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    Capture: Thresia, The Sellsword & a bathtub

    Elaena Velaryon
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    Capture: Thresia, The Sellsword & a bathtub

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:16 am

    [08:21 PM] Thresia slid from the cot.. she was sore..her hand ached.. the concoction the Maester had given her had relaxed her enough t hat the welts had nearly vanished from her face.. arms and her torso... she drew on the cloak she had found within the chest, provided by the King.. smoothing the skirt out she lifted a brush and brushed her hair.. she was unused to these tasks normally having her lady in waiting assisting her.. she glanced over seeing her guard, she inclined her head.."good eve Ser.." she sighed, not having much to do, she thought perhaps she had a book to read, but guessed she would not be accorded such in this God forsaken place, she sat upon the chair..arranging the borroed skirts about her..the only thing on her hers.. her boots.

    [08:23 PM] Thresia looked over toward the guard, the one that the King had called the 'sandman' she did not even want to wonder what that meant exactly... she moistened her lips..and tried to remain calm but he unravelled her nerves terribly..."Ser? What is your name?"

    [08:24 PM] Bradd Stone shakes his head, "no Lady I'm no Ser, just a hired sellsword, that is all." he was as good with a sword as any and fair with a bow. He just had the misfortune of being born a bastard, and to a poor farming mother in the Vale so he had no knight to squire under. "you can just call me Stone or... " grumbles "Bradd if you like." only the king called him sandman it was a private joke as the king had caught him one day bathing in sand near the blackwater river.

    [08:29 PM] Thresia nodded lightly..her hair moving about the small form of Thresia, as she smoothed the material over her legs..she mouthed his name.. but did not feel comfortable saying it, only that she wanted to know it..she swallowed shyly.. and looked away..she whispered... barely audible..."yes Stone." She wondered if she was going to be permitted more fare her stomach growled...she remained silent, she did not want to ask him for anything that would bring him too close..

    [08:33 PM] Bradd Stone looked over at her, drinking in the form of her like she were a beverage to devour. The way her hair splayed about her shouders, the line of shoulders beneath the cape. He looked away, speaking to her but minding his post, "need you anything? I will call for it." he asked calmly, seemed his temper had settled some from earlier.

    [08:37 PM] Thresia nibbled on her lip, and once more her stomach erupted in noises she adjusted her seating..wincing some as she bumped her hand upon the chair..her words were whispered.. "please may I have food?" she shut her eyes.. her breathing had become erratic.

    [08:41 PM] Bradd Stone glanced over decteting a slight flush that didn't seem to come from the welts, nodding. Striding away several paces, he barked orders into the mess tent, "food for the Lady Wolf, and make it good food, and a plate for me. Bring beer and mulled wine for her." the king had indicated she was to be treated delicately, unharmed. He had no real interest in harming helpless women unless they grated on his nerves of course. Stepping back to his post, "it will be here shortly." his words were short as he folded his arms over his chest.

    [08:55 PM] Thresia looked away swiftly as he spoke to her curtly... she nodded her head, her dark hair flowed down over her now covered breasts.. she smoothed her hands over her skirts.. as her toes curled under the socks within her boots, she wanted to take them off but did not dare with him here.. she only softly whispered.."thank you Se.... Stone.." She swallowed lightly..made a face.. 'mulled wine...' she wanted mead..warmed mead.. but she said nothing.. she would not gainsay him..full lips parted at the thought of food, and she wondered what it would be.. hoping not mushrooms..

    [08:59 PM] Bradd Stone the camp follower came bearing a large tray, before admitting her he opened the lid, looked in, sniffed, boar, and roasted vegtables, hard rolls he reached in and pulled his plate out, it was the larger of the two and taking his tankard of beer, nods to admit the woman into the tent who was quick to set out the food for the Lady Wolf. Eating with his fingers and washed it down with the beer, he watched her causually unspeaking.

    [09:07 PM] Thresia watched as the serving woman brought the platter, she slid her jeweled eating dagger from its sheath under her left sleeve, she slid her fingers over the different colored jewels, and thought of her mother for a moment, how beautiful and gentle she was.. she brushed the memories away, and nodded to the woman softly whispering.."thank you." Thresia looked toward her captor.. feeling his eyes upon her, she looked away quickly..as he watched her movements, she began to slowly eat her food.. she took a small delicate bite of the boar.. tasting it, it was somewhat gamey.. she enjoyed the turnips, she'd yet to have those in quite some time, since the snows came in.

