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    Capture of Lady Thresia Stark...

    Elaena Velaryon
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    Capture of Lady Thresia Stark... Empty Capture of Lady Thresia Stark...

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:49 pm

    [09:36 AM] Bradd Blackheart looks at the woman riding on the large destrier, arches an eyebrow, mutters, "nice horse."
    [09:37 AM] Jerhicco Levane turns his head, looking at the woman on the horse as he calls out 'You, girl, come close. We must have a word with you.'

    [09:39 AM] Thresia galloped Notte through the Godswood, and toward the bath house, she happened to notice the male travelors and looked at them suspiciously...she leaned over her mares back, and arched a delicate black brow, she would not be spoken to as they attempted..."Pardon me? And who are you to command me?" She was the Lady Thresia, everyone in Winterfell knew her by sight, these obviously were not from Winterfell, she looked at the cut of their clothing, obviously lordlings from the south...she cantered her mare a little but remained as she was.."Come forth, Ser." She commanded.

    [09:41 AM] Bradd Blackheart chuckles, "apparently you do not recognize the sigil Lady, inferior subjects approch superiors, not the other way around." he looses his sword in the sheath, "where are the men?" he asked loudly.

    [09:41 AM] Thresia again she spoke, " I am Lady Thresia Stark, what do you do in My Lands?" .... "Inferior?"

    [09:43 AM] Thresia reigned in her mare... the horse arched its back and pawed the air, as it whinnied.. she looked at the man, and kneed her horse slightly, so Notte would move closer... "And who are you that you dare to speak to Me in such a manner, Ser?:

    [09:44 AM] Jerhicco Levane laughs loudly 'Yes, it means less than. As in, you are less than we, or we are superior to you.' He laughs again 'This is a waste of time..' He walks close to her and grins softly, placing his hand around the reign of the horse.

    [09:44 AM] Bradd Blackheart movs closer to the woman, "come down off that horse." he told her flanking the other side and grabbing the girth of the horse.

    [09:45 AM] Bradd Blackheart movs closer to the woman, "come down off that horse." he told her flanking the other side and grabbing the girth of the horse.

    [09:46 AM] Thresia was about to slip from the horse, as she felt the man come and grab her reigns, she cried out in alarm.."Unhand my Mare you oaf!" I am the Lord of Winterfells Sister!" she cried out.. these heathens were ungodly large... she slipped from her horses back, and smoothed her skirts...

    [09:47 AM] Bradd Blackheart looked at her, "you can make this easy or you can make this hard, what do you perfer, M'Lady?"
    [09:48 AM] Thresia looked at the man.."you are on my Families Ancestral lands, what is it you want?" She looked to them, unsure what they wished of her.."Who are you, why are you here?" she stepped back in the snow, it crunched beneath her feet..

    [09:49 AM] Jerhicco Levane released the reigns of the horse and raised his arms 'Oh, the Lord of Winterfell's sister you say? I apologize, I had no idea.' A grin comes over his face as he grabs Thresia's arm 'That makes you a prime candidate.'

    [09:50 AM] Bradd Blackheart reaches out, not letting her step back, her other tiny arm in his powerful grip... between two men she was hardly going to be able to move. Nods to his boss, looking down into the Lady's face, "once more I ask you, the easy way or the hard way... you will be comming with us."
    [09:50 AM] Thresia yanked her arm... but he held her too tightly.."prime candidate?" Please release me! Release me this instant!" Her eyes sparkled in anger... she was much smaller then he, she was unsure what the Lannister wanted of her.."Please let me go... !"

    [09:53 AM] Jerhicco Levane laughs again 'Well, since you said please...' He would lift her over his shoulder and call to Bradd to bind her wrists and ankles before calling out 'Nope!.'

    [09:54 AM] Thresia swallowed nervously... she struggled only slightly to see the man's strenght.. feeling his large hand on her arm... she would not put herself at risk, The Gods only knew what these men were capable of..."Please do not hurt me Ser, I will go with you willingly..." She wondered if Aedan would force her Brothers knee with this... and wondered what she would expect from such treatment... 'inferior."

    [09:55 AM] Thresia shriekd as she was lifted over his shoulder, she wiggled... her dark hair fell beyond his back.. as she shivered there... she attempted to scratch him.. but her wrists were caught and bound..."Unhand me... oh no.. please don't hurt me!"

    [09:55 AM] Bradd Blackheart with his free hand he pulls out a bit of rope, quickly bound her ankles. Three ties and a tie off, pulling her arms behind her three more wraps and a tie off as any good knight would do.... "All yours M'Lord." he sounded a bit disapppointed hoping for blood still.

    [09:58 AM] Jerhicco Levane barks 'Shut up girl and I wont hurt you!' He walks quickly back to his horse, throwing her over the back before climbing on himself. 'Come Bradd, before attention is drawn.'

    [09:58 AM] Bradd Blackheart runs over and gets the horses, handing Aeron's horse to him, helping her secure the Lady on the back. Jumps up on his horse. "Ready when you are M'Lord."

    [09:59 AM] Bradd Blackheart departs sometimes in the front sometimes in the back keeping guard of them.
    [09:59 AM] Thresia struggled and cried out.. as the rope pinched her wrists.."Let me Go!" "Help:" She cried out.. knowing no one was about this early in the morn nor woild be there to help her.. she was hefted onto the Lords back, and cried out.. feeling a bit cold and uncomfortable..."Oh... my Lord please! Do not hurt me!" She felt her rash on her face... it started to tingle..

    [10:00 AM] Bradd Blackheart arrives crossing through the twins just as they had come through the first time, leading the Lady captive into camp.

    [10:06 AM] Bradd Blackheart pulls her by the rope, once she was off the horse, "this way, the less you strugle the less painful it will be for you, don't worry M'Lady, you are an honored guest." he snickers.
    [10:06 AM] GM 4.1: Bradd Blackheart hit you with Blade of the Ancestors v3.2 (1hand) (15%) - strike type: sword
    [10:07 AM] Thresia struggled in the binds.."Why am I here? She felt him pull her..:Honored... yes.. I just bet I am, I wish to see Lord Targaryen Immediately!!"

    [10:08 AM] Bradd Blackheart losens the leash and the tie, standing guard at the door, "for now you remain, until its the King's pleasure to either see you or have you taken farther south... if you haven't figured it out, you are in our camp at the neck... see there you go that's the problem, that is why you are here, he is King not merely Lord Targaryen." clucks his tongue at her.

    [10:11 AM] Thresia rolled her eyes at him.... "Lord Aedan will not allow you to treat me this way, you will unbind me now, and allow me to sit properly, at least allow me a fur, so i may be warm, when my brother hears of this, he will be coming to behead you, I'm sure of it, you oaf!" She was so angry at this point, she now realized her folly in riding this morning.. instead of staying in bed, where she had been commanded to rest after her poisoning... she pulled at her bindings but found them tight, and keeping her in place.

    [10:13 AM] Bradd Blackheart laughs a boooming echoing laugh that bounced off the tent walls, "who do you think commands this camp M'Lady, who do you think gave the order to take a prisoner?" his dark eyes probe into her, "though such a lovely captive you make, I might like to keep you this way." trailing his finger along her jawline, ignoring her threats of beheading, "if your self-proclaimed King in the North brother cares much about you he will drop this sharade and bend the knee."

    [10:17 AM] Bradd Blackheart orders a camp follower bring in a fur, losens her bindings but doesn't remove them, "you may sit, but if you try anything so help me you will be bound hand and foot until I get told otherwise, do you understand?"
    [10:22 AM] Bradd Blackheart motions to the fur, "be comfortable as possible M'Lady, we may have some time to wait."

    [10:22 AM] Thresia sat down though she was still bound.. she shrugged slightly.. looking at the man with hatred in her light eyes..she jerked her head back as his hand touched her cheek, she thought of biting him, but thought better of it, she looked away... and sighed..she wondered to herself if whomever was trying to kill her would find her available here, and easilly accessible..she started to silently cry...hoping her horse was safe..she looked at the man silently through her tears...just nodding as she felt the fur placed upon her lap.

    [10:25 AM] Bradd Blackheart sticks his head out the tent, yelling, "bring the Lady some hot food and drink.... you there! see to it or I'll have you flayed." the young man nearly tripped into the fire as he responded in the affirmative. Before long a hot plate of venison with carrots and onions was brought in, along with mulled wine.

