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    Nova wants to see Aunty Brigit

    Nova Lannister
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    Nova wants to see Aunty Brigit Empty Nova wants to see Aunty Brigit

    Post by Nova Lannister on Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:09 pm

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) walks into the vestibule and sees Nova, "Hello Nova..."

    You: hai dareon

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) waves and smiles softly at him

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) pats her on the head, "How are you doing today little one?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) thinks for a moment 'im goooood but but but wheres aunty brigit?'

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head and laughs, "Aunty Brigit did a bad thing, and she's in her room because of it. She won't be able to see you until Uncle Aedan comes home..."

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) shakes her head and thinks she should wash her ears to hear better 'okaaaay im gonna go to her room then' turns to the stairs

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) grabs her arm, "You may not want to do that Nova. There are mean guards outside that room who have orders not to let little girls in there..."

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) looks at you with open mouth 'reaaaaally? i cant go see her?' looks confused with tears in her eyees at you

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head, "No you can't. If you have something you need to tell her, you can tell me and I will talk to her. She was a very bad girl..."

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) whispers whiny 'but but but i want to see my aunty' pouts 'and i want to go cuddle her and sing with her and and and i dont want to tell you what i want to tell her' sits down on the floor and starts crying

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) kneels down to comfort the girl the best he can. "Just pretend she went to Lannisport and you have to stay here with your mom and the ladies at court..."

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) cries even more and whispers whiny 'but she is heere and i know she is here and and and and i want to see her' cries heartrending and covers her eyes

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) ruffles hers dress as she slowly climbs up the stairs.Than grinning she winks at Nova and smiles"Hey pumpkin"nodding to Daeron"Sir"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) looks at ther mommy, holds her hands up and cries even more

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head, not knowing what to do. He nods to Daena, "You daughter is very distraught and I don't know what to do with her..."

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) fromns and quickly walks closer to Nova,picking her up in arms as she flashes angry look to Daeron"What have you done to my daughter?"

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shakes his head and laughs, "I have done nothing to your daughter. She is upset with me because Brigit chose to endanger herself and the realm and had to be punished..."

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) hides her face in her hair and still cries whispersin 'i cant go see aunty briiigiiit'

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) snorts loudly,throwing away mask of well behaved Lady as she holds Nova closer,kissing her daughter's forehead"Well i am here to see my sister.So surely ye'll let me pass now"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) whipese some tears away looking at dareon and starts crying again 'i want i want to see aunty brigit'

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) steps aside, "I have no problem with you going past me. Getting past my guards will be a different matter. They have strict orders not to let anyone in or out of her chambers. The guard responsible for letting her escape was relieved of duty and made an example of. I can't run a kingdom based off of a child's wants and women's folly!" He raises his voice in anger. "This is the last I want to hear from
    either of you about this matter!"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) whipes some tears out of her face 'but why i cant go with you to see her?' looks beseechingly at you with her big blue innocent eyes

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) not swayed by children looks into her eyes with an icy stare, "Because I said you can't..."

    You: 'but i waaaant too' pouts 'im gonna tell uncle aedan you dont let me go to see her' run tears down her cheek again

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) shrugs his shoulders, "For right now, little one, I am Uncle Aedan..."

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) whispers 'no your not.. cause uncle aedan would always let me go see her'

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks around the room and looks right in her face, "Uncle Aedan isn't here now is he?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) shakes her head

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) smiles a toothy smile, "That's right. He's off playing war and left his Dawg in charge." He leans in closer, "Am I going to hear anymore about Aunty Brigit now?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) cuddles scared closer in her mommys arms and whispers again 'i want to see aunty brigit'

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) turns red and leans in, his face right up to hers, his voice booming off the walls in the cramped corridor, "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT!"

    Jerhicco Levane pulls down his hood as he steps through the door and sighs heavily. He takes a quick glance around, shooting an arrogant grin at Dareon before turning to his wife and daughter 'Hello you two, oh how I've missed you.'

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) starts crying heavily and still looks scared at dareon

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) hides her face and cuddles closer in her arms still crying

    Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) smiles back at the family and walks away adding over his shoulder, "If I hear ANYMORE of this nonsense I will put you two under lock and key as well..."

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) frowns turning to Aerona as she points at Dareon"He just yelled at us it seems"

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) snorts"Well it seems we will have to find brigit on our own now don't we?"

    Jerhicco Levane laughs softly 'It seems my brother's right hand has it out for us.' He turns and looks at the doors as they close behind Dareon 'What was that about?'

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) shrugs"I don't know my beloved and honestly,i don't care so much.Now shall we go and see Brigit?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) still holds her close and run tears down her cheek

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) sighs deeply and starts kissing Nova's face gently"Shall you lead us to auntie?"

