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    Lord Vayon Stark Empty Lord Vayon Stark

    Post by Vayon_Stark on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:01 am

    Lord Vayon Stark

    Age: 29

    Height: 8'4"

    Weight: 420 lbs

    Born into the noble family of House Stark of the north, to father Aendres Stark and mother, Valinia Stark. At a young age he showed great height (standing 6'6 at age 15) and stronger than most woodsmen. His father had taught him a love of his people, and his family and Vayon formed a very close, loving relationship with his several years younger sister Thresia. One summer day, His father approached and announced that Thresia was to be wed to Byron Mormont of Bear Island. On the day she was wed and sent away, Vayon announced he would leave Winterfell and see Westeros and beyond, as he had a love for knowledge. On his journey of Westeros he saw many strange things and heard many tales, most of them centered around a land across the narrow sea. He booked passage on a ship to Pentos, and from there with a host of hired sellswords and freefriders, he travelled among the vast cities of the east. Once he had seen and learned enough to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, he found himself on the docks of pentos ready to board a ship to whiteