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    King's Landing (WGoTS)


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    King's Landing (WGoTS) Empty King's Landing (WGoTS)

    Post by Brigit on Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:00 am

    All houses of Westeros welcome.
    Daemian Blackfyre

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    King's Landing (WGoTS) Empty Death of Jaeron Targaryen, infant king

    Post by Daemian Blackfyre on Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:15 pm

    [2011/11/22 09:45] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) turns about, not having realized anyone was there and was supprised to see not just one but two people there, how the Maester snuck in she couldn't tell.

    [2011/11/22 09:46] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) dips slightly to her husband, "Good Afternoon." appraises Biggins warily.

    [2011/11/22 09:46] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) peeks over the cribe and looks up with a smile "the young lord looks healthy"

    [2011/11/22 09:47] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods to his wife then the Maester "so what did you find about the scales Maester"

    [2011/11/22 09:48] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) steps between the Maester and Tristan's crib protectively, "Tristan is healthy and he's fine. Maester... thank you."

    [2011/11/22 09:49] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) nods then turns with a sigh "I've not found much lad.. Scales cannot be cured that much is clear, I read all I could on the subject"

    [2011/11/22 09:50] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) takes a long breath, "Maester have you examined the king?"

    [2011/11/22 09:50] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) frowns and sighs "so there's nothing you can do for my cousin?"

    [2011/11/22 09:51] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) licks his lips "I'll see ta it now with yer leave milady"

    [2011/11/22 09:51] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods, "of course, Maester, would you like me to accompany you?"

    [2011/11/22 09:52] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) nods and motions "after ye then"

    [2011/11/22 09:52] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods to the two "I'll be in my office"

    [2011/11/22 09:53] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods leading Biggins to the King's Nusery

    [2011/11/22 09:54] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) covers his nose as he steps in looking from one thing to the other "dear it smells like death in here.."

    [2011/11/22 09:55] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) sucks in her cheeks, "did you bring... the umm... the babies milk with you?"

    [2011/11/22 09:56] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) looks up and frowns shaking his head "not yet dear.. let me examine him, from the smell of things he's not got much longer..."

    [2011/11/22 09:57] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) steps over to the crib, looking down, she still did not dare touch anything that touched the king's body, she didn't believe that it wasn't contageous, quite contrare she thought it surely was. "Half his face, lips, neck, are all covered with it. He varily cries anymore."

    [2011/11/22 10:00] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) pulls on thick leather gloves and steps to the crib placing a finger on his chin and opens the mouth then gasps "dear he's not going to be in this world much longer.. can ye bring me a bottle with some milk in it?"

    [2011/11/22 10:01] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) wonders if the king's tongue hadn't started turning to stone like it is said the disease does. Judging from the Maester's reaction, "don't you make me a part of this!" she hisses at him, but moves to the cabinet and fills a bottle half ful from breast milk the wetnurse had put there. Bringing it back handing it to the Maester.

    [2011/11/22 10:02] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) turns and shakes his head "dear I'm doin ye all a favor, if I don't do this now the king will die slowly and painfully.. if ye don't want to witness ye may leave now"

    [2011/11/22 10:04] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) gasps, tears fill her eyes, she wanted to just sob but she swallowed it down, looks at him, "you be allrright by yourself?" she didn't want to watch either.

    [2011/11/22 10:05] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) gets a pained expression and steps closer to her placing a hand on her arm "dear I dun want this no more than ye or Lord Lannister, but I also do not want the young king to suffer more. He's on the last stretch of his life, if I didn't do this he'd be in pain fer another 6 or so hours before passin, it only gets worse towards the end too dear"

    [2011/11/22 10:07] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) she does sob then, closing her eyes, letting the tears wrack through her body, she knew what he said was right, he was the Maester after all. She finally choked back her tears, nodded to him, "I umm... I'll be with Aidan, in his solar, Maester, if you... if you need us call and we will come."

    [2011/11/22 10:08] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) nods and pushes the glasses up with a sigh getting choked up for the first time in a long while "I'll be doin the deed"

    [2011/11/22 10:09] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) bites her lip, "he.. umm..." she closes her eyes, looking at the baby, hating the disease, hating worse what had to be done, "he won't feel any pain, you promise?" she choked up again.

