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    A Night of Stars and Choices.



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    A Night of Stars and Choices.

    Post by Yoet on Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:25 am

    A day's ride from King's Landing lay the men of Riverrun resting from their days hard ride. The moon absence was unnoticed as the ground mimicked the stars above. Torches littered the ground seeming to be overshadowed by the fires that men gathered up to for warmth from the cool nights touch.

    The single tent was erected farthest from the road dressed in linen stained of color blue and red. It was for the man known for running the land of Riverrun and had only its interest in mind. He sat in his chair not an arms reach from his bed where his lover laid sleeping soundly after a night of their passion. In front of him laid three papers, a black ink well, candle and his press.

    It took him but a moment to decide what would be written in these three important letters to be delivered with ravens in all opposite directions. His hands moved to dip the pen into the inkwell making sure to tap the excess into the well before taking pen to paper. The first letter was sent north to the king.

    "To the King," It read. "I have started to ride north to Riverrun to join my bannermen that have heeded my call. They worry for their land and plan no harm to come to it. The amass to the east of Riverrun sending patrols in every which way a days ride from the main bulk of my force. They will make sure that if any force slips by you that I will not be taken by surprise. I send this raven to alert you by the time this reaches you I will have been with them." He said making sure to finish the letter with the formalities.

    He turned to the noise coming from his bed seeing his lover stir from the cold. He moved to her making sure to over her with another fur not allowing her to feel any sembelance of discomfort while she was with him.

    He returned to his desk taking his pen the the second letter. "To my agents at King's Landing. I have been told that the city is in chaos at the moment. It is more than unlikely that this message will be interrupted or found since the count of ravens coming to and fro is near uncountable. I write you to tell you that you have permission to carry out the mission that I left with you." He wrote.

    The last letter and the most important was the shortest. It was written without a second thought and before long he sealed all three with wax. He stood moving out of his tent and handing the letters to his guards. "Send them, now." He told him before he looked up at the stars. "By the seven let this be the right choice I make this night." He said.

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