    [09:11 PM] Bradd Stone eats in silence. He had nothing much to say to her, he kept his eye on the road, and the people moving about, the outlying camp was starting to quiet down fires dwindling as the men begin to retire to their tents. Sentries walked the trench that was dug around camp, spears set into it, if you didn't know where to cross you would be skewered before you made it into the inner camp... or if you tried to get out and didn't know where to walk. He could see the twins, there was little activity there but a sentry walking the battlement could be seen now and again, finally, "how's your food, M'Lady?" his voice was not unkind to her unnecessarily.

    [09:14 PM] Thresia speared a slice of meat with the dagger placing it upon her lips as she glanced to him..she took the bite and ate it, then set her dagger down across the plate on the side... she lifted light eyes to him.."my fare is delicious, S... Stone..." She was about to call Him Ser, she worried her lip again not wishing to anger him she was terrified of his anger, her hand throbbed again as she shoved it under her cloak.. she swiftly looked away as she again lifted the dagger and sampled some more of the boars meat, she was grateful for the food.

    [09:17 PM] Bradd Stone nods finishing what he wanted of his plate and set the rest out for the dogs, several came sniffing up. He drank his beer, "I hope mulled wine suits you, its all have other than beer and ale, I was told the ale to be reserved for the king and his guard." shrugs drinks a bit more of his beer. "you should be married you know, you'd not be here if you were wed." he had a way of cutting to the quick of things.

    [09:23 PM] Thresia blinked at his words as she finished the fare, and supped the wine..she set it down, and pushed the trencher aside.."Ale is very good, but it makes me dizzy, I prefer mead or beer, wine makes me sleepy.." she wondered if they were trying to make her sleep more.."It keeps me from clear thinking." she softly said.. she glanced at him then looked outside...drawing the cloak about her shoulders more..

    [09:26 PM] Bradd Stone shrugs, "sleeping is always good," incants his head, "did the maester come as I requested?" he inquired watching her closely then looking out. The night was quickly calming, for that he was glad.
    [09:28 PM] Thresia glanced at him again, "as for my wedded and bedded state, Ser... erm.. Stone.." She lifted her chin slightly.. "I was betrothed, He went into the hills and never returned.." she sighed a little.. lowering her eyes.."now I wait till I am betrothed once more.."... yes Stone, the maester came.." she also looked out, and rubbed her shoulders..
    [09:32 PM] Bradd Stone watches her, "you should try to get more sleep M'Lady, I am sure tomorrow will come too soon for you." he looked over at the road, then back to her, "I will be here, no harm will come to you long as I am at this post."

    [09:40 PM] Thresia she eyed him, she nodded softly, she wanted to take a bath, but would not with him there... she might try to waken in the wee hours of the night, and wash herself with water from the goblet and piece of cloth.. she eyed the bath tub, she shook her head.."I do not tire." She looked back to him..her eyes on the warmth of the fire outside..."why is there no fire within here?" she would inquire...how will I keep warm during the night?" she then wondered why he asked about her marital status...then clamped her knees closed.. as she adjusted again in the chair.

    [09:43 PM] Bradd Stone notices her looking at the bath, hadn't really noticed it was there before, "I can see water is brought if you wish to bathe, there is no fire in any of the tents but the mess tent, I just do my duty I do not ask why, M'Lady." nodding to her. "but if you want to bathe, I will close the tent and stand guard, no one will harm you, you have my word."

    [09:46 PM] Thresia long sooty lashes swept over her cheeks as she averted her gaze to his shoulder...full lips parted as she softly only whispered, "yes please.." she was ashamed to be amongst strangers...small nimble fingers plucked at the hem of her dress, as she fidgetted, the oils the maester had given her would need to be applied within, as she waited to see if he would really order her hot water for a bath..

