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    Capture of Lady Thresia Stark: The Targaryen King

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    Capture of Lady Thresia Stark: The Targaryen King Empty Capture of Lady Thresia Stark: The Targaryen King

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:37 pm

    [15:45:39] Thresia slept fitfully...tears had streamed down her cheeks as she slept restlessly.. the hated rash had once more appeared on her cheeks, her arms, her belly and her thighs, she was so drugged from the medicine the maester there gave her she was scratching at the rash with her hands unknowingly.. whimpering as she slept in the living nightmare... the rash was vicious upon her face and arms.. as she tore at her clothing.. moaning softly, in her dreams she relived the poisoning she endured of the red mushrooms..thoughts constant on who would seek to kill her..

    [15:46:53] Aedan Targaryen steps in the tent quietly keeping the 3 kingsguard behind him he crosses his arms for a few moments then loudly clears his throat

    [15:53:35] Aedan Targaryen shakes his head lightly not quite expecting them to eturn so soon and without a soul following them

    [15:56:07] Thresia shifted on the cot, as she spied the Targaryen.. she drew back shielding her face.. as she scrambled up the cot fearfully, she did not know him like her brother did... with all the torment of the last few hours she did not know who she could trust, or who would hurt her more...

    [15:56:59] Aedan Targaryen holds his hands out to show her they were empty and smiles "excuse me for bringing you here in such a way, I asked them not to be too rough but with the coming events I wanted to ensure you are safe"

    [15:59:04] Thresia looked, but her eyes were foggy from her ordeal..she shook her head nervously.."my Lord..." tears filled her eyes and she burried them in her hands...

    [16:00:02] Aedan Targaryen smiles reassuringly "we don't want any harm done to anyone but I could only wait so long before this happened. I also had to come north to keep an eye on Lord Lorch, he's got a bit of an explosive temper"

    [16:11:18] Aedan Targaryen steps in a bit further the valyrian steel sword Blackfyre hung at his waist, he places a hand on the wooden pole in the center of the tent "so. Welcome to the camp, you look unwell do you need a Maester? Can't have you getting ill on us when there are so many plans for you"

    [16:12:12] Thresia looked at Lord Targaryen...then she spoke..."I was not treated as though I was an honored guest, my Lord, I was treated as a prisoner..I was bound to begin with, thrown over a horses back..and while i was uncomfortable, did they care for my screams? no... they did not.. then i was thrown into the tent... and then interrogated, and when i did not answer right away I was threatened to be tortured.... is that your way of protecting me?" She arched a brow at this 'friend' of her brothers..

    [16:14:46] Thresia looked the man over from head to foot..her eyes smoldered light green fire..."plans for me? What sort of plans for me, do you have, my Lord?" She now stood to her feet, she was diminutive at 5'4" tall... she was small for a northern woman... that is how it happened to be...shapely that she was.. she was yet, and still a maiden... a suitor had yet to be chosen for her... she placed one small demure hand on her hip.

    [16:16:55] Thresia spoke again.."Unwell, my Lord Targaryen?" her lips parted.."I was poisoned purposely, someone sent poisonous red mushrooms to us in a crate, it read on the crate Mushrooms.. they were prepared by an unknown source, then I was fed them...24 hours later I was sick, as it turns out, I'm viciously allergic to Mushrooms...our Maester had concocted oils for me to bathe in, but I assure you I am not getting into any bathtub here in this camp with all these men present, and surely not that Knave that manhandled me." she made tiny fists with her hands.

    [16:17:50] Aedan Targaryen shakes his head "I will be speaking to my brother and the sandman, I did not command them to treat you so roughly, I only ask they bring you. We both know Vayon is stubborn and I am as well but, all I ask of your brother is his loyalty and fealty, a small gesture he can even do in privacy I had hoped to name him warden of the north and help supply him better to fight those wildbeasts off" he grins placing his arm on blackfyre's grip resting it there as he looked over her shaking his head "in time Lady Thresia but you will not be harmed if you remain here peacefully if someone so much as attempts to touch you I will have their cock force fed to them after cutting it off while they're awake" he shakes his head "do all you northerners hate me so that you cannot address me by my title? My birthright and my reason of existence?"

    [16:29:23] Thresia shook her head as she looked at him.. even though her brother said they were childhood friends, people changed, she'd seen such... "your Grace, I know not what my brother plans, but I am harmless to you and your Queen..the only worth I am is my brother loves me..I've given all the information I know..anything else I have no knowledge of.."

    [16:32:46] Aedan Targaryen smiles "if I had meant to use you against Vayon you'd be tied up in the cage out there"

    [16:34:13] Thresia : Our people go into the hills outside the border along the neck and along winterfell, and are slain by Hill tribes... they do not return, I've lost two betrotheds this way...your 'sandman' confessed to me that Your people are the Hill tribes that are killing our people, if you think that it is ours you are sorely mistaken your Grace...we have only 1000 guardsmen at this time my brother told me it would take months to gather all the bannermen with the snows and ice the wayt hey are.. and as for that cage, I was within it, till my rash came back... I'm supposed to remain calm when i cannot, it comes in harshly, i've yet to use the oils.. my Maester gave for me..."

