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    Lady Kelia Taken back to Kings landing

    Lady Alkina Stark

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    Lady Kelia Taken back to Kings landing

    Post by Lady Alkina Stark on Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:48 am

    [20:59:57] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Slipped up next to Vayon slipping an arm about him"Good evening love" said softly moving into his arms

    [21:00:03] Pepe gives Katlen a big hug.
    [21:00:08] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs and kisses Alkina

    [21:00:25] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "ill tides my love, things have become worse i fear"

    [21:00:47] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "What has happened?" she asked with obvious concern.

    [21:02:09] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "Kelia has not returned from Kingslanding yet, i have this gut feeling something has happened, and Lord Umber has sent down a large force to help defend Winterfell and man our walls, we also are sending men to the neck, to patrol and prepare for the worst"

    [21:03:55] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Her head tilted again/Why did she venture to Kingslanding? How long a has she been past do?" asked again with growing concern

    [21:06:19] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "she went with her former brother, he requested, and now she has not returned, i do not know how long, but i received a raven saying she was heading home, and has not arrived"

    [21:09:00] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She shook her head with obvious worry and began pacing. "Do you think her brother has stopped her. or she made the mistake of telling her brother the Kings continued ludeness toward her. " she sighed her hands suddenly fidgiting anxiously.

    [21:09:57] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head "i do not know, i will wait a few more days before sending a raven out for her, i fear this may have something to do with the current situation of the alliance"

    [21:12:13] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "What do you mean? I just do not understand he all but made you warden of the north when we were all in Kingslanding. I still do not understand why he would turn on you/when you could have potentially offered him such a force to his own. why ..." she voice trailed off again.

    [21:24:03] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs and gets a bit annoyed " I am not the warden, i never took the knee, people need to realize that, and i think i was part of his game all along, now that he sees i am not a pushover, he is starting to muscle up"

    [21:33:48] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "No one said you did And he did not tell you too . He actually said he was not going to make you. but he did offer it. I am not saying he is not Vayon. I just said I did not understand why. Forgive me. if I don;t I never have. politics and games so many falling over themselves to Curry favor only to stab you in the back when will people ever learn that that is not ever what makes a strong sovereign" she said her on temper flaring.

    [21:36:22] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): [21:33:48] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "No one said you did And he did not tell you too . He actually said he was not going to make you. but he did offer it. I am not saying he is not Vayon. I just said I did not understand why. Forgive me. if I don;t I never have. politics and games so many falling over themselves to Curry favor only to stab you in the back when will people ever learn that that is not ever what makes a strong sovereign" she said her on temper flaring

    [21:40:00] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs deep his tone becoming more authoritative, something he did when war was on his mind, speaking like a general he states " i have ordered Lord Umber to mobilize a large force of men, and to set up camp at moat cailin, he will send out regular patrols, set up archers and cavalry, block all incoming traffic other than trade on the kings road"

    [21:42:41] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "That is fine Vayon but do not loose venom on me when I speak only of concern and confusion. I am and always be right there behind every choose you make. I am not your enemy" she stated. Sighing as she all but dropped into the seat. carefully though as she did so.

    [21:43:51] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs and nods "i speak in anger, and i should not direct it to you love, people seem to be giving in to his authority, and it is all starting to group into one big problem"

    [21:46:08] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed softly "Vayon I am completely with you on being prepared. but nothing is known for sure. even you said you wished to speak to the king., Yes be prepared But know for sure what is coming before you assume that it even is" said softly sighing again

    [21:51:14] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) his normally youthful face becomes like stone " honestly love, i am debating on meeting the king, who is to say if i meet him that he wont put me in chains?"
    [21:59:11] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed and shook her head in confusion. "The other day we were all sitting here. it was you who spoke of still wishing to speak to him. "IT was Lord Umber who made the argument not to." She said softly. We are basing everything on assumptions Vayon with no facts. I have my opinions of the man Yes he is lude and he was flirting with the staff. but what men are not at times. I am be no means excusing his actions. But that does not mean he is conspiring. we have no idea. We really do not. All I am saying is try to find out for sure. What if this a is all a misunderstanding?" she said sighing. "Perhaps I am naive Love. I want to see peace. Maybe I am foolish to believe it is even possible. but I am not looking to go to war. not when I an sure there is a real reason to have one." she said sighing "I want a better future then that for them" she added in a soft agonized whisper her hands and gaze resting on her growing belly

    [22:00:45] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "as do i love, and sometimes, sadly, war is the door for that better future, but if you wish me to, i will meet the king"

    [22:03:08] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): cousins
    [22:03:10] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): curtsies
    [22:03:22] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): how are we today

    [22:03:38] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) bows his head to his cousin "how are you! it has been sometime since we last saw you?!"

    [22:03:53] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): sorry cousin I haven't been well

    [22:04:30] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "no apologies necessary"

    [22:04:41] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She relaxed a bit. and managed a smile. "Just do as you said make it on some Neutral ground." her voice took pause and looked to Lady Elisabeth "It is good to see you"She said then tilted her head with concern "Not well I hope you are better now?" she asked softly

    [22:04:47] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): smiles ty cousin, I believe congratulations is in order

    [22:05:58] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): alot better thank you cousin... with events over the past few months it had taken a toll on me , much better now

    [22:06:08] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles and puts his hands on Alkinas belly

    [22:07:06] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine) whispers: smiles sweetly, hear is hoping we have a strong Lord Stark growing in there

    [22:07:29] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled looking to Vayon then her belly then to their cousin."I am gad to hear it ,And yes Thank you. . We have been truly blessed"a strong healthy boy and girl rest with in my belly" She stated happily

    [22:09:44] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs "so i hope you are better and able to be more active, get those muscles working"

    [22:10:21] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): "muscles working, dear cousin? some times I think you wished I had been a male cousin laughs'

    [22:10:56] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' is there any word from Kelia '?