    [2011/11/22 10:11] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) nods "he will sleep peacefully, no more crying, no more suffering, no more pain. He'll be with the seven themselves"

    [2011/11/22 10:12] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) tears were streaming down her face as much as she feared the disease and feared it to be contageous she couldn't help herself, she leans into the crib and places a lingering kiss on the baby's smoothe forehead, stroking it, she streightened, nodded and headed for the stairs.

    [2011/11/22 10:13] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) begins to pace in a circle with a scowl knowing what would be going on above then stops noting Dareon "good morrow my friend"

    [2011/11/22 10:13] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "And you, my Lord. Was that my lady crying?"

    [2011/11/22 10:13] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) comes down the stairs, closes the door behind her and leans against it with her back, just sobbing against the door. covering her face.

    [2011/11/22 10:13] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) looks around and pulls out the vial of milk of the poppy and pours it into the milk shaking it to mix it he slides the bottle to the king's mouth and lifts letting the king drink from it slowly

    [2011/11/22 10:15] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods and steps closer to Brigit pulling her to him with a frown "what did Biggins say Brigit"

    [2011/11/22 10:15] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks intently at both Lannisters

    [2011/11/22 10:16] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) looks to the empty bottle and stows it in the physicians bag turning to look at the king again then makes his way up to the rookery to sit and think

    [2011/11/22 10:16] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head wipes her eyes with both hands, then when she tries to answer she just bawls more, "he..." stammers out the words, "he can't be saved."

    [2011/11/22 10:16] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "did he say anything else?"

    [2011/11/22 10:18] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) there was no way she was going to implicate him in the thing, it was bad enough she herself knew what had ... would happen now. She bit her lip, shook her head no. He knew her well enough, he would plainly read that reaction.

    [2011/11/22 10:18] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) assuming they are talking about the King, steps closer...

    [2011/11/22 10:21] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) sighs and nods "I guess my cousin sleeps with the seven tonight

    [2011/11/22 10:21] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) walks toward the stairs, head bowed and says a silent prayer

    [2011/11/22 10:22] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) drys her tears, hisses, "you can't know... we have to act like we don't know." she looks at them both with big eyes.

    [2011/11/22 10:22] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head and smiles, "Know what, My Lady?"

    [2011/11/22 10:22] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks down "I will... but I will als prepare the arrangements for Jaeron's funeral"

    [2011/11/22 10:23] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) sighs, she wanted to smile at Dareon but the smile just wouldn't quite blossom, "there is plenty of time for that... M'Lord."

    [2011/11/22 10:24] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks at Lord Aidan, "Please let me know what I can do, My Lord..."

    [2011/11/22 10:25] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "to win the kingdom's approval and support we need to throw the most elegant funeral we can

    [2011/11/22 10:26] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) she was suddenly angry again, she looked at him furiously, "can you not, ... can you not just say things like that later, not now!" slapping her open hand on the desk, "you don't even know... he's... he's..." just closes her eyes and taps her foot, wiping her face again.

    [2011/11/22 10:27] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) turns to Brigit and glares for the moment then sighs

    [2011/11/22 10:28] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) walks closer to Lady Lannister and puts his arm around her, "He's gone my lady. Let the seven take him. The gods will be merciful to him..."

    [2011/11/22 10:29] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) fights off his hands, "don't" she cries and shakes her head, "you don't know... you don't!"

    [2011/11/22 10:31] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) glares at them both, "we have no word yet." she sucks in her breath, trying to stop her tears.

    [2011/11/22 10:32] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) backs away from the hysterical woman, "You are right my lady. I have no pups of my own. I cannot know what you are feeling." he turns toward Aidan and gives him a wary look, "I am yours to command my lord..."

    [2011/11/22 10:32] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looks up as Thierry comes into the room " Thierry, the baby,, the king. He, his breathing, its really slow,

    [2011/11/22 10:33] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) holds a hand up and sighs "all we do is wait I suppose act as if it's a normal day.." he looks around "Brigit let's get you up to your solar..."