    [10:28 AM] Thresia looked to the man who brought the viands.. she wondered who this man was that commanded such attention...but she refused to speak to him, other then a soft "thank you." as the plate of food was brought forth.. she drew forth her jeweled dagger that was used as only an eating utensil.. they had not seen that, it was her only item left that had not been taken from her.. her daggers the sharp ones had been taken from her as she had struggled by the tavern.. she picked at the platter, not having broken her fast yet.. and wondered what would become of her..her eyes narrowed some.. as she wondered if she would be forced to wed someone of the Targaryens choosing..

    [10:31 AM] Bradd Blackheart watches her eat, folding his arms, excersising his shoulders, craning his neck this way and that, hearing cracking sounds, he stands mostly silently at the door. Simply watched her, she would not escape on his watch. "how old are you Lady Stark?" he wondered and asked, it was his way to be rather streight forward.
    [10:31 AM] Thresia speared some meat and carrots with the tip of the eating dagger.. delicately feeding herself, as she set it down and drank some of the wine offered.. she was very wary of him, she understood she was his captive, and he would stop at nothing to do whatever it he wanted to her.. she shook somewhat, and attempted to calm her nerves, what did the Maester say to her, that she must be calm or the poisons from the inky cap would cause her rash to again explode on her body... she lightly rocked herself back and forth.. as she hoped and prayed that her Brother would send forth his army to come and rescue her..

    [10:32 AM] Thresia tilted her head slightly at his question.. her long black tendrils flowed about her as she slid her gaze up over his boots to his face, and that shaggy mane of his... swallowing the food and wine..she answered....though wondering why the question.."I am 23 winters." She looked away from him..

    [10:34 AM] Bradd Blackheart nods, "when was your three and twenthith name day?" he asks more curiously, "and still a maid." chuckles, it was more of a statement than a question. Pushing the chainmail hood back off his head.
    [10:37 AM] Thresia eyed him silently, she would have dearly loved to beat him with her fists, not that they would likley do much good against his greater strength, she moistened her lips and took another sip of the wine, seting it down she arranged her skirts about her.. small delicately boned wrists resting in her lap, as she drew the fur more snug about her..though the land was green along the neck it was still very cold for her.. she had forgotten her cloak, again as usual.."My name day was this winter, twenty three winters ago.
    [10:39 AM] Bradd Blackheart arches an eyebrow, "but winter can last years, can it not, that tells me nothing, M'Lady. Especially for you Starks, are your words not, 'winter is comming.'? " he chuckles, she could be three and thirty for as vague as her answer was, "but you are still a maid are you not?" this time he was a bit more direct.

    [10:39 AM] Thresia cheeks took color as her maidenhood was spoken of..she looked away at the side of the tent, there were too many here that might wish to do her harm.. she thought of the Lord that helped capture her, she did not like him at all.. he had called her inferior... her family was as noble blooded as any Lannister, what she would give to see her Brother take him down a notch or two... then she thought of the Dothraki... how he had looked at her.. she grew increasingly wary.. as she again looked at the man..."Why do you wish to know, Ser?" She did not know what business it was of his..

    [10:40 AM] Thresia set her goblet down... she looked at him directly. "My maidenhead is still intact, aye, Ser."

    [10:42 AM] Bradd Blackheart folds her arms, shruggs, "there are some that would pay a greater sum for you being a maid, is all." he snickers always thinking of the monetary value and not caring much about the politics of things, "well it will be up to the King as to what to do with you, but I say if your brother is smart he will screw his head on the right direction and take the knee.. or he may find your head on a spike as a reminder outside his walls." his gaze was penetratingly dark and seemed to bore into her. He smelled the fear on her and it incensed him.

    [10:43 AM] Thresia did not see what business her name day had to do with him nor why he needed to know..It had not always been winter in Winterfell till just the past few months when the climate changed, and it became white all over.. "Aye, our sigil is -= Winter is coming... Well winter is upon us." ... she trembled at his next words.. she shook her head.. tears filling her eyes as she understood truly what he could do to her...

    [10:44 AM] Bradd Blackheart he turns from her then, gazing out the door, losening his sword in the sheath, sideways, that he could see both her and any that approached the tent. "Might as well relax, M'Lady, you are as safe as babe in a cradle." he chuckles more.

