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    Post by Nova Lannister on Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:03 pm

    Nova Lannister, 4 years old.
    Only daughter of Aeron Lannister and wife Daena.

    Abandoned in Casterly Rock by her parents who left her with her ill grandmother Maelyra Lannister to raise. Maelyra being elderly and sick with grief from the loss of her husband could not continue to chase after a toddler even with all her servants helping her. She sent Nova to King's Landing to be a ward of her son King Aedan Targaryen and his wife Brigit.

    Nova is a very active and bright little girl. She loves to explore and sees in everything new exciting adventure. Nova likes to dance to aunty Brigit and Septa Anya's songs and she really loves her long blonde hair. She likes also to tease sometimes a little bit Prince Tristan. She likes to share everything, and she shares her room also with a little mouse. She keeps feeding her every day without someone knowing about.
    Nova is very adaptive and she wants to learn everything. She is also very protective after the one she loves and enjoys playing outside with Tristan or Larina. Nova doesn't understand why her parents left her, but she keeps beliving they did it cause it was the best for her. She listens with attention to what her aunty Brigit, uncle Aedan and Septa Anya tell her and keeps it always in her mind.

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