    [2011/11/22 10:33] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) wonders around the castle looking for the others. Something not fealing right as he searches. He comes to the tower and finds Dearbhail and looks at her as he speaks.

    [2011/11/22 10:34] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) "the maid is with Tristan, umm..." takes some long breaths, "I'll be allright. just do you have any summerwine or anything down here?"

    [2011/11/22 10:34] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods and motions to the cabinet "over there my wife"

    [2011/11/22 10:34] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) walks over the the crib and looks insides to the young child. "Whats wrong with him."

    [2011/11/22 10:36] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid): I dont know, can you get the Maester, or your sister please, I am scared

    [2011/11/22 10:36] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) turns over three goblets and from the decanter pours three, swiftly crossing the room with two of them, handing them respectuflly to Aidan and Dareon, moving back quickly to retrieve her own before turning back again.

    [2011/11/22 10:36] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish): /he looks closly at the child befor pushing away from teh crib and looks for his sister.

    [2011/11/22 10:36] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) takes the goblet and drinks from it a moment placing it down on his desk "I've never been fond of summerwine"

    [2011/11/22 10:37] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) laughs, "I'm an ale man myself"

    [2011/11/22 10:37] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) drinks some of hers and sets it on the maptable, "kinda sour." she wondered if her eyes were as red as they felt.

    [2011/11/22 10:38] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) runs to his sisters solar looks around the room quickly as he moves on

    [2011/11/22 10:38] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks around "we've yet to hear from those starks"

    [2011/11/22 10:39] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) looks at the map, trying to breathe normally, "its a long way from Winterfell to King's Landing." she traces the King's Road on the map.

    [2011/11/22 10:39] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) bent over the crib, she puts her hand on his chest trying to feel his breathing, tears start running down her cheeks as she starts to panic, his breathing slower with each passing minute

    [2011/11/22 10:40] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "too far, they should just send a raven or something, all this waiting makes me sick"

    [2011/11/22 10:40] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) puts his hand on his hilt, "I'll be ready for them when they come..."

    [2011/11/22 10:41] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) runs quickly seeing his Sister. "Brigit! Dear would like you in the babys room." he sais short winded and slightly exosted from running all over the castel

    [2011/11/22 10:42] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) turns noting Thierry and nods then looks to Brigit

    [2011/11/22 10:42] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) glances to Thierry, nods to him, rubbing her lips together, "yes I ... I can go." takes a long breath and a long drink of the sour summerwine, gathers her skirts and heads up the stairs.

    [2011/11/22 10:43] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) picking up Jaeron, she holds him in her arms. bouncing him lightly "come on sweetheart, my lil king come on and breath for me

    [2011/11/22 10:44] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) chokes back her tears, "Dear." she only said one thing and wraps her arms around the Princess looking down at the sleeping child.

    [2011/11/22 10:44] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks to Thierry "what's wrong?"

    [2011/11/22 10:44] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) holds him up to her, the tears streaming down her face "Brigit, fix him, he isnt breathing right"

    [2011/11/22 10:45] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks about the room and walks over toward the map

    [2011/11/22 10:45] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) turns around to Aidan still panting. Trying to find his words. " Something is wrong with the King. he's breath is short and hes weak!" he stubles together finaly

    [2011/11/22 10:45] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) groans and nods "I see, did you seek the Maester?"

    [2011/11/22 10:46] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) strokes his little head, puts a finger under his nose, feeling his breathing, "Maester!" she shouts, "Maester Biggins!" not knowing if the old man could hear her, but knowing the guards would and would come running.

    [2011/11/22 10:46] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) shakes his. "I did not. Thought my sister would know what to do for the baby."

    [2011/11/22 10:47] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks to Dareon a moment "my friend, could I ask you to go look around the market"

    [2011/11/22 10:47] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "As you bid, my lord"

    [2011/11/22 10:48] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) looks over to the other man before he leave to do ask Aidan asks.