    [10:47 AM] Thresia knew she must keep her strength up, as she again lifted the eating dagger..and finished the meat and other foods...she nearly snorted at his words to her.. she was NOT A BABE! She hated when men treated her like that.. she looked at him and fumed..her eyes had darkened to slits she gripped the jeweled dagger then relaxed her hand.. finishing the meal, she drank the wine.. and pushed the trencher away.. wiping the dagger on the napkin she slid it back into its sheath.. it had been a gift from her mother before she died.. she sighed.. her tiny hands in her lap as she struggled to overcome her fears..."please do not hurt me Ser, I will be good."

    [10:49 AM] Bradd Blackheart looked over cooly at her, "of course you will, or we will see to it that you are." smiles and looks back out the door.

    [10:51 AM] Thresia eyes narrowed on him, she looked at him directly..."And just how would you do that Ser?" She was now very angry, her horse had been taken from her, she had been uncerimoniously manhandled, she had bruises upon bruises.. she ached all over, and her recent poisoning didn't have her in a very good nor responsive mood.. tears shone in her eyes as she looked upon this crass male.. how he had dared to touch her! How he spoke to her.. she was terribly angry, and wished to scratch his eyes out, she thought he would dearly love to hurt her...

    [10:53 AM] Bradd Blackheart arches an eyebrow looking over, his dark gaze penetrates her to the very core, "ever saw a hand with its fingers flayed, can you imagine the pain of that?" He watched her reaction. "I don't think you want to find out, M'Lady."

    [10:56 AM] Thresia drew back in alarm and she quickly looked away...she swallowed nervously... looking anywhere but at this man..."n..nay!" She shook her head... she turned her body in the chair, and drew the fur about her but it did little to comfort her... she would not look upon him, that he would eagerly do such things to her.

    [10:59 AM] Bradd Blackheart chuckles, she asked how, did she think he would lie to her? Watches her turn away smirking at the reaction. "Do not fear, M'Lady, that is only should you try to escape or ... if you provoked me unnecessarily, I have orders you are not to be harmed... yet." how he wanted to cross the room to feel those wild locks of hair run through his fingers. He looked out again, "you there!" he boomed, "bring me water, NOW!" to a passing boy who did bring him fresh water in a goblet quick as a wink. Drinking it all down and handing the boy back the goblet, his relief would come soon then he could see about some real drink.

    [11:03 AM] Thresia mumbled something under her breath, but the words were incoherant..'knave' she had called him.. she looked at him once more.. her black locks flowed to her waist, as she drew her jerkin about her..it did not cover her breasts as she wished it would now.. how he looked at her, and her eyes sparkled angrilly.. full lips parted as she breathed in deeply.. she again looked away..wishing she had the ability to leave this place.. she regretted immeasurably taking that ride this morning, when she should have still been abed..the oils that would help ease the rash that she'd suffered from recently from the poisonous Mushrooms...had been left on her bath counter.. she moaned a little.. feeling his eyes upon her.. then slid her gaze away..

    [11:03 AM] Bradd Blackheart snaps to and bows, "M'Lord." nodding his head.

    [11:06 AM] Jerhicco Levane steps into the tent and nods at Bradd silently. He stares at Thresia for a long moment before a large smile comes over his face 'I hope you're enjoying your stay here, sister of the Lord of Winterfell.' A sarcastic tone is heard in his voice as he speaks.

    [11:08 AM] Thresia heard someone come in and spied that nobleman, the one that had called her inferior, she was far from inferior, as she again arranged the fur over her small form.. her eyes narrowed upon him.. she hated him she knew she would always hate him..she wanted to slap his face and the cruel smirk from it..she only responded with.."my Lord," nodding then looked away.. she had been fed, and at this time treated as a prisoner, better than most she was sure of it, though the last time she was held captive, they had tried to rape her.. she shivered remembering the outlaws hands upon her.. looking away...

    [11:10 AM] Bradd Blackheart addresses Lord Lannister, "Ser, if it please you, I have seen to her food, and mulled wine, a fur for her comfort. I understood she was not to be harmed unless she... " he trails off.. "she has been polite, as an honored guest." chuckles again.

