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    Bandor Tyrell Empty Bandor Tyrell

    Post by BandorTyrell on Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:18 pm


    Third son of the former Lord of the Reach, Bandor was raised as a ward of the Lannister until he was of age. At that time, due to his feelings for a woman of that house, Bandor volunteered for the Lion's guard, growing in rank to that of Captain, where he served as Ginevra Lannister's personal guard. Upon the death of his two older brothers, Bandor became the heir apparent to the lands and titles of House Tyrell.


    Bandor is a tall, athletic young man, with long brown hair typically kept in a ponytail. He has stunning good looks.


    Bandor is a bit of a playboy. His quick wit and sense of humor often get him into trouble. He is deeply intelligent, yet often his constant happy demeanor and attempts at humor give people the impression that he is shallow and vapid. Anyone who talks to him for more than a few minutes, sees the true person that lies beneath the facade. He is loyal to a fault and has a highly attuned sense of honor. You are as likely to find him on the practice fields with a sword or lance in hand as you are to find him in a tavern or brothel with a wench in hand.

    Recent activity:

    Recently, Bandor was informed indirectly that his claim to the Tyrell household would be looked upon favorably were he to marry, and to marry someone specific. As a result, Bandor recently asked for her hand in marriage, though he has joked that he hopes the betrothal is lengthy.

    Current Whereabouts:

    Unknown. Bandor and his squire Cedric have not been seen in King's Landing in several days. A rumor has him showing up in Winterfell. While other reports claim he was seen charging out of King's Landing on horseback with Cedric and an unkown woman with long red hair, heading south towards the Reach.

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