    [2011/11/22 10:48] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks to Theirry and motions "let's go up"

    [2011/11/22 10:48] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) he turns back to The Kings Hand confused and nods as he follows

    [2011/11/22 10:49] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) whispering softly to the king " it is ok sweetling, it is ok, you will be fine, keep breathing sweets

    [2011/11/22 10:49] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) walks up over to his wife and Dear and looks down with a frown "is he okay?"

    [2011/11/22 10:50] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) holds the kings little hand with one finger, "we're here with you Jaeron, we're here." she couldn't help the tears that were streaming down her face as she shakes her head in response to her husband.

    [2011/11/22 10:50] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) follows Aidan up the stairs and pauses for a moment at the Door way as he looks to his sister and Dear before conteinuing over to them

    [2011/11/22 10:51] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looking up to Aidan " make him BETTER" she cry's out, the tears streaming down her face horridly now, his crying has stopped, and his breathing is shallow and catchy

    [2011/11/22 10:53] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) steps closer moving his ear to Jaeron's chest listening with a frown then stands back up and turns looking to LeRoy "go get Maester Biggins, hurry"

    [2011/11/22 10:53] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) looks up to Aidan then to Brigit. " Is it the Scale causing this?"

    [2011/11/22 10:54] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) glances to Thierry, nods, her brother knew her well enough by now, she wipes her tears and steps back to give the Maester room

    [2011/11/22 10:55] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) rushes down stepping into the room with a loud cough, stepping to the child he looks around sliding the glasses up his nose "good eve dears" he musters the best smile he can to the young woman and rops the staff crouching "let me see the young king lass let me see if I can make him well"

    [2011/11/22 10:56] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) looks up at the Maester and holds the king out to him nodding in terror

    [2011/11/22 10:57] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) steps back as well only nodding to the Maester

    [2011/11/22 10:58] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) shifts his head quickly to the Maester then to the baby while steping to his sister.

    [2011/11/22 10:59] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) puts her arm around Thierry reassuringly, "it'll be allright, I think he will just sleep now." fighting back a sob that threatened to escape her throat.

    [2011/11/22 10:59] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) picks Jaeron up and looks him over opening his mouth with a shaky finger he peeks inside the mouth grumbling a few moments. He begins to press on the young king's stomach then looks up to Brigit "milady, I must ask you take the youngins from the room.."

    [2011/11/22 11:00] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) stands up straight holding tight to the bairn. " I am not leaving him"

    [2011/11/22 11:00] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) raises a brow looking to the Maester "what's wrong?"

    [2011/11/22 11:00] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) nods, "Dear, Thierry, come, we'll go down to my solar, its allright Princess, its time now... just lay him in the crib." she shudders in a breath.

    [2011/11/22 11:00] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) cocks his head sideways up to her, a looks of consern and confusion in his eyes as he relaxes down his muscles and nods with a heavy sigh.

    [2011/11/22 11:01] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) licks his lips and sighs looking to the young lass offering the best smile he can "dear, the seven wish to have Jaeron lead them.."

    [2011/11/22 11:02] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) puts him in the crib, thinking he will be comfortable there, but she stands there stubbornly " if the seven wish him, they will take him just as easy with me standing here, I will not leave him, he is to be my husband, a princess's honor demands she stands strong"

    [2011/11/22 11:02] King Jaeron Targaryen First of his Name settles down to sleep.

    [2011/11/22 11:02] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) looks at the Maester hearing his words.

    [2011/11/22 11:03] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) stands back up looking to the young lass then up to Brigit "then ye may all stay with the king if the young lass wishes to stay, milady"

    [2011/11/22 11:03] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) tried to appear a pillar of strength, but she couldn't help herself the tears just wouldn't be stopped. She stepped then between her brother and the Princess, "then we will stay if you wish it." looking to Aidan for some guidance.

    [2011/11/22 11:03] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) wraps his blanket around him, easing the lil crown off the top of his head she looks to the Maester, not having tried to be mean. just strong " I am sorry if my words were ill choosen, just, please, dont make me leave him

    [2011/11/22 11:04] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) feels himself begin to choke up but clenched his jaw to try and remain as strong as he could offering a nod to Biggins anouncing :you may leave if you don't wish to stay with Jaeron in his final moments"

    [2011/11/22 11:04] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) walks over to the crib and look in as Dear covers the child.