    [11:12 AM] Jerhicco Levane forces a frown onto his still smiling face as he takes a step closer 'Awww, no need to be so cold, sister of the Lord of Winterfell.' He laughs again as he leans down next to her 'I'm sure you can figure out why you're here.' He turns his attention towards Bradd 'Very good. We need her to be alert in case she knows anything.' He nods and picks his note back up of the ground, speaking softly to himself 'I'm glad Daena wont have to see this..' before tucking the note into his belt.

    [11:13 AM] Thresia heard the guard speak again she turned her head and looked at him..the word 'knave' was upon her tongue as she thought it only but did not speak it.. her eyes narrowed on him..she flushed with color at the personal questions he had asked her.. then looked back to the Lord Lannister..By all that was Holy, she hated the Lannisters..
    [11:15 AM] Bradd Blackheart looked his boss again, "I have not questioned her other than her status and age, Ser." thinking he wanted to do much more to her than question her but he was but a bastard sellsword he'd never be allowed near a noblemwoman, even one of the Starks.

    [11:18 AM] Jerhicco Levane leans closer, speaking nearly in a whisper to Thresia 'You realize what trouble you'll be causing for you brother, don't you?' He pulls his sword from his sheath and poke the hilt on he cheek playfully a few times. 'You had a much more active tongue when on your horse, sister of the Lord of Winterfell.'

    [11:19 AM] Thresia nearly growled hearing 'him' speak again, and how he spoke of her.. her eyes slit as they looked away.. tiny hands fisted in her lap, as she once more looked at the Lord Lannister..she spoke, her words were cool, "I wish to see Lord Aeden Targaryen, right now!" Then drew away as the man drew his sword... sharp as it was... she grew silent tears filling her eyes..."nay do not hurt me!"

    [11:21 AM] Bradd Blackheart looks over from his vantage out the door, "see there she said again, Lord Targaryen, WOMAN he is King, not merely Lord Targaryen... get it right." his temper was beginning to flare like his nostrils as he looked over at her, he needed a stiff drink.

    [11:24 AM] Thresia eyes narrowed upon him...they enflamed with fire.."Don't you dare speak to me in such a way, Ser.." her hands fisted, in her lap..she sat there, feeling the spark of her anger become nearly uncontrollable..Her eyes slid up over his large body.. to rest on a hard face, she did not understand why he was so cruel to her, she had never harmed anyone, and had always helped those that were in need..she wondered where Clegane was, as she looked hopefully out of the tent flap then back toward the Lord Lannister..

    [11:25 AM] Jerhicco Levane laughs heartily 'Your tongue works much better when you can see my blade.' He returns it to his sheath and raises his hand to Bradd 'No need to get upset, Bradd. She must have forgotten her manners. Something the inferior folk often do.' He laughs again and turns his attention back to Thresia 'Now tell me, what *exactly* does your brother, Lord of Winterfell, look to accomplish?'

    [11:26 AM] Bradd Blackheart folds his arms and resumes his post watching out the door. Though he listened to every word, his sword lose in it sheath, no one would come into this tent without the King's or the Lord Lannister's leave to do so.

    [11:28 AM] Thresia turned her harsh look upon the Lannister..she canted her head to the side.."I am but a woman, what would I know of my Brothers decisions? Think you he tells me everything? Like all women when things of Politics are spoken of.. he sends me from the room!" She growled out, she hated when Vayon did so... she would sometimes attempt to press her ear to the door but he would call for the guards to escort her to her rooms..

    [11:29 AM] Thresia shook her head.."and even if I knew something, which I do not, my Lord, I shan't tell you a bloody thing!" She crossed her arms over her chest..she was chilled.. it was quite drafty within the tent without a brazier nearby..."Tis cold in here...."

    [11:30 AM] Jerhicco Levane raises an eyebrow and cocks his head to the side, looking confused at Thresia 'So what you're saying is..' He pauses a long moment 'You're absolutely useless?' He scratches his head. and stands straight up.
    [11:30 AM] Bradd Blackheart looks over, "when we flay your fingers you will not feel the cold at all M'Lady." his voice ultra kind for the words he spoke. The underlying tone would indicate he meant what he said.

    [11:33 AM] Thresia looked at him, she would wish to make him think she was useless so she might be released, she of course knew everything her brother discussed, but he would not know that... she bit her tongue, she hated when she was referred to that by these inferior Lannisters..bastards all of them.. thinking them above her as a superior ..she looked to the guard.."nay! she cried..fearful of his touch.."I'm sure I have some uses, my Lord, I have yet to be betrothed."

