smiles, still merely nibbling on the cake. she half listens to the conversation though her thoughts take her elsewhere for a moment

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) throws a short look at Kelia, then inhales deeply, her gaze fixed on the Queen now. "I might have been raised to far from the intrigues of the court to understand, your Grace. I am only a young girl, and all I hoped for was to learn true nobility's ways ..." her voice turns bitter. "I had to leave Casterly Rock when I was very young, and all I pray for is to return to it ... You wish me to join the sept to prove what? To take my mere presence from Kings Landing? To repent for sins, that have never been mine? I so wish to understand .." She swallows again, and her lashes are moist with tears.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sits back, closes her eyes, lets her head fall back a moment, rubs her lips together before raising her head and opening her eyes.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over, "you think on it and if you cannot figure out why and it still seems to much for you, we will talk again, but for now.. I have other things I need to attend to." she rises, "come Kelia, please, the seamstress awaits us."

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