    [2011/11/22 11:05] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) looks down at the covered king offering Dear a smile "yer a strong lass to want to stay with him"

    [2011/11/22 11:06] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) nods, a slight smile as tears stream down her cheeks, she lays a hand softly on the lil kings forehead and sings low to him about the seven, sweet songs

    [2011/11/22 11:07] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) places a hand on Brigit's shoulder and looks around

    [2011/11/22 11:07] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) sniffles, shakes her head, watches.

    [2011/11/22 11:07] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) digs around in his bag pulling out a cloth "do ye have some chilled water young lass?"

    [2011/11/22 11:08] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) nods and turns, she goes to the table and takes up the pitcher there. She walks back over to him and holds it out to him "here Maester

    [2011/11/22 11:10] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) acceps the pitcher and pours the water on the cloth squeezing the excess out placing the cloth on the king's head "he looks comfortable eh lass?" He smiles and coughs again

    [2011/11/22 11:10] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish): looking at the child not relay knowing what to do at this moment. Looks over to Aidan and Brigit his knows something is realy wrong but remains silent.

    [2011/11/22 11:11] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) nods to the Maester, she feels the baby's breathing getting slighter and slighter, she starts to sob in gulps as she watches his eye lids flutter

    [2011/11/22 11:12] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks to the Maester with a frown then looks over to Dearbhail dipping his his head

    [2011/11/22 11:12] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) reaches in and puts her finger below the king's nose, she felt no breath, she looks at the Maester. Shaking her head she wraps her arms around Dear and turns her into my side crouching slightly, holding her with both arms, and looks up at the Maester.

    [2011/11/22 11:13] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) pulls from Brigit, looking down at the baby, all the adults around, her young thoughts illogically angry that they didnt save him, they were adults, she turns to Thierry and throws herself in his arms sobbing violently

    [2011/11/22 11:14] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) looks shocked as he wrops his arms around Dearbhail, Stagering slighlty from the change in weight.
    [2011/11/22 11:15] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) gulps watching quietly and runs the cloth along the king's head then leans closelty putting the metal funnel to his ear then pulled the stethoscope like object out listening closely to his chest he turns as he listens for a few moments

    [2011/11/22 11:16] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) licks his lips and sighs "I told ye milord, I tried readin all I could, no one's ever cured it yet I wish I could help ye"

    [2011/11/22 11:17] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) looks over at the Maester conserned. "help the baby old man!" he barks knowing hes maybe out of line but not careing.

    [2011/11/22 11:18] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shoots a look at Thierry

    [2011/11/22 11:19] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) she sucks up her emotion with several long breaths and then to Maester Biggins, "Is he?" she couldn't even finish the question.

    [2011/11/22 11:19] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) sobbing, snot dripping down her face and her purple eyes filled and as dark as Brigits dress she holds tight to Thierry

    [2011/11/22 11:21] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) looks to Thierry with a scowl "lad ye know not what I'd be riskin if I were to try savin him. A life for a life and some dark magics involved in that lad. Dark magics that no one will want to put a hand into"

    [2011/11/22 11:23] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) at that throws herself to her bed sobbing violently, pulling the covers up over her head

    [2011/11/22 11:23] Thierry Frey (mcferish.varnish) adjustes his ballance again trying not a fall over from Dearbhails presure on him shifting. His feet finaly plant firm on the ground and he looks to his Sister and Aidan then lowers his head in fustration hearing the Measters words.

    [2011/11/22 11:24] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) frowns and looks to the Maester then to Thierry and tips his head towards Dear he looks to Biggins and shakes his head "there is nothing at all?"

    [2011/11/22 11:25] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) keeps listening in the stethoscope like object then pulls it back tucking it in the bag and pulls the covers above his head "may the father and mother watch the young king grow to prosperity.."

    [2011/11/22 11:25] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) watches the girl, her jaw set, she knew she must just now grieve, "Maester,"she just then nodded.

