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    Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*



    Jon Snows Father / Mother?

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    Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by Daegon on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:03 pm

    I am curious as to who you all think is John Snows real daddy / Mommy is.
    Personally, I think his real father is Rhaegar Targaryen. However, the question comes to mind
    He was madly in love with Lyanna to Kidnap her, but was he so much so that he would have raped her as well???
    Just my 2 cents. And now I wanna know yours!
    Please vote and comment!

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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by DragonQueen on Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:41 am

    I'd go with "Pfft. Ned Stark wouldnt lie. Jons mother was a common woman" Smile

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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by Daegon on Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:47 am

    I recently came to a few new theories about this...One of which being, 'What if Lyanna wasn't kidnapped, but instead went with Rhaegar willingly?' Which would make sense. As if you were a nobleman, and your daughter suddenly ran off in the middle of the night with another man who was not her betrothed, how would you justify going to get her back? By claiming she was kidnapped (ie lying) Also, another funny coincidence, is there are some who believe that Jon is 'the prince who is promised' Ok. I could believe that. The prophecy states that the prince who is promised will draw a burning sword from the fire....And what is it that Lord Commander Mormont gave Jon snow after killing a wight with fire? A SWORD! And have you ever seen the pattern on Valeryon steel (Aka Damascus Steel) ? Looks just like flames doesn't it! >Very Happy *GASP* lol. May not be how the prophecy gets fulfilled, but its definitely a possibility. Also, for those who may think that Jon is not Rhaegars son because when he threw the lantern he got burned, think about it this way: His Targaryen blood would have been vastly watered down due to the fact that he takes more after his mother (Lyanna) rather than his Father (Rhaegar) As seen in his eyes and hair.
    However, as I have said before, these are just my personal opinions xD

    Also, another (and final) Opinion of mine, is that Brandon Stark (Eddard and Lyanna Starks Brother) was a complete asshole and hypocrite. Why? Because he was constantly bedding maidens (One of the Rosby ladies most notibly) without marrying them, not to mention the fact that he hurt poor little finger in a duel even though he knew the fight would have been unfair, and what does he do when his sister willingly (Maybe) runs off with another man who was not her Betrothed? "Come out and die!"
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    Alright. Iam done. Sorry. lol


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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by Arin_Darklyn on Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:30 am

    makes sense but at same time there are things i think you missed in your hypothesis such as if dany an the prince were related one would think they both have the same blood potency..but her older bro was a pansy in mu honest opinion could be hurt by fire, and obviously didn't like hot temperature where as dany could handle it
    about Jon why would Lord stark take the mystery of Jon's mother to his grave if his wife had been knowing bet she never would have held bastard over his head...do think it was his either that or he felt he would dishonor his bff Robert an sister if word came out that rhaeger knocked up his sister. and she was killed in childbirth
    an truthfully she would not have to have gone willingly Rhaeger could have forced him self on her and the timeline of the rebellion i do think fits with pregnancy. i do think an i do believe stark was first to see her he may have lied when he said her last words were take me home it could have been "take care of my son" lol

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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by Daegon on Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:19 am

    If you have read the books you would know that kidnapping and Rape is completely out of character for Rhaegar. He was calm, level headed, and chivalrous. Rape was not something he would have done. And I do not believe that Eddard intended to take the secret to his grave...because I do not believe he planned on getting killed, especially seeing as how he told Jon he would tell him about his mother when they saw each other again.
    Also, in the books, its obvious that Lyanna was not exactly excited about getting married to Robert. Yes, he was head over heels in love with her, but she did not feel the same way about him. Also, yes the time line fits, trust me.

    And lastly, off subject, about Vicerys, I can relate to him. I think he was a tragedy of his own upbringing. Think about it. He watched his entire family get killed. He had to run away and hide with his sister to keep from getting killed themselves. He then had to raise his baby sister her entire life, while trying to survive in a place like Essos on top of trying to teach Dany everything she needed to know about their family, their History and about life in general. Then what happens? He has to marry off his sister to Khal Drogo. His SISTER. Who was probably meant to marry him, had Robert and Ned not started the rebellion. Think about it from his point of view. You have to let your "Fiance" who has been promised to you since birth, to some complete stranger in order to take back what is rightfully yours.....Thats a pretty raw deal.
    Especially seeing as how I personally dont believe Khal Drogo ever intended on crossing the Narrow Sea with Vicerys. Hell, the only thing that motivated him to do so after Vicerys was killed was the assassination attempt on Dany. Which is why I dont blame Vicerys for getting pissed and trying to Strong Arm Drogo, Honestly he could have done so in a more intelligent fashion, but hey, he was drunk, cant really blame the guy xD

    Anyways, back on subject. Last point I want to make is the fact that history is repeating itself. The original Love triangle (In my theory) Was Robert+Lyanna+Rhaegar (Baratheon+Stark+Targaryen) And Since Jon was raised with the starks, he naturally loves them like family. Okay, now who is probably the one person that Arya would have a romantic connection with? Gendry, Roberts Bastard. I Point Arya out because its been said several times that her personality is just like Lyanna's..... Now then, See the connection yet? Robert+Lyanna+Rhaegar = Gendry+Arya+Jon both Baratheon+Stark+Jon
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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by Arin_Darklyn on Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:45 pm

    oh i have read the books however my version of reading a novel series is read what about who i like first the go back through one i know what happened these books make it easier because every chapter says whose point of view it shows lol in other words i miss shit when i skim through a chapter

    but yes the rape does seem out of character for rhaeger, however if i recall his wife could not not bare anymore kids..an he did seem to like Lyanna if not love her also if i recall he would not have been the first Targaryen to have two wives. he may have intentions of "marrying her officially as well as overthrowing his father the mad king..do believe he wouldn't have been the first targaryen to oust his own predecessor now you might say that still out of character for even him...no one is a traitor until they are

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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

    Post by Brigit on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:23 am

    I have done my best to stay out of this topic but now its time for me to chime in. I've weighed the facts as much as human internet research allows. I've read all the books, not skimmed, but actually unbiased read them throughly. At first when this was brought up to me I thought the person who brought it to me quite touched (thank you Niky) but since then... I've found that I have to say. In my mind there is NO OTHER logical solution to the mystery of Jon's parents. Too let me just point out the scene in Dany's vision. In the vision Rhaegar appears he is seen talking to his wife Elia discussing what he'll name his son (Aegon) and his destiny. He also states that...
    "The Dragon has three heads, there must be one more"...
    The three being: Dany, we know she lives at least beyond the end of book 5; Aegon, we know he is also alive and well; and finally... the missing link.. Jon

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    Re: Jon Snows Daddy *Possible SPOILER ALERT*

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