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    Shopping In Kings Landing



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    Shopping In Kings Landing

    Post by DearbhailDaenerys on Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:13 am

    [10:00] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) handing the reins to the stable boy *" make sure she gets oats" * one hand brushes down the dark blood red of her sweet mare, wiping away the sweat of a hard ride, she turns and see's her brother standing there, somehow she had avoided him for the last few days. Seeing him behind the walls of the sept she tries to move behind the godswood

    [10:03] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) steps outside and walks down glaring at the angle of the sun as it seemed to be right in his eyes. He licks his lips and sighs he stops noting his little cousin and watches in curiosity

    [10:13] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) turns to her cousin, seeing him comeing out, she smiles up and sidles his way to try and avoid her brothers notice, she moves a bit behind Aedan

    [10:13] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) chuckles as he keeps watching "what's wrong?"

    [10:14] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): Nothing "* she looks wide eyed and innocent up at him, peeking around she see's that Nym is at the alter *" I do not wish to disrupt my brothers prayers "* she nods in a way to make it seem more believable, though it comes across a bit more of a child then an adult

    [10:16] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) looked up to see the prince of Dorne then down to her "it seems like you're avoiding him" he chuckles "how have things been? I feel much better now"

    [10:18] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): Avoiding him, Never, he is my Prince "* the hesitancy in her voice apparent *" I have been doing well, was out riding. I have been enjoying it more of late. Something about the way the horse feels when running over the meadow, it feels like I am the wind. How is my good cousin and Tristan?

    [10:18] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) rises slowly to his feet, head lowered slightly, hands surreptitiously stroking his cheeks, then his sleeves. He turns to exit the Great Sept and stops suddenly, seeing the king and his little sister, apparently in conversation.

    [10:20] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) nods "Brigit and Tristan are fine, we're planning soon on going to do visitation soon to different cities of westeros, our final destination will be winterfell. I plan on stopping i nthe westerlands first since I know we are not welcome up in winterfell"

    [10:21] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) smiles up thinking it could get her away from Nym *" and when shall you be starting progress?"

    [10:21] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) walks forward, bowing to the king. "Greetings and good morn to you, Your Grace. I hope the day finds you well?" His glance does not drop to his sister, but his hands tense slightly.

    [10:22] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) hearing his voice she jumps a bit, a small eep from her as pale lavender eyes widen

    [10:22] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) nods to Nym "Lord Martell, good to see you"

    [10:25] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) composes her face she smiles up to him " my Brother, how are your prayers finding you this morning?"

    [10:27] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) twists his fingers together and frowns slightly at his sister. "My prayers find me well, girl. No thanks to you, it seems."

    [10:29] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) frowns, she having tried to show him she cared, but his distance with every word she says seems to grow. She turns to Aedan " When shall you be starting progress your Grace " * a soft smile up to him, more a father figure then her own

    [10:30] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) raises a brow looking between them but shrugs it off "hopefully if all goes well next week we leave for westerlands first, then we will see from there where the next destination is"

    [10:31] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) nods, glancing quickly at his beloved sister, then away. "Do you wish me to attend you in your journeys, Your Grace? My sword, as well as my men, are of course at your disposal." One hand rests idly on his sword hilt, smiling a bit shyly to his King.

    [10:34] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) turns to Nym a moment and frowns "we're not going for war, I took a vow to keep the peace in the kingdoms and intend to do just that unless Lord Stark leaves me no further option. I'm hoping only to go and visit see how each of my kingdoms are doing, hold a feast, and then hold court while I am there"

    [10:35] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) bows again, more deeply. "As you wish, Your Grace. I am of course at your command."

    [10:36] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) listening to the conversation, knowing her brother being of Dorne swear's his sword in the defense against any who would harm, she nods, his honor apparent, and bringing him larger still in her eyes. " You will taking Brigit as well

    [10:36] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) nods "it's appreciated Lord Martell"

    [10:42] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) nods "and tristan so the people can become familiar with their future prince"

    [10:42] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) smiles nodding " that will be good"

    [10:45] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) turns and looks at Dany. "If it is acceptable to you, Your Grace, I would take my sister to purchase her clothing. I have seen her in nothing but riding leathers for several days." His lips twist into a wry smile, as he has only seen her twice since the coronation.