    [2011/11/22 11:26] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) bows his head silently

    [2011/11/22 11:26] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) lowers his head saying a prayer

    [2011/11/22 11:26] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) speaks quietly "I'll be takin me leave if none need me any longer"

    [2011/11/22 11:27] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) rubs her thumb over the good half of the King's face, his body so still now, she swallows, "Lord Dareon, could you have the bells rung in the sept please?" then to the Maester, "let it be written."

    [2011/11/22 11:28] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods to Lady Lannister and puts his hand on the king, "I will go now, my lady..."

    [2011/11/22 11:28] Maester Biggins (emmersonbiggins) nods "I'll go 'bout writing it now"

    [2011/11/22 11:29] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) gulps and looks down to his cousin shaking his head

    [2011/11/22 11:30] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) as she turned she was suddenly alone with her Lord Husband who by rights was now King, she sunk to her knees, looking up, a mixture of emotion written on her face. He would know how she felt.

    [2011/11/22 11:31] Aidan Lannister shakes his head and motions for her to stand leaning over the crib running his hand along the king's head

    [2011/11/22 11:40] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) stands, and nods to him, "he needs to be taken to the Sept, Your Grace."

    [2011/11/22 11:40] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) sighs and shakes his head "let him rest for a bit.."

    [2011/11/22 11:41] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) huffs into the room, "My lady, the sept's bells are ringing solemnly letting all of King's Landing know that the King's time has come..."

    [2011/11/22 11:42] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) she lowers her eyes, nods, "I wish it were not so, but the silent sisters will wish to prepare him." she didn't see how it mattered now but she'd rather not have the child's body in the Princess's room any longer than it had to be.

    [2011/11/22 11:44] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "I guess it would be best t get him to the sept then.."

    [2011/11/22 11:45] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to Lord Aidan, "My lord. Do you have the realm now..."

    [2011/11/22 11:46] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) turns and nods "I will not take the title though until after the funeral.."

    [2011/11/22 11:47] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "A wise decision my lord. The smallfolk will not look favorably on a king who appears greedy..."

    [2011/11/22 11:49] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) steps aside for the silent sisters who file in to take the king's body to the sept.

    [2011/11/22 11:49] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) sobbing in her bed she listens to the talk around her, her mind goes through what is going on and she knows it is the right way

    [2011/11/22 11:49] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) steps aside for the silent sisters who file in to take the king's body to the sept.

    [2011/11/22 11:50] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) looks to Dear and calls out "cosuin? Come here a moment please"

    [2011/11/22 11:50] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) crawling out of the bed she moves over to Aidan, her eyes dancing with tears, spilled over on her cheeks, the sobbing catching in her throat

    [2011/11/22 11:51] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) crouches down and gives her a hug "I wish there was something more we could have done for him"

    [2011/11/22 11:51] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) nods " I know, you will be king now? your the oldest

    [2011/11/22 11:52] Aidan Lannister (aidan.braveheart) nods "I wish it wasn't like this though.. If there's anything we can do we'll do it. We're going to throw a big ceremony for him, with a feast and all"

    [2011/11/22 11:54] Brigit Frey-Lannister (brigit.silverfall) watches as the silent sisters depart with the body, following them out. She glances back at her husband and the princess, takes a breath and tries to just put one foot in front of the other.
    [2011/11/22 11:55] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) walks over to Lady Lannister and holds her up, "Do you need an escort, my lady?"
    [2011/11/22 11:55] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell (dearbhail.pixelmaid) at ten she is already pretty world wise, ruling the Dorne and her parents both dead. She knows what will go on around her, and the right of it. She hadnt really wanted to marry a baby, but the thought of queen had been sweet.. And she had grown to care for him, even if he had always been crying and upset " the only thing you can do cousin, is keep our throne strong. The kingdom must stay united. I will stand behind you as the new King. I want a choice in my next intended though"

    [11:56:23] Brigit Frey-Lannister nods, "thank you that would be welcome." she smiled as best she could to Lord Clegane.

    [11:57:17] Aidan Lannister smiles and rubs her shoulders "deal, I will keep the kingdom going and we will let you choose your next husband. Would you like to come to the sept?"