    [11:34 AM] Bradd Blackheart steps over, "let me I'll get her to talk." grabbing the dagger out of her sheath with one hand and her hand with the other hand, turning it over so her palm was up in his steely grip.

    [11:35 AM] Thresia looked down at her boots that poked from her skirts and the fur over her, she was fueled by her upset, as she spoke further, perhaps, 'His Grace' might endeavor to push my brother to take a knee if I was wed to someone...

    [11:35 AM] Jerhicco Levane laughs again 'I have no wish to touch you. I thought my intentions were clear. You're going to tell us everything you know or you're going to have a very, very bad night.' He steps aside and waves Bradd on, turning around and watches the door.

    [11:36 AM] Thresia cried out as her small hand was gripped by his... she saw the knife, she did not think anyone would have her if she was disfigured in anyway... she shook her head.."Nay, don't harm me!" she drew her hands back behind her... "please I will do whatever you want"

    [11:38 AM] Bradd Blackheart palmed her dagger and held out his hand, palm up and open, "put your hand in mine palm up and do it now." watching her with eyes darker than mudd that seemed to read right into her fear. Incensed by it.

    [11:40 AM] Jerhicco Levane's ear twitches as he turns back towards the pair 'Don't kill her, Bradd.' he barks quickly as he marches from the tent.

    [11:41 AM] Thresia was terrified of him... she drew her hands obediently forth and placed them within his.. her own hands were not soft, they had done work in her life, along side the smallfolk she would often help, when the need arose.. she also had callouses from her reigns, cuts within them as she rode long hours.. she looked to him fear in her very aura.."please Ser, I won't fight anymore...I tested only... I'll tell you whatever you want.." she shook before him terrified..he was incredibly larger then she, she was horrified by what he intended to do to her..she looked toward the Lannister, "my Lord, please!" She looked back to the guard..

    [11:42 AM] Bradd Blackheart nods to her, "best talk fast then, what does the self proclaimed king in the north have planned, hum? how many men does he command and where are they stationed?"
    [11:43 AM] Bradd Blackheart ran his finger up along her hand to her index finger, pinching its flshy part at the underside of the tip. Just to give her an idea of what flaying her finger might do to her, he watched her reaction.

    [11:46 AM] Thresia swallows fearfully..."my Brother doesn't proclaim himself a king, Ser, we have but ..aiiii....." she cried out in pain, she tried to draw her hand back.. but was held fast by his thumb locking her wrist in place, her hand was so small against the larger one that held it prisoner...she said quickly.. fearfully, " Vayon has but 1000 guards at his defense..we've lost many to the Hill tribes, when our people go out into the weirwood they are slain...no one wanders far from the borders, because to do so is dangerous...there is a hill tribe that kills those on sight that cross their paths.."

    [11:48 AM] Bradd Blackheart nods, chuckling, "a hill tribe that flys a monster black on a red field?" watching her again. "Lie and I wil know." he warned her softly releasing her hand, she would know he would do it and not have a bit of conscious about it.

    [11:49 AM] Thresia she continued quickly.. watching his eyes and his hand on her own.. the knife close... too close for her own sanity.."my brother has told me time and again it would take months to bring his bannermen together, the ice prevents those from journeying quickly... " she did not understand why she had been taken, nor what the question about our defenses were about..."I do not lie to you Ser, I would not, my Brother would rather I not be harmed, nor would I wish such..she drew her small hand forward, an angry red welt had appeared on her hand where he'd pinched her..she smoothed her hand, to ease the discomfort..she knew he would eagerly harm her if he so chose...she looked away...

    [11:52 AM] Thresia she continued with her speach, knowing hse was better off if he knew it all, k nowing he wished to know every detail...and would take it from her lips if he could.."The Hill tribes are not ruled by the Warden of the North, nor by any other man, they are outlaws, they care not who they kill, it matters not to them what political damage they do. Nay, I do not know this sigil you speak of, this is the first time it has been brought to our attention."

    [11:53 AM] Bradd Blackheart nods, "I will ascertain what other information they want." he turned from her, "that's good, very good, that hill tribe .. is ours by the way." he laughs sardonically.

