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    Capture: Threats, Promises and fear

    Elaena Velaryon
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    Capture:  Threats, Promises and fear Empty Capture: Threats, Promises and fear

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:58 pm

    [06:04 PM] Bradd Stone stands in the middle of camp, people comming and going here and there. Decides he should at least check on the Lady Wolf today so he turns toward that tent. Stepping in through the still half closed entry. "Lady Stark," he nods respectfully to her.

    [06:05 PM] Thresia tumbled from the bed, and moved to her knees before rising she smoothed out the gown and wiped her face off, noticinig a bowl with shallow water within and a cloth, Thresia washed her face, then dried it.. she stood upward and fluffed out the borrowed skirts of the gown she wore.. sliding her feet back into the small soft leather shoes that were also provided..

    [06:07 PM] Thresia glanced up hearing her captors voice..she inclined her head toward him, while politely whispering loud enough for him to hear her..."evening, Stone," She softly said... moving slightly toward the entrance then stopped leaving several feet between the two of them, he was large, nearly as large as her brother, but not quite so large, yet still bigger then she.. she ran her fingers through her hair a moment to untangle some strands...

    [06:10 PM] Bradd Stone watches the noblewoman his arms lose at his sides, til he folds them, "I see they provided you clothing, looks like it fits." his voice not unkind. His eyes go over her form head to toe and back stopping only at the curve of her waist before rising a bit and taking in the line of the dress. He tore his eyes from her. "I just come to check if you were well. My duties have had me on camp watch."

    [06:13 PM] Thresia felt heat trace over her neck to her cheeks but not in rash of welts.. Thresia's gaze averted from his as she felt his admiring glance.. her cheeks shone pink just beneath the skin, as she nodded lightly, "aye, Stone, This I found with some soft leather boots in the trunk as well, it appeared to be someone's Tresseau.." As it were, she thought some young bride had lost her clothing and it had been provided to her, she wondered at the poor girl that had to give up her clothing for a Stark. "I had wondered what had become of you."

    [06:17 PM] Bradd Stone looked back at her as she spoke, "I thought of you on duty." and for a moment it would almost sound to her as if it were a nice thing. "I thought how I'd flay you head to toe and open you for my pleasure if the King would let me... but alas," he laughs a booming laugh, "they think you have use still apparently." His eyes bore into her face mirroring back to her exactly what he thought of the Starks.

    [06:22 PM] Thresia gripped the pole she stood by as she heard his words... they tore through her, and then it was that she knew for certain he hated her just like all the rest, that he truly did not care for her safety, and if someone had intentions on poisoning her here, it could be done, and none would care.. she drew back..her eyes wide.. filling swiftly with pain and tears, she had heard nothing yet, not even a word on wheather her brother knew of her capture, if he was mounting his defenses if her home would be crushed...she had nothing of which she could fight him with, even if he so much as wished to flay her alive, she was not sure what that had meant precisely nor was she going to ask him...the opening part went over her head entirely...she stumbled back, and fell to the furred floor.

    [06:26 PM] Bradd Stone watches her unmoving and unmoved. "weak woman, very weak." glancing out the door, "did I mention to you my mother's father was a Bolton?" he chuckles, would she know a Bolton from a Manderly, or a Greyjoy? He shrugged, "get up! act your station." shaking his head.

    [06:29 PM] Thresia rose upward.. she was angry that this skirt had tripped her, and angrier still that he had not attempted to assist her in rising, then again she would have punched him, it was how she felt, Diomy had schooled her with fist fighting, not that it was something she was trained with.. mostly horsemanship, she wished she had her daggers.. she rose, and snatched at the skirts that had become a hindrance, and wished for her leathers..she said loud enough this time for him to hear her, and she did not care what he thought or how he felt or what he did.."Knave," She hoped her brother would come for her soon and kill this man, or it would do justice to watch Diomy big with baby kill him with her sword... she smiled as something over took her, eyes blazed... then she spoke again, "Be silent, Cur. And remember your station in life."

    [06:33 PM] Bradd Stone his dark eyes bore into her, he saw her for what she was. He turned and strode out, not so much as a "good morrow M'Lady" back to walking the camp. They would see to her needs but perhaps he would speak to the King if the war went badly for the Starks he might like to keep this one. Chuckling as he minded his post.

    [06:33 PM] Thresia remembered the Bolton that her brother castrated for raping the girl mona, the young girl that was fostering in Castle Stark.. she had watched him.. even though it made her belly woozy... the man did not bleed to death, he had been cast out, and told to leave Stark lands forever more.. a castrated eunich.. he had left angrilly.. he was probably a relative of this Knave.. her eyes darkened.. as she made small fists with her hands.. she felt her fingernails then bite her flesh....

    [06:38 PM] Thresia was terrified of him, what he would do to her, or to any woman in general.. she thought of entering one of the other tents secretly and stealing a dagger.. she needed to find the twin daggers they had taken from her.. she must have some form of protection...she sat down tearing at her skirts for hampering her..."Vayon, why have you not come to rescue me yet?" She said to no one in particular..then she turned on her side on the cot, and curled into a fetal position...

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