    [10:46] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) frowns at first over the comment of riding leathers, and then realizes he said buy new clothing and her brows raise, lavender eyes lighting up she look up to Aedan " please my cousin?"

    [10:46] Aedan Targaryen (aidan.braveheart) rubs his temples then sighs "I'm hoping this will turn out as well as expected" he looks to Nym once more then Dear "hmm well she did just return from riding her horse but of course she is your fiancee so enjoy the merchants who have set up"

    [10:47] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) shoots Dany a triumphant grin. "Come, sister..... I thank you, Your Grace."

    [10:48] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) with a slight giggle at the grin on his face, her eyes gleaming cause she gets new clothing, she walks over to him, placing a hand on his arm " I am ready brother mine"

    [10:49] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) tries to keep up with Daenyrs but fails. "Dany! Come back!" He is laughing and shaking his head ruefully.

    [10:49] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) almost dragging him along, she knows where the good silks are

    [10:50] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) turns, a wide grin showing pearl white teeth as her face just seems to gleam with joy

    [10:50] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) is laughing. "Go ahead, I'll follow you now."

    [10:51] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) dragging him in, she starts running her fingers over the silks and velvets along the wall " There is this new style in Bravos I have heard of, it is sooo pretty

    [10:52] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) runs his fingers idly over the piles of silks and velvets. His eyes are pinned to the small, delicate frame of his sister. He sighs softlyy again, a feeling of fierce protectiveness almost painful runs through his body.

    [10:52] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): they do one side of the dress in one color, and the other in another, I have been wanting one badly. Do you think we could get that? "* she looks up at him, joy in her eyes, the timid and shrinking girl gone for now as she flutters her lashes ever so slightly*

    [10:53] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) throws his head back, laughing. "Choose as you want, child. Money is no concern here. I just want you out of those riding leathers." he tugs her hair playfully, smiling.

    [10:55] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) delight crosses her face, she turns, hops slightly on her tippy toes and kisses his cheek, almost at his mouth though that wasn't As intentional. " Oh thank you Brother, thank you" she turns to the seamstress and starts describing

    [10:56] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) touches his cheek with his fingertips, swallowing visibly, a flicker of discomfort crossing his face. He crosses his arms and watches his sister chatter excitedly to the sempstress.

    [10:57] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) describing the dress, she turns to touch the velvets and silks, and each time, she brushes against her brother, her happiness over flowing, she lays a hand on the plate of his chest. Light fingertips tracing over the scaling there as she smiles up into his eyes, her innocence apparent, even though the flirtation comes through as well.

    [11:07] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) cups her face with his right hand, his left hand curling round her waist. Lowering his face to hers, he pressses his lips quickly, gently against hers, eyes closing slightly, tongue flickering across his bottom lip as he raises slightly above her mouth.

    [11:10] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) her quick inhalation as she watches his eyes closing. the heaving of her chest quick and rapid, She reaches one small hand up, and runs a slender pink tipped finger down his cheek and across his lower lip following his tongue she whispers "Nym" in a faint breath

    [11:12] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) releases her face and straightens, eyes glittering faintly in the dusky air of the market. He steps back from her slowly, one step, two... "My apologies, my lady," he murmurs stiffly. "That was unseemly of me. I hope you may find it to forgive me?"

    [11:14] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) breaks away from him, hurt welling up in her eyes she nods once, swiftly, she turns to the seamstress " My thanks, please have it delivered to Princess Daeny at the keep"* she moves to the edge of the shop *" Thank you brother"

    [11:16] Nymeros Edric Martell (azrael.tedeschi) watches helplessly as Daenerys flees the shop, shaking his head and swiftly rubbing his face, frowning. When will he learn what to say? His face reflects his confused frustration as he turns and exits the shop, striding rapidly the other way from his sister's precipitate departure.

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