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    A Lord His King and a Tackle!


    Ramsii Baratheon

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    A Lord His King and a Tackle!

    Post by Ramsii Baratheon on Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:46 pm

    [20:23] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon calms himself and tursn lookng to Lil a moment "might i'd advise you step to the doorway and stand behind one of Deagon's men?"
    [20:24] Daegon Targaryen: Then we will rip their damn gods up from their very roots.....::He says before suddenly lunging to tackle ram as he turns to speak to lily:: -Together!-
    [20:25] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon falls back onto the table as he's tackled, without a thought the moment his back is on the table he brings his knee to Deagon's side attemptign to knock him away before his hold is set
    [20:27] Daegon TargaryenDaegon Targaryen had apparently not planned on the table being so poorly made, and as they both fall on the table, and ram brings his knee up, he loses his grip on the baratheons tunic and ends up rolling onto his own back on the opposite side. He quickly moves to recover his balance as he gets to his feet.
    [20:29] LilyLily jumps from her seat, the mead nearly spilling against her gown as she moves across the room watching the site at complete awe of the two she screams a string of curses as in her haste the bumps into the girl with a serving tray the array of drinks spilling upon her anyhow
    [20:30] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon rolls of the other side of the table landing on his feet, his arm smashing into the mountain of empty drinking horns tossing them every which way and he braces himself for another attack
    [20:31] Daegon TargaryenDaegon Targaryen stops a moment to look at the woman in the wet blouse.....before putting his mind back on the fight. He then quickly charges back at Ram, bringing his body into the air as if to knee the Stone-Like Baratheon in the gut, but instead bringing his right fist down trying to cold cock him in the jaw
    [20:34] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon sends his arms down to block his stomach as a large fist cracks against his jaw causing him to spin about a he grabs his jaw rubbing as he finally spots the soaked women "You need to work that look, oouch talkign hurts" he then quickly spins back toward deagon as fast a he can sending his elbow straight back where he's guessing teh face should be
    [20:37] LilyLily arms fling to her chest as she noticed exactly where the Kings eyes focused gasping in shock for the moment she screams another string of curses followed by "you both will be buying me a new gown" she says completly forgetting her place and whom she directed it to,
    [20:52] Daegon Targaryen: The view was worth i-- ::He started to say in reply to her but was cut short by a big chainmail covered elbow crushing against his face, bloodying his nose and splitting his lip. He quickly used the momentum to wrap his arms aroud rams waist, and while he was spinning from the blow by the elbow, he twisted rams body with his, lifting the great stag up to plow him into another table.::
    [20:54] LilyLily stands there completly drenched in mead stale ale and whatever the hell else was mixed in those horns looking at them both she just leans against the counter and grabs the pitcher of what looked like ale and moves to them both throwing it on them "hows the feel M'lords" she says "look at the mess you made" she screams her chest heaving as she spats the words at them both
    [20:59] Brigit TargaryenBrigit Targaryen peaks in, hoping the guards and crowd looking on would not notice her much, she just had to know what was happening in there.
    [21:00] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon growls as he's slammed into another table, his feet trying to help right himself and kicking at the king, howlering as the ale is splashed on him he quickly grabs Lil by teh dress and pulls her over for a rough "you'll get your too" he then winks letting her go as he scrambles to his feet
    [21:03] Daegon TargaryenDaegon Targaryen quickly turns to Street tactics as Rams attention was on the lady, grabbing a bar stool as he stood then twisting around for a full force swing to the Stags back.
    [21:04] Daegon Targaryen: ::The Dragon Guards are waiting outside, and the quickly step infront of the queens way, their eyes, if she bothered to look, gave her an apologetic look that could also have been read as a sign that it was not safe for her to enter just yet.::
    [21:05] Brigit TargaryenBrigit Targaryen cringes and hides behind the captain, shuddering wondering why she had even come to watch this but then peering out couldn't help herself but watch more. She just motions one of the unsullied to step slightly aside as he impeeded her view, nodding to the others in silent acknowledgment that she had no intention of going in fruther.
    [21:06] LilyLily feels the fabric of her gown rip as shes pulled hard against him, looking down at the tattered hem of her gown which was not only soaked but also now even more ruined . she reaches out grabbing for the horn to hit him over the head but instead she quickly scrambles outta the way as she sees a bar stool come lunging in thier direction
    [21:07] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon goes flying forward as the stool cracks and rings against his armor, he he lets out a howl of pain grabbing one of the few horns of mead left unspilled he quickly dumps it in his mouth then tosses the still half full horn in the Kings face as he quic
    [21:10] Daegon TargaryenDaegon Targaryen seemed to have expected as much and as he feels the splash of mead on his face he quickly throws his head forward, catching Ramsii's fist with the hard part of his head, probably dislocating a few fingers but also sending the king back down onto his royal ass., clutching his head and the only word he could muster was "Ow."
    [21:11] Brigit TargaryenBrigit Targaryen cringes and looks around again, gulps knowing she still dare not interrupt, something told her this was not yet over, but close, takes a breath and watches on.
    [21:12] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon whips his hand back "DAMNIT" withouth a thought as he sees the king fall his foot comes up and fast a possible aiming for the kings jaw "ALL THIS VALUABLE DRINKING TIME WAISTED!!!!!!!"
    [21:13] LilyLily folds her arms across her chest again and leans again againt the counter her words flying in thier direction "your drinking time wasted" she shouts "what about my gown" she raises her voice to a even higher octive completly fuming
    [21:13] Daegon TargaryenDaegon Targaryen can not help himself from bursting out in laughter before clutching rams other ffoot and quickly lifting it up off the ground, before hollaring "Close your mouth and GET DOWN HERE!" he roars half laughing.
    [21:14] Brigit TargaryenBrigit Targaryen covers her mouth to keep from laughing, quickly motions one of the girls whom she could catch her eye to take them both a tray of mead, she sulks off as she knew the mead would be served and all would be well.
    [21:16] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon falls to the grounds bursting in laughter as he raises his good hand extending two fingers "TWO DRINKS" he then looks to Deagon "Oh, and one for him too" a third finger then raises, he then thinks a moment and looks to Lil "i've drank enough, i have no problem advising you get rid of the destroyed rag, right now"
    [21:18] LilyLily jaw drops and stalks over to him kicking him right in the groin as he sits "the only rag ill dispose of is you you battered piece of rot" she screams again and then turns a cold stare to the King daring him to say something to her at this point
    [21:19] Daemon HillDaemon Hill quietly enters the tavern and sits in the corner, not wanting to be noticed
    [21:19] Daegon TargaryenDaegon Targaryen laughs as he pats ram on the shoulder with a big friendly smile. "None for me my friend....But I will be seeing that sight though before I leave." he says looking to Lily with a grin. "Do it, your King COmmands it." he says, half serious before slowly rising, only to stumble into a half broken chair "Aye, and you. You prepare to go to the Iron Islands Ram. We got a new Greyjoy to go greet."
    [21:20] Ramsii BaratheonRamsii Baratheon quckly snaps his legs shut, clamping the womans foot between them before reachign up and pulling her down with them

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