    [09:48 PM] Bradd Stone snaps his fingers at the several around the cookfire near the tent across, "you there, see water brought for the Lady to bathe, and quickly that it be hot for her." the king had ordered she be treated as an honored guest and he would not defy his king in any way. "NOW" he barks as they jump and start to move heating water in large stockpots carrying it in for her. Folding his arms he stepped back to let them come and go as they must while keeping an eye on his post and the road.

    [09:54 PM] Thresia glanced aside, as she slid her fingers up to the clip holding the two corners of the chain together on her cloak, she let it flow downward and caught it as she rested it over the chair.. she moved her hand to the belt..she tried to imagine herself in her own bathing chambers.. she waited forsomeone to bring heated water... she sat and slipped her feet from her boots..would he really not look...she was not ugly..she glanced over at the sellsword..she moistened her lips as she glanced away once more..

    [09:57 PM] Bradd Stone kept his eyes on the road, the water had been brought, reaching up he unlaced the flap and let it fall half way across the opening. He feared no woman and there were far enough men about to stop her if she tried any trickery. His discipline kicked in as he heard her milling about preparing for her bath, "anything else you need in there?" he calls in.

    [09:58 PM] Thresia nearly jumped from her skin as she tugged at the gloves upon her hands..she had wanted to hide them from view...the rash appearing ugly upon her palms, his barking of orders frightened her, as she began to remove her skirt..removing the tiny latches holding the belt up.. it slipped down her form..she bit her lip as the workers swiftly filled the tub.... and steam lifted she.. set the oils out by the tub, as towels were placed nearby on a table..she glanced toward him again then away, as she slid the skirt down..... stepping out of it she set it on the chair too...she stood there in her underthings..

    [09:59 PM] Thresia she paused her breath caught..."nay." she shook her head at him.. as she slid from her tunic..

    [10:02 PM] Bradd Stone had everything he could do to not glance in. His discipline would not allow him to deviate from his duty. The only thing would make him look is sound that didn't belong, and so far the sounds were fine. He watched the road and the others across the way and let her do what she needed to do inside the tent. His mind wandered as he wondered what she did look like under all those bulky clothes, but he forces that thought from his mind and strives to concentrate on his duty. Touching her, a noblewoman was a death sentance for him, one he would not call upon himself.

    [10:08 PM] Thresia slid out of her underthings, and the under blouses... she padded lightly across the ground, and pulled the top from the bottle of oil with a twist of her wrist the cork came out with a small pop, and thens he poured some within the scent of Jasmine filled the air with the steam from the tub as she stepped within.. she whimpered a little at the heat that enveloped her it was warmer than she was used to, her Lady in Waiting would normally prepare her baths for her and tell her when it was alright for her to get in.....she sank deeply intot he bath...

    [10:12 PM] Bradd Stone heard a whimper, his head turned enough to see her safe, but then lingered. Catching himself he looked away, "everything allright in there?" his hand fell to the hilt of his sword. He stared hard at the road, listening for her reply.

    [10:14 PM] Thresia sighed a little as the hot water caressed every nook and cranny, every partof her was lapped by water as the steam surrounded her and she sank deep into the waters, she lifted her hands and bound up her hair...tying it at the nape of her neck..she stilled in the hot water hearing his question..,"aye Stone," she drew the cloth up between her legs and around her thighs moistened by the oil, as the scent wafted around the tent and outside...it had not lessened in temperature, and she wondered how anyone could stand the heat, she began to sweat as she layed her head back against the rim of the tub...

    [10:17 PM] Bradd Stone growls the scent almost more than he could stand, he concentrated on his duty, but it was doing nothing to improve his mood. His manhood twitched beneath the greave and leathers, he folded his arms across his chest. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he stood still as the stone he was.

    [10:21 PM] Thresia glanced over a soft oiled shoulder.. her long lashes looked at the shadow of the Sentry... guarding her..she moistened her lips as she slid her head back and lifted one shapely leg from the water, a splash was heard to echo in the tent as her foot came out and she moved the cloth over the leg and thigh..
    [10:24 PM] Bradd Stone clinches his hands into fists, reaches up loosens the chainlink cowl at his neck, flexes his arms and folds them again. He could hear her splashing about, "hurry up in there woman, if you value that maidenhead." he threatened, his mood worsening by the moment. He knew better than to take this woman, today was not a good day to die.