    [22:11:17] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) chuckles "those leg muscles and lungs.. walking and being active is the best medicine"

    [22:11:38] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ponders for a moment hoping she didn't anger her cousin on the mention of Kelia

    [22:12:10] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): " yes they are cousin, need them for dancing, oops sorry for you to find me a suitable husband'

    [22:12:18] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She chuckled shaking her head, Then went quiet when Kelia was mentioned. letting out a worried sigh,

    [22:13:01] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head "she went south with her former brother, and has not returned, we are beginning to worry"

    [22:14:04] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): " co7usin what if l went to see if she is ok, would that help'

    [22:14:18] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "Hopefully he jsut wants more time with her it has been what nine years" she said softly hope in ehr tone.

    [22:14:18] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' she was very happy here'

    [22:14:23] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) a guard comes running in with a message "raven arrived for you m'lord"

    [22:15:08] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) takes the message and reads it "seems as if the baratheon has stopped Kelia from returning home, taken her back to kingslanding"

    [22:15:51] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): " sighs remembers that ;last time she was in kings landing , '

    [22:16:33] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She tilted her head "Her Brother?"She said relaxing a bit. Perhaps it is simply what I said he wishes more time with her. at least it seems it was not the king" she added again hope in her voice.. "What does it say?" she asked trying to get a peek at the parchment

    [22:16:38] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' dose it say for what purpose, cousin'

    [22:16:39] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "you will stay here, i do not trust what will become of you if you go to kingslanding

    [22:18:24] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): sighs with relief, even tho it is a new king still a tarragon & the same family, plus the queen is not the same girlhood friend she knew

    [22:20:48] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She tilted her head "Who?She asked as though most times she had always wanted to be by Vayons side. being so advanced in her pregnancy she preferred to stay in Winterfell. Traveling was exceedingly uncomfortable..And Likely dangerous at this advanced stage,"

    [22:31:59] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i doubt the king would treat us very well anyways"

    [22:32:36] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' why what did l do , oh l know l am a stark

    [22:33:13] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "Alkina would be our best option and i will not let her go, she is his cousin and with our twins, but he would still hold her there"

    [22:34:02] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' yes but she cant travel'

    [22:34:32] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles "no she cant, soon we will have little ones running around"

    [22:34:59] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): what if l had a large escort this time?

    [22:35:16] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She looked to Vayon "Likely not better or worse then we have been. IT is likely no secret that you have been seeking to gather forces Vayon. he has eyes everywhere" She Looked a bit shocked "I did not think you wished me go in any case"
    [22:35:54] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i will ponder this, and i may allow a larger escort"
    [22:38:08] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She rose a bit awkwardly shifting to Vayons seat so she could be closer to her cousin. and awkwardly lowered herself back down. "I did not think he wished me to go"

    [22:38:44] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): " wishing and letting you is a difference my dear"

    [22:40:04] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "Normally I would always want to be at his side, But at this stage I worry. I want our children born here . Not kinglanding and Gods hopefully not on the Journey" she said softly

    [22:40:57] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' cousin dear he not going to sent you trust me, not in your delicate condition, Starks are always born in Winterfell'

    [22:42:50] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded and chuckled "We had tried for so long. When last we went to Kings landing and the King gave me the flame Root he did not let me use it there. as hopeful as he was after so long HE wanted out children conceived here as well" She said smiling.

    [22:45:18] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): 'looks at her cousin, and wonders how she is fairing with her condition, " looks like you might deliver soon my dear, your not going any where from Winterfell I wont let it" laughs at the thought of standing up to her cousin Lord Stark, but boy it would be fun'

    [22:50:42] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She chuckled softly "Yes And I truly w think when he thinks more on it when it truly comes down. He will burn the wheel house and hide My Mount to make sure I do not go. Not that I would I have no diesire to not now.And he will tell you before them. I never allowed him to go on such a journey with out me But there are more to think of then me of him. These tow are bigger then both of us when it comes to importance. " she said smiling

    [22:52:22] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): what dose one do tho, he will say we r only women, Stark women yes but women

    [22:54:13] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She chuckled "IF he does I will sick my dragon on him, when it is hatched" she said chuckling. Then sighed. He v Blusters about women but he respects us more then you realize. I think he was shaken for a while with the loss of Thresia," said softly,

    [22:57:05] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): " remembers thresia with a tear, ' yes she was a great lost to us, tho our lord will never admit it, stubborn thing he is'

    [22:59:06] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Very true angry as he was she was still his sister.." she sighed then yawned. "Oh Excuse me" she said blushing a touch "Forgive me Cousin. It has been a long day And I grow weary so often I Think I will call it a night. Hopefully they will let me sleep. they seem to love getting active and kicking the moment I law down" she said with a rueful chuckle,

    [23:00:04] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): ' smiles at her cousin goodnight try to rest'

    [23:00:46] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): she smiled nodding as she rose awkwardly leaning to give her a kiss on the cheek. "You too when you get there cousin. Be safe" offered softly.

    [23:01:41] Lady Elisabeth Stark (ladysatine.constantine): 'watches her cousin rise, kiss's her goodnight' let me know if u need help'

    [23:02:19] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled nodding. "Thank you I will Cousin."Said softly and headed up to their chambers,.

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