    Jerhicco Levane smiles softly 'Of course love.' He turns to Nova 'As soon as we clean up the little one. We can't run off to see the queen before clearing up these tears, eh?' He pulls a handkerchief from his belt and wipes away tears from Novas face 'Now now sweetheart, I'm sure he was just doing as he was told. Although he had the tact of a roach...' He flashes a cheesey grin to his daughter.

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) grins and glances over her shoulder,chuckling for moment as she adds through snort"Well if that man thought he can stop us,he was wrong i am tellin ya".She than smirks and kisses Nova's cheeks once more before turning towards Aeron as she says"Do you know where they hold Brigit?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) whipes some tears on her sleeve and nods 'he said shes loooked in her room'

    Jerhicco Levane thinks a long moment 'Hold Brigit?' He rubs his chin a long moment 'I didn't know such a thing was possible.'

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) slowly put's Nova down and motions towards doors"Will you show us?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) still looks scared at the door where dareon just left

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) smiles down to Nova and chuckles"Mean Sir is gone now.And you can freely show us flower"

    You: but but but he said there are guards and and and and he would lock us away too and and *stops and thinks

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) shrugs with somewhat indeferent expression on her face as she says mellow"We can still hear auntie,flower"and than chuckles,grinning"And i would like to see who could try to lock meh up"

    Jerhicco Levane barks sternly 'Nobody is going to lock us away.' He nods arrogantly. 'Now let's go find Brigit, shall we?'

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) still looks insecure at both of you and shows you the stairs

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) looks up the stairs where the guards stand in front of the door

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) huffs climbing up the stairs,snorting angrily from time to time and beeing careful Nova doesn't fall.Than seeing locked doors and guards in front of them she stands,places palms on her hips and says with snotty tone of voice"Well,well...It seems we mite have some sort of trouble here"

    Jerhicco Levane walks quickly up the stairs, passing Daena and Nova. He approaches the guards who promptly block his path. Aeron raises his eyebrow at the two large men 'You're kidding right? Move. Now.' His voice deepens but the guards stand their post and respond with a timid 'W-We can't do that, Ser.'

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) hears something out in the corridor but doesn't know what it is. Picks up her quill surely he had to let the Maester in to see her and she would send her letters. Bending to write them on small pieces of parchment.

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) looks at the guards, at her father, then at her mommy and then at the door, running quickly up the stairs

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) frowns,asking with cold tone of voice,lifting chin just little while gazing at guards"And you can nay do it becouse?".She starts tapping her foot nervously on cold stone while holding Nova close while adding"Niece wants to see her auntie.Queen..Mah sister?"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) crouches down at the floor and crawls carefully pass the guards, hiding behind her mommys dress and quietly tries to open the heavy door

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks at the door, hearing scuffling and muffled voices, sighs, she had asked to see her family, the Dawg only said Tristan, grips the quill so hard it narly snaps and she had to stop cause it was the only one she had and who knows if she'd be given another.

    Jerhicco Levane blinks at his wife. He knows how she can get and he has no intention of stepping between her and what she wants. His posture relaxes and he takes a step back, merely smiling as he watches. His smile widens as he watches the guards stammer 'Well, ma'am, you see, we were told...' Their voices trail off and Aeron takes a small back of nuts from his pouch, munching happily on them and watching the show unfold.

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) looks over her shoulder at the guards stammer and bites on her lips trying not to laugh and keeps trying to open the door

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) crosses arms over chest,nodding few times while staring at guards as they spoke.Snapping at them in middle of sentance she barks,non lady like at all as her gaze followed Nova's doing"Ye were told eh?Ya were told?".Huffing out angrily she than suddenly changes posture as soft smile crosses her lips.She elegantly moves lock of her almoust white hair,inhaling deeply.Than screaming from top of her loungs she yells out with accent that was more common amongst vilagers than royalty"Brigit!!!Mah mildly wacked sister are ye in dere??Replyyyyy Briiigiiiit!"

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) gets up hearing what she thought was her good Sister's voice, "Daena?" beats on the door rattles the handle, "open this door!"

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) hears Brigit's voice as she raises eyebrow and gazes over at guards"Noone can forbid me to yell ain't it right?"than shouting again from top of her loungs"Briiigiiiiit!!Those lil uptight guards here won't let us pass but Nova said she is saying her greetings to yaaaaaaa"

    Jerhicco Levane's smile turns to a thunderous laugh as soon as Daena begins yelling. He falls back on the floor, spilling his nuts and holding his gut. He glances up through tear filled eyes to see the guards take a defensive stance, clearly expecting more than shouting, but a confused look on their faces shows what they didn't expect from one with such small posture. They turn to each other then back to Daena 'Miss, our apologies but...' Their voice becomes timid and quiet as they continue 'We ain't got a key.' The smaller of the two guards flinches as the words leave his mouth.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) pouts at the door, she was resigned to her fate, but she would write the king a note and have the Maester send it by raven, surely the king's written word would mean something to the King's Hand, "Tell Nova I love her!!! and I love you too! Tell the Maester to come take a raven to the King! He can't keep us apart." she stamps on the floor with her boot. Some said there were secret passages in this keep but she didn't know where they were.