    [11:55 AM] Thresia looked at him..."What do you mean that Hill tribe is yours?!" She brushed her dark hair back exposing the softness of her face, neck and chest unconsiously.. drawing her fingers through her long wavy locks.. then back into her lap her hand still throbbed where he'd pinched her..

    [11:56 AM] Thresia thinks now of her Cousin, Lord Jayke Stark, her Betrothed that went out into the woods and never returned... tears suddenly in her eyes...the hatred inflamed within her, as she turned to lift her gaze to him..then swiftly away, she was afraid of him.. terribly afraid, never hadanyone ever had treated her in such a way..
    [11:57 AM] Bradd Blackheart looked over his eyes like a pool at midnight, "never you mind what I mean." watched as the cage was hammered together outside the tent. Looked back to her, "tell me Lady Stark, why does your brother not bend the knee, this could all be avoided if he would lay aside that stark pride." watching out again.

    [12:00 PM] Thresia heard a loud clanking sound.. she rubbed her arms... fearful of what he intended with her...then looked i nto his eyes again..."My Brother is Proud as are all Starks. I have asked him the same question, he is worried about how 'his Grace' wishes to treat our people...food is scarce as tis...He has spoken to me about not taking the knee because he fears that to do so will lead to us not having protection."

    [12:01 PM] Thresia continued.."I had asked him if it would not be easier to just take the knee, but he worries about how his people will see him, he feels they will think him weak if he should do so... " She looked away.. small hands fidgeting..

    [12:02 PM] Bradd Blackheart shook his head, "doesn't know our King at all then if he thinks that, and I thought they were boyhood friends, at least that is the rumor I heard." glances to her as the cage was completed the smith moving off again, "now there," listening to the second part of her speach, "that's more the truth, how he will be seen, rather than how his people will be treated." takes a breath, moves over to her, "stand."

    [12:03 PM] Thresia obediently stood.. fingers twisting within the skirt..

    [12:04 PM] Bradd Blackheart takes her gently by the arm, more gently than he had touched her this far, leading her out, "this is for your own protection as well as the men's protection." hoping she would know what he meant by that.

    [12:05 PM] Bradd Blackheart handles her til she steps into the cage.

    [12:06 PM] Thresia follows him.. feeling the hands lighter upon her.. she pauses outside a cage.. looking to him fearfully..."But Ser, I will freeze!"

    [12:06 PM] Bradd Blackheart shakes his head, "no I will see that you have plenty of furs, I do not expect you to be in there long." looking down at her his eyes for one time were kind.

    [12:11 PM] Bradd Blackheart closes and locks the cell door handing off the key to the white cloak nearby with instructions the only three people who could get that key were himself, the King and Lord Lannister.
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    [12:14 PM] Bradd Blackheart walks off, shaking his head, was time for that stiff drink.

    [12:14 PM] Thresia looked at the guard.. then to the gold cloak.. she looked away.. she was tiring fast, the cold cell floor chilled her to the bone, as she had not been offered the furs again..she huddled there.. her slender arms about her legs.. her dark hair cloaking her like a blanket.. though it did little good to warm her from the fierce winds at the neck or the elements..she wondered what would become of her. Would her brother be able to come and rescue her? She wondered about this new information of the hill tribes but she had no way to get the information back to her brother..

    [12:29 PM] Bradd Blackheart returns his arms piled high with furs and wool blankets, nodding to the White Cloak to open the cage, he pushes the blankets inside and steps back. It was all he could do not to reach out and touch her face, caress her cheek, how was it this woman was able to soften him, he would not let that show under any circumstances. "There, you will be fine now." his voice was as cold as he could make it be.

    [12:33 PM] Thresia struggled upward and away from him as he came forward.. she was afraid of him...her small hand still throbbed as she looked away at the cold and callous manner of him.. she looked at the blankets shoved in side.. tears had been in her eyes as she felt incredibly helpless in this place..she once more sat down but now on a blanket.. her eyes lowered..she'd been forced to give out information, she felt like a traitor to her family.

    [12:35 PM] Bradd Blackheart crounces down, "you know" he whispers, "I hold life or death over you right now, freedom or bondage, I can be kind or I can be mean, your choice. I will tell you one thing though, before this day is out, you will bend the knee to the king wrether your brother does or not."

