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    Capture: Thresia & Ser Jac

    Elaena Velaryon
    Elaena Velaryon

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    Capture: Thresia & Ser Jac

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:08 pm

    Thresia had woken late and the camp was already awake and people were working, her Sentry was no where to be seen...'Stone' she would word his name though she did not feel comfortable using it, she preferred to only think of him as her captor, even though some Lannister noble had been with him at the time, she shuddered to think of what could happen to her if she attempted to leave the camp, she of course would not even though she did not wish to be there, if she could just get to her horse, but she was afraid, they would come after her, take her horse away from her entirely, or worse.. kill her horse...she wouldn't have that.. she loved her mare... she stood there looking out from her tent, she knew that she could wander the camp, but she always felt eyes upon her, eyes of the soldiers and the guards there... some with lust and others with outright hatred, no... no she would stay in her tent..

    Jacrite Naxos: Ah Lady Thresia
    Jacrite Naxos: I see you are awake

    Jacrite Naxos dismounts

    Thresia had heard servants come in through the morning as she slumbered in a deep drug induced sleep.. theyhad brought things for her.. a soft sable fur rug to sleep upon...they'd taken the bath away, to be brought back she was sure later in the evening for perhaps another bath with her oils... books had been found.. she had spurned the seven kingdoms book, having little interest in such, rather then books about the east, and farther south...she heard a noise and a whiney of a horse, as she looked up... she wondered who the man was...
    Jacrite Naxos: gives his horse to a groom
    Jacrite Naxos: It has been a long time since I visited Winterfell I remember you
    Jacrite Naxos: I am Ser Jac a hedge knight
    Jacrite Naxos: I am at the moment commanding a unit of The Kings Cavalry

    Thresia she watched him, wondering who he was and what he wanted, he obviously knew her name..."good morning, Ser." She would offer... a servant had come earlier and assisted her with dressing...she canted her head.. as she smoothed the rose skirts about her...Ser Jac...now she remembered.. long ago... back at home... in Winterfell..."ah yes.. Ser Jac, please do come in, Ser...." She paused hearing about his status...she did not see her Sentry...

    Jacrite Naxos: I hope you are comfortable

    Thresia looked about her at the tent, she had been in better, but she would not outwardly complain.."My needs... most of them have been seen to. Other then I've exchanged one confinement for another...such is the life of a woman I assume."

    Jacrite Naxos: I hope your brother finds it in his heart to acknowlege the King and end this campaign
    Jacrite Naxos: I really dont want to go any farther north

    Thresia lips turned downward.. her eyes cast down as well.."I fear he will not take the knee, not even for me, he is much too proud, this brother of Mine.. he could at the very least send some of mine own things, I would love to have my own clothing, instead, the King ordered clothing per my status in rank brought to me to use...

    Jacrite Naxos: Your brother is warden of the North why does he not acknowlege the king?
    Jacrite Naxos: The Reach is my home and the Lord in Highgarden has not objected

    Jacrite Naxos: the realm needs a king to keep the various lords from warring with each other over sheep pastures and fishing rites.

    Thresia grumbled as she nudged the fur rug with her slippered foot.."My brother has not been given the title by the new king..but only from the old king.. I know not why my brother chooses not to take the knee he once was friends with the King, and now he is being hard headed, stubborn as an oxen...He fears that his people will lose hope and look down upon him for doing so and think him weak... should he take the knee... tis but a sign of fealty tis all it is...but I fear the king thinks he can get me to take the knee in his stead but it does not work that way in the north only a Man may run a house in the North, and only that being a Lord, and my Brother is the Lord, I am but his sister.. though I have rank of my own, I am just his sister... me giving my oath of fealty would mean nothing."

    Jacrite Naxos: i can understand That. Does your brother have a maester to advise him? Sometimes the order can calm things.

    Thresia moistened her lips, looking for a small vial of cherry blossom to moisten them with, she thought she had some in her pouch but thought perhaps she lost it or a servant took it, she shrugged.."my brother..is not like the others, all of the north he rules...all the northerners look up to him...they come to him to dissolve problems..and yes, He has a Maester there, but I would not know if he will listen to the Maester that was sent by the king." She sighed..

    Jacrite Naxos: I hope the king and your brother can find a way to untie this knot I do not relish a winter siege in the north, And your brother runs another danger I am not sure all his bannermen will support this

    Jacrite Naxos: When I was here last hunting an outlaw i met some of the lords of the north I would not trust the Lord of the Dreadfort

    Jacrite Naxos: Manderly in White Harbor is old and slow to act and we will cut off any way for him to advance

    Thresia shook her head.. "Neither do I, and I have no desire to be here, I would be safer in the castle at home then in a flimsy tent at the neck..." She sighed deeply, she was becoming depressed from being in this place, it was not her home.. the things surrounding her though from a nobles home, were not her own... she missed her Horse, her cats, her little animal she did not know what it was, but it was frinedly to her..."Someone tried to poison me recently, bringing red mushrooms into the castle Stark...they had disguised the crate as being regular musrhooms, and as it turns out, I'm allergic to them... " she nodded to him..

    Jacrite Naxos: the queen recently experienced something like that
    Jacrite Naxos: I wonder if someone is trying to cause strife for their own purposes

    Jacrite Naxos: Does your brother count on aid from the Iron Islands?

    Thresia: The food was given to me 24 hours before it affected me.. I am still affected, and suffering a rash, the slightest thing that affects my calm sends my rash into exploding all over me, the Maester commanded I only rest, and take nightly baths...the Maester here, has not spoken to Maester Emmerson, and so drugs me at night so i sleep... but I sleep fitfully...I could not tell you if it is the same person, Ser that is attacking our houses, but... "sighed.. a bit...knowing he was trying to get her to answer questions..." I do not know, Ser.

    Thresia spoke... "The only good I am is that, my brother often confides in me, and I am his favorite sibling..he loves me. and I him.. I cannot know what aid will be given in my rescue if there is even a rescue."

    Jacrite Naxos: I am not comfortable with squids loose in the land they seem to me to be like well armed wildings with boats

    Thresia: squids?
    Jacrite Naxos: and likely to turn on friend or foe a like
    Jacrite Naxos: it is a term we of the reach use for the iron islanders

    Thresia: I see

    Jacrite Naxos: I must go and ride the rounds of the camp Is there anything that you need My Lady?

    Thresia shook her head as she began to turn from him... she paused.. seeing he was leaving.."Nay, Ser, but thank you for enquiring.." She turned to face him and give him a soft smile... then she let it slide into a normal frown at her fate...

    Jacrite Naxos: bows slightly and leaves, he mounts his destrier

    Thresia sighed as she watched him alight upon his destrier.. she smiled a little.. her mare was far bigger then most of the destriers... Notte had been a gift of her Father when she was a young girl... the mare had been just a colt, and while the colt learned to take a human rider, she had learned to ride her colt, they became very close.. and as the years past, she learned to ride even without a saddle..she bonded with her horse...and often they rode as one...she sat upon the chair, and wondered what would become of her, would she die a young woman, without a babe at her breast, and without a husband to care for her? Would she be forgotten about.. and left to a dire fate at the hands of the king? She did not know...if her brother did not take the knee.. she would not have any more value...

    Thresia was terribly angry, and she felt the welts reappear on her face and arms causing the itch to also return..she screamed angrilly... then throwing herself into the bed on the ground she started to sob...deep painful sobs, as she felt the distance from her home, she fell into a nightmarish slumber filled with horrors and war and death...

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