    [11:57:34] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell: yes please *she takes his hand and follows him out the door

    [12:14:51] Aidan Lannister walks out holding Dear's hand and stops

    [12:15:36] Brigit Frey-Lannister just stands silently watching, she had no more tears to cry.

    [12:15:54] Dareon Clegane walks over to Dear and clasps her hand and kisses it while on one knee, "My lady, I am sorry for your loss..."

    [12:16:28] Dearbhail Daenerys Martell squeezing Aidans hand she looks at Ser Clegane and smiles softly " my thanks Ser"

    [12:19:48] Aidan Lannister let's Dear's hand go and moves to Brigit placing both hands on her shoulders

    [12:22:06] Brigit Frey-Lannister feels her husbands hands on her shoulders but just stands still and stares at the workings of the silent sisters.

    [12:22:30] Aidan Lannister looks up noting his cousin and offers a smile to her "welcome cousin.."

    [12:23:37] Lady Shedowyn Lannister: enters the Sept, her timid steps slowed with grief. "Hello dear Cousins..."

    [12:27:14] Dareon Clegane inclines his head toward the beautiful, sorrowful lady, "My lady. Do you need an escort across the sept?"

    [12:29:16] Lady Shedowyn Lannister: she turns to the Lord and offers a wisp of a smile "Thank you My Lord, but I think I can make it on my own two feet."

    [12:30:36] Dareon Clegane smiles and bows, "As my lady wishes..."

    [12:31:09] Brigit Frey-Lannister sucks in her breath, looks to Shadow and nods, the just shakes her head, she couldn't find her voice.

    [12:33:48] Lady Shedowyn Lannister: she was in mourning over the king, not a criple she thought to herself as she moved a few steps closer. her eyes settle upon her Cousin as she sucks in a ragged breath. "are you alright dear cousin, do you need to sit down?"

    [12:34:35] Aidan Lannister looks to Shedowyn then down to Brigit rubbing her shoulders

    [12:36:36] Lady Shedowyn Lannister: runs her fingers through her hair casually as she looks to Aidan "Perhaps your wife needs to sit down, dear Cousin. She looks as if shes going to pass out."

    [12:37:21] Dareon Clegane nods, "I told her as much, my lady, but she didn't listen to me at all..."

    [12:37:51] Brigit Frey-Lannister starts crying all over again with Shadow's words, sobbing out into her hands, "he was like my own, I... I just.." wipes her eyes, "someone must stand vigil for 3 days."

    [12:38:41] Aidan Lannister looks down at her and nods "then it should be me"

    [12:40:39] Lady Shedowyn Lannister: she looks around pondering a bit. "I will join you, Music can help heal even the most wounded of hearts."

    [12:42:01] Brigit Frey-Lannister she wasn't thinking of music instead she could only hear the tolling of the droll bells all across the city.

    [12:43:07] Aidan Lannister looks around to the small statues takign in each one then down to the covered king stepping forward to get closer

    [12:47:36] Aidan Lannister kneels down keeping his head lowered as he silently begins to pray

    [12:57:33] Dareon Clegane puts his hand on Lord Aidan's shoulder, "Shouldn't the kingsguard do the vigil, My Lord?"

    [12:58:45] Aidan Lannister looks up and chuckles lightly "what kingsguard.. I am also the successor and cousin I think I should do this"

    [12:59:45] Dareon Clegane nods, "As you wish my lord..."

    [13:02:34] Brigit Frey-Lannister black wings fly from the rookery and she knows black tidings take word to all the Lords Westeros.

    [13:02:49] Dareon Clegane looks toward Lady Lannister, "Is there anything else I may do for you, my lady?"

    [13:03:47] Brigit Frey-Lannister shakes her head, "I can't think of anything Lord Dareon, you've been a suppoort through all of this, I know we are all grateful for your presence."

    [13:05:59] Dareon Clegane bows and kisses her hand, "Take care my lady." He claps Aidan on the shoulder, "If you have need, my lord, let me know straightaway..."

    [13:07:48] Aidan Lannister looks up and nods "thank you my friend.."

    [13:08:31] Brigit Frey-Lannister nods, "thank you." she smiled for Lord Clegane and nodded, "please rest well."

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