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) keeps beating the door and still run some tears down her cheek

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) growls loudly,sliding pal under her cape where she usually kept dagger for defence and than snorts as she saw it is gone.She flashes angry look at Aeron and grumbles"I ain't stealin yer weapon away"than gazing over guards once more she steps quickly foreward,even looking down at one of them.She was many things but tiny woman wasn't one of her features.Growling again she hisses at guards"I nay care.Run to find it,alarm whole kingdom.."she than pauses before emphysisng following words"MAKE the bloody key if ya have to".Than she inhales deeply and yells"Ye hear us in dere Brigit??"

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) shouths whiny 'auuunty briiiigiiit' 'covers her eyes

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) than looks at Brigit and sighs deeply before yelling once more"Nay ye worry Brigit i am getting ye out of dere.Nova loves ys too!!"

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sniffles unbecomming of a queen, takes a long breath, "tell Nova, tell her I'm sorry... find the Mistress of Whispers... the Whisperers know the secret passages!" she tried to get her voice to go through the door to them.

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) casts angry look to guards once more as she yells out"Nay ye worry.We will find her.And ah will find Lord even if it means rideing mahself to camp.Ye ain't gonna be locked there too long!"she than turns to guards and hisses once more

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) sits down on the cold floor, taking a flower out of her hair and passing it under the door to aunty brigit

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) wonders if Dareon knew the King had appointed the Lady Rosby as Mistress of Whispers on the small council and if that same Lady Rosby indeed who was this Whisperer? She kicks the door, "send the Maester! I've letters for the King!" she shouted hoping they could hear her, "Please." she adds just as loudly.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) sees the flower, all crunced up, but she saw it and crouched down to pick it up, she kissed it with tears in her eyes, rubbing her lips together, now more than ever she hoped the King made short work of these Wolves they called Starks.

    Jerhicco Levane slowly brings himself to his feet, stretching as he stands up. He looks at the two guards and narrows his eyes 'If you two want to keep your..' He clears his throat before speaking again 'If you want to be the same gender when you leave here as when you came, I suggest you get moving.' The two guards glance at each other and stare at Daena before rushing off. Aeron walks close to the door, listening for words to come through the other side. A grin comes over his face as he turns to his wife and daughter 'Sounds like fun. Find the Mistress of Whispers and the Maester.' His voice soft as ever as he speaks 'Well, shall we free the queen girls?'

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) stands up, looks seriously and with tears in her eyes at the guards 'you are mean' pouts and kicks them on their leg, stepping some stairs down to sit on the stairs

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) nods few times even though Brigit could not see it.Than again as rudely as possible she yelled"Nay worry Brigit.I will sort things out"than nodding few times she gazes at Aeron lovingly as smile crosses her full lips"Ah beloved ye do know me well.And ofcourse,we need to set Brigit free"

    Jerhicco Levane laughs softly and turns his head to Nova. 'Cheer up sweetheart. We'll have auntie Brigit out in no time.' A comforting smile comes across his lips as he kneels down, still speaking as softly as he can 'Do you know where we could find the Mistress of Whispers, sweetheart?'

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) thinks for a moment what aunty brigit and uncle aedan learned and told her and shakes sad her face 'no i dont'

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) goes back to her letter writing, the king would do something even if she couldn't surely he had to listen to the written word once the king replied.

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) ruffles her dress and looks over at Nova and Aeron"Well i suggest we should find way to reach to King.Any idea where is he my love?"

    Jerhicco Levane raises his eyebrow at Daena 'To reach the king is a four day journey, more if you two come with me.' He turns and faces the stairs leading down, looking back at Daena and Nova with a grin 'We're going to play hide and seek with the Mistress of Whispers.' He laughs softly and holds out his hand to his girls 'Shall we?'

    Ɲova Пaemi ʆean (novamaemijean) jumps up and takes the hand 'yeeeeesssssss'

    Tiale Levane (tiale.highwater) frowns as she reluctantly admits it was better idea,but couldn't help but add"Ha!You know i could make there in less dan three days.But ah alright i guess ye are right.Les go shall we?"

    Jerhicco Levane reaches the bottom of the stairs and stretches his back. He feels Nova's hand wrap around his and he grins down at her 'Now if I was a Mistress of Whispers, where would I be?'........

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