    [12:40 PM] Thresia lifted teary eyes to him.. her lashes moist from her silent crying, she hated tears and hated that he made her feel so helpless...she shook her head..she said with very soft nearly quiet words, "aye, Ser," she would reply, she knew this for a certainty, he would viciously harm her if she did not obey perfectly, she trembled there, pulling her knees closer to her body, it made her smaller, she wished to disappear entirely...knowing she would do anything at all to get out of this cage..

    [12:42 PM] Bradd Blackheart could smell the scent of her, even through all the other camp scents. He stood, shaking off the feelings he got when he was close to her now, suddenly he slams the bars with his open hand, the CLANG so loud it would ring in her ears, "where are your brother's men stationed? where are they all? tell me now." gripping the bars and looming over her.

    [12:46 PM] Thresia drew back terrified, she'd forgotten that he had asked that before..she felt the reverberated sound... and it rang in her ears as her small hands lifted to clutch now at them...she shook her head.."I don't know! I've been abead with illness!" She cried out in fear..."I was poisoned, someone attempted to kill me with inky cap!" She said... as she moved back into the cage..

    [12:50 PM] Bradd Blackheart watched her, "who would want to kill you?" he laughs long, "I cannot imagine someone wanting to keel a woman as beautiful and talented as you are." shook his head, "tell you what, Lady Stark, I'm going to let you rest a while, and when I return you best have an answer and it better be the truth and right answer least I make good on that finger." his eyes bore into her once more, how he wanted this woman, his mind's visions played out all the ways he would use her for his pleasure, shaking off those thoughts he simply walked a bit away, pulling a flask out of a camp follower's hand and started to drink it. Looking back at the cage and the helpless but beautiful noblewoman in it.

    [12:52 PM] Thresia recalled her most latest conversation with her brother, that he would not move forward with placing more men out on the borders as we'd lost too many as it was, Winterfell was nearly unprotected, she wished now that she had listened to her brother and started to take guardsmen with her, she shook her head... she shoved the furs off of her and scrambled to the other side of the cage.. away from him...never had anyone ever harmed her truly, she shook her head silently..looking at him....

    [12:54 PM] Thresia looked at him and the spitfire awoke in her.."How would I know who tried to kill me? Why would they want to? I hold no real power in Winterfell save, my Brother Loves me and would do anything to protect me, anything at all!" She lifted her hand before her face, drawing back as well..."I have only told you the truth!" She shook, she was never one to tell lies.. as she wondered truly at her brothers defenses for their home...

    [12:56 PM] Bradd Blackheart drinks whatever the strong substance was in the flask, it burned going down seeming to just ignite him more. He'd be flayed himself if he touched her, other than torture for infomation. He just stared into the cage, she would get no quarter from him. The firey liquid tasted better the more he drank. He hears her and laughs, slaps his knee and laughs more, "if your brother were so inclined to protect you, My Dear, ..." trails off laughing, "You'd not be in that cage right now." his features contorted with drink and mirrth.

    [01:01 PM] Thresia looks off in the distance... she became silent, the truth of his words filling her head with thoughts, she whimpered a little.. licking dry lips..."wine please, I thirst." She shivered in how she felt his eyes upon her, stripping her clothing from her flesh and she felt naked before him... she moaned as she moved back on her knees.. her eyes lowered..she did not know what the Targaryen would do with her, he might even give her to this rough brutal man...she shook her head..feeling the rash welts form on her arms under her clothing.. pricking her face as it burned her flesh.. she turned away from him and hid her features...the Maester had said with care and the soothing oils he'd made her rash would go away...

    [01:03 PM] Bradd Blackheart gestures with the flask at the outlying camp of over twenty thousand men, "your brother is a fool if he thinks his meger thousand men can stand up to the numbers the king has, so M'Lady do not think of escaping, less you are relased, do not think he will rescue you, he's likely to not even try." turning he strode away again. She would not know where he went after he disappears around the corner. He noticed the welts as he went, "get a Maester to see to her, make her comfortable in a tent. She'll not escape." as he strode away.

    [01:08 PM] Thresia wondered where he went..she turned her head she saw him go about a corner and vanish.. soon she was moved by the Maester and some guards, she went with them willingly, she was placed upon a mat... and there she was given medicine which put her into an immediate sleep..

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