    [10:28 PM] Thresia heard his angry voice, as she finished quickly.. the enjoyment of her bath no longer upon her as she stood in the bath, the sudden movement sending water splashing loudly along the sides of the tub she stood in the center, shivering, normally a maid would have helped her into a towel, she looked about her, it was mildly dark in the tent,.. the lights from outside lighting within as the surrounding tents had light within.. she stood there in shadow..completely nude, and realized she'd not set out anything to wear..

    [10:31 PM] Bradd Stone hears splashing more, "do you need a woman to assist in there?" wondering if he shouldn't send in one of the camp followers to hurry her up a bit. Fighting to not look over again, knowing he would probably see her nakad form if he did. He caught a glimpse of her in his peripheral vision, quickly adjusting his stance and his position in his pants at the same time.

    [10:31 PM] Thresia moved to the chest and started to sort through the outfits there, she did not want to put on the dress she had on afore...s he looked outside worriedly that someone might attempt to come in... the anger she heard in his voice, and the words threatening...she paused at his offering of a servant.."aye, please..."

    [10:33 PM] Bradd Stone motions across, "YOU THERE, go help the Lady Wolf .. NOW." he was not pleased, what would have pleased him at that moment he could not say, but the woman jumped and ran in to assist her almost before he finished his words.

    [10:35 PM] Thresia drew the towel about her as she hurriedly wrapped it about her, she was not accustomed to doing for herself... she was quite helpless out in the wilds, other then when she rode her mare... she wondered about Notte, as she drew the towel up to her chest.. seeing him lookin a moment, she blanched and turned several shades of red, splotchy colors...and the girl that raced within...immediately went into the chest of clothing and found a lovely purple and gold outfit, she assisted Lady Thresia with the dress, helping her on with it.. sliding over her head, slipping her arms into the sleeves.. Thresia hated to be rushed.. and it raised her temper some...she would only respond with.."thank you, kindly.."she thought of whispering to her to get word to her brother but she thought better of it, her Sentry was too close..

    [10:37 PM] Thresia sat and she lifted a brush then felt it slip from her fingers as the girl took the brush and started to unbind her hair and run the brush through the moistened strands..."my Lady, I serve Her ladyship in the castle...please allow me to do this for you..." as she ran her fingers throught he waist length tendrils of Thresia's long black hair...

    [10:39 PM] Thresia slid some socks on her feet, then slid her boots on her feet.. she trembled there... as she felt eyes upon her.. and she wondered who was watching her... the Sentry surely wasn't... she felt frightened, as the eyes did not stop looking and she glanced around her... it was night time now, and the tent she was in was lit from the lights from outside, and the surrounding tents.

    [10:42 PM] Bradd Stone peaks in seeing the woman dressed, "about time... now get some sleep, I've got rounds." his voice gruff and unyielding, he had to go take a piss and was likely to keep an eye on the tent from a distance. "good morrow to you M'Lady." nodding, "will be a busy day for you I'm sure." he snickers and moves away.

    [10:45 PM] Thresia looked at him.."But, I do not tire...I would like to see my mare..please.." She looked hopeful, she sensed he wished to be away from her, she could not understand men at all...the men of the north wanted to have her to take her... but the men of the south did not seem to want to be near her, and yet she found herself in this situation.. she sighed.. wishing for literature at least.."may I have a book to read?" She moved to her bed and sat..

    [10:47 PM] Thresia hair had become frizzy from her bath, the girl had pinned it up.. atop her head, and then bound it on the side, as she settled on the bed the girl hastened off..."goodbye, my Lady," she had said..."goodbye," Thresia had said..

    [11:11 PM] Thresia realized he'd moved from the tent the flap still in place as she moved to thebed and lay upon the cot.. ..her dark hir sprad outacross the pillow. She wondered at such a man, and why he was the way he was, she did not understand him or his ways..he seemed to hold honor in high regard, something that a normal sellsword did not value..she wondered what he meant about the morrow... then drifted off to sleep...nightmares would fill her dreams, as she felt hands upon her in her sleep as though someone was caressing her body... she whimpered.. but the sounds of her distress had gone un heard...she had turned her face toward the wall of the tent... as tears traced down her features... she missed her brother, she missed those of her home...she could not bear to be away long..

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