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    The Black Wolf of Dorne


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    The Black Wolf of Dorne

    Post by Frost897 on Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:08 pm

    To assist in clearing things up, my friends are very silly. Both Sonya and Valentine have failed in keeping their e-mails in check, since they don't go on the internet that much. Ah well, but never fear, I am here for them, and will post up their character sheets for the sake of the rp!
    here is Valentine, enjoy! ^w^

    Valentine Martell, First of his Name, Prince of Dorne

    Also known as the Black Wolf of Dorne, Valentine has gained this title for several reasons:
    1) He has taken for his own personal emblem a black wolf in the Martell sun&spear. He loves the tales of the Starks and Winterfell, intrigued about a land almost constant in winter.
    2) He seems almost lupin in spirit, a traveling lone wolf as well as wolfish in some of his physical features.
    3) He seems to be the Black Sheep of his family, running off to become a sellsword, mercenary, Hedgeknight, and whatever else title you can throw at the wandering Prince.
    He is a warrior, a poet, a lover of life and all it offers, and seeker of fights, wine and women, though not necessarily all in one day. He is a kind, loyal companion who will befriend those who are honorable and just, and probably knock some sense into those who are not.
    For all his laxities and love of lavishness and travel, Valentine is a fierce and powerful warrior, able to cut down many men with his foreign blade style, practically dancing amongst several foes at once. He also is very proud of his land, loving Dorne more than most other places in the world, finding no better sensation then that of coming home from wherever he goes.
    At the age of 29, his wanderlust has yet to be quenched as he claims he will be a Prince of roads until he has a beard down to his toes and white as the fabled northern snows, at least to those Dornish lords who almost have heartattacks when he goes out to travel.

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