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    The Lord of Storm's End, Warden of the South


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    The Lord of Storm's End, Warden of the South

    Post by Brigit on Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:47 pm

    [2012/01/20 09:57] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks as the doors open and the guards announce, "Ramsii Baratheon."
    [2012/01/20 09:58] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) turns to the man who just entered, "Ser, do you have business before the throne?"
    [2012/01/20 10:01] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): I'm Ramsii Baratheon, come to speak of Storm's Ends gonvernship after the passing of my father.
    [2012/01/20 10:01] Aeron Lannister flashes a smile at Dareon, the arrogance quickly replacing respect. He pulls hard on Dareons arm and wraps his other around Dareon's back, laughing as he speaks 'It's still Aeron, my friend...' His voice trails off as he takes his place next to his wife and good sister near the throne.
    [2012/01/20 10:01] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods to Ramsil, not knowing much of the Baratheon family, "And you are the rightful heir?"
    [2012/01/20 10:02] Daena Lannister (tiale.highwater) wrinkles nose while proudly observing Aeron.Trying to hold back merry smile and chuckles she than stays standing silently on end of stairs,curiously listening to conversation at one part,but only half way.Already lost in her thought she starts thinking about how it is lovely outside.
    [2012/01/20 10:02] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) kneels as he steps closer to the throne "Aye, Sir"
    [2012/01/20 10:03] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, "And your father, what is his name?"
    [2012/01/20 10:04] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): My father was John Baratheon, recently felled in battle, Sir.
    [2012/01/20 10:06] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks at the ground, "I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he fought valiantly. ANd have you any brothers who will rebuke your claim to his title and lands?"
    [2012/01/20 10:07] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) shakes his head a moment "No, M'lord, I'm the only in line"
    [2012/01/20 10:08] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods, trying to remember where the Baratheon family ruled, "You are of Storm's End, are you not?"
    [2012/01/20 10:09] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): Aye
    [2012/01/20 10:09] Daena Lannister (tiale.highwater) smiles compasionatly as she watches Ramsii adressing to Daeron.She sighed thinking of all those who fell in battle,and after few moment she offered him another warm smile while walking closer to Aeron.taking his hand discretly and squeezing it lightly not wanting to think what she would do if she had lost him
    [2012/01/20 10:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) watches the goings on having never laid eyes on the man who was before the throne she was unaware of these things, but found it interesting to say the least. speaking up, "You have other family, Ser?" she addresses Ramsii.
    [2012/01/20 10:12] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) glances to the right of the throne with a nod to the lady respectfully "Aye, only my wife at current"
    [2012/01/20 10:12] Aeron Lannister squeezes Daena's hand softly. He rolls his shoulder, attempting to hide his blades with his cape.
    [2012/01/20 10:14] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) addresses the man, "Ramsil Baratheon, your story seems true," He glances to the queen and nods at her and stands
    [2012/01/20 10:15] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods back to Dareon, and smiles. She knew what was likly to happen next and she watches benevolently.
    [2012/01/20 10:16] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) remains respectfully kneeling as the man approaches, slightly bowing his head as he awaits to be addressed again
    [2012/01/20 10:17] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) puts his hand on Ramsil's back, "Rise now Lord Ramsil Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End, Warden of the south. "
    [2012/01/20 10:19] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) stands with a nod, slightly dusting his tunic out
    [2012/01/20 10:19] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) turns looking to Dareon "Are there any services required of me or Storm's End, M'lord?"
    [2012/01/20 10:20] Aeron Lannister grins and speaks softly to himself 'Big day for new wardens, it seems..'
    [2012/01/20 10:21] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles, nods to her good brother, "so it seems, M'Lord." she chuckles, "an important day it seems."
    [2012/01/20 10:21] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks to Ramsil and nods, "You must have needs to keep the King's Peace, and make haste if the King calls for you." He glances to the queen, "Does his grace require any men to help him in the north?"
    [2012/01/20 10:24] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "no I have not had any ravens from the king and he has not answered my last ravens." takes a long breath, then impolores, "M'Lords, I implore you keep the King's lands for him, as I am sure there will be an end to the seige soon, and he surely will like to visit your lands." She rubs her belly, "I have an announcement if there is no fruther business for the court?"
    [2012/01/20 10:24] Aeron Lannister nods solemnly and turns to Brigit.
    [2012/01/20 10:25] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks around the room, "The floor is yours, your grace..."
    [2012/01/20 10:26] Daena Lannister (tiale.highwater) looks up at Brigit,impatiently waiting as she stands close to Aeron
    [2012/01/20 10:28] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles, "well I have not seen the Grand Maester, yet, but I do believe I am with a child." she smiles brightly.
    [2012/01/20 10:28] Aeron Lannister scratches his head and looks around Brigit 'But I see no children...'
    [2012/01/20 10:29] Daena Lannister (tiale.highwater) squeels happily as she hops close to Brigit and wraps arms around her,squeezing her lightly but still beeing extremly careful"That is wonderful sister"
    [2012/01/20 10:30] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods his head, "Congratulations, your grace..."
    [2012/01/20 10:30] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) laughs to her good brother, and hugs Daena back, "so my ride and my confinement were not for naught." she casts an arrogant look at the Hand of the King and when he looks back at her she curtsies playfully.
    [2012/01/20 10:31] Daena Lannister (tiale.highwater) chuckles under her breath casting glance at Daeron,before snorting and shaking head as she focuses on Aeron saying somewhat desperate"My Lord..Really"and than grins turning back to Brigit and hugs her once more before laying palm on her sister's stomach
    [2012/01/20 10:33] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) holds Daena's hand on my stomach, "its not quickened yet, but then I'm sure of it, and I think the Grand Maester will confirm." she smiles, "whenever I can see him."
    [2012/01/20 10:33] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) looks at the giddyness on the women's faces wondering why they are so happy to go through such pain
    [2012/01/20 10:33] Aeron Lannister watches Daena's body movements and gasps 'Oh! WITH child! This calls for a cele..' He cuts himself short 'Does my brother know?'
    [2012/01/20 10:34] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks over, "no M'Lord, I have sent raven but I fear my ravens are not reaching him. I wish we could just end this seige and he could come home."
    [2012/01/20 10:35] Daena Lannister (tiale.highwater) smiles reasuringly to her sister as she murmurs softly"I am sure he will be back soon.Do not worry sister,you know you mustn't worry now"
    [2012/01/20 10:35] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) laughs, "If I didn't have to stay here, imprisoning women and watching after children, Vayon Stark would be crow's food and we would all be home..."
    [2012/01/20 10:36] Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) silently bows his head and respectfully back away from the group a few steps "If I may excused, i have many affairs to put in order"
    [2012/01/20 10:36] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to her, knowing what happened the last time she was stressed out and she lost the child, determined she would not lose this one. Looking to the Hand of the King, "My Lord Hand, if there is nothing fruther I wish to go to the citadel and then resume my afternoon prayers in the sept of Baelor if it please you?"
    [2012/01/20 10:37] Dareon Clegane (vinyl.silversmith) nods and booms, "You all may have your leave..."

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