    [16:36:06] Aedan Targaryen thinks a few long moments "how is old Maester Emmerson settling in up there? As for the hilltribes we've not slain a soul Lord Lorc has brought some hilltribes from the vale to assist our cause if it does come to war but I'm hoping Vyon will be sensible enough to work this out without many issues..."

    [16:39:41] Thresia looked the Targaryen over, she thought it best for her own sake not to upset him, she did not wish to be tortured more.. she rubbed her hand, where the guard had pinched her brutally in an example of what it may be like to have her hand flayed open.. she rubbed her hand then shoved it in her skirts that he not see the damage to her skin.. her eyes lowered meekly..."Maester Emmerson is well, my Lor.." She hesitated and reminded herself..."your Grace."

    [16:40:46] Aedan Targaryen smiles "that man pulled me from my mother's womb, as well as my brother and sister. He's a kind old man but watch his eyes, they tend to stray around women"

    [16:44:37] Thresia looked into his eyes..to see how he would react.."your Grace, if what you say is to be believed, and I am not saying you are lying, but, why was I told by the one you call the Sandman I was inferior, and by your blood relative, that Lannister Lord, that they were to take prisoners by your word... they did not know whom I was.." She looked at him pointedly.. the tiny hand that pained her tightened into a fist..

    [16:47:09] Aedan Targaryen smirks "Lady thresia, I do what I do for a very good reason though most cannot understand, it is no coincidence you are here or that they took you I assure you and the sandman is but a bastard"

    [16:52:10] Thresia looked at him.."Are you saying they in fact knew it was me and I was taken unaware?" She looked away in consternation..."my Brother will not be happy at all...in fact I was confined to my bedroom, but I left as I missed my mare ----is Notte alright? I do not want her slain in battle...she will only allow me to ride her..I've had her since she was a colt," she said.. perturbed by his answers...will there really be a war, your Grace?"

    [16:53:40] Aedan Targaryen shrugs "your horse is in the stable being treated well. As for war, there will only be war if Vayon decides it. He has not taken the knee three times now, of course me trying to keep the kingdoms together I cannot allow others to think this is acceptable behavior, he kind of forced my hand so to speak"

    [16:56:41] Thresia arched a delicate brow..."And so why was I interrogated? Why was I threatened? Would your sandman have really hurt me like he so adamantly claimed he would without recourse?"

    [16:57:46] Aedan Targaryen begins to pace back and forth listening to her "your the sister of Lord Stark, it's no secret he keeps you close to him" he shrugs and stops looking over at her "I imagine he would without blinking, probably would even laugh and smile at it"

    [17:06:06] Thresia she looked away drawing within herself..no matter what she believed about herself, she was of a delicate constitution... she had never been struck, abused or harmed..in any fashion, people were always kind and considerate toward her... but it was because of who she was.. but the smallfolk were never afraid of her because she would often work with them, to build things, or help out when help was needed, when often the men of Winterfell were off doing other things.. she looked at her hands..her palms were not soft..they were calloused from work, from riding..

    [17:07:05] Aedan Targaryen shrugs "anyways, we'll see a maester is brought to get you what you need

    [17:08:30] Thresia shrugged delicately.."your Grace, I do not know what medicines Maester Emmerson used." she brushed off some dirt from her skirts.."I have not even a change of clothing.." she longed for her clothing chest..
    [17:09:01] Aedan Targaryen nods "then clothing fitting of your noble status will be brought"

    [17:13:14] Aedan Targaryen departs the tent without another word, early to fall early to rise

    [17:15:18] Thresia watched as the Targaryen King left, and orders were barked out for noblewomen's clothing to be brought ..something in her size preferably.. as someone left in search of a noblewoman's clothing...many hours later a trunk was brought with a noblewoman's gowns...a bath was brought and buckets left for a servant to fill with heated water... Thresia watched as all these things were brought into the tent, she was not sure if she could push herself to stripe down to nothing and bathe...these were not her things, and she moved to the chest and opened it..it creaked while she moved the lid..

    [17:36:10] Thresia sighed a bit as she looked around herself.. she drew what little tent flap there was, and went through the clothes that had been brought.. searching for some leathers, or something.. she might feel comfortable in, she gazed toward the bath but she was not daring enough to call a servant to fill it with hot water so all the men in the camp knew a Stark woman was naked, and bathing, she turned several shades of red, as it darkened the rash that unbecomingly covered her skin, she so wanted a bath, she'd been through the forest, and her skin itched like nothing else..no she decided she would not bathe unless she was forced to do such... she again laid down.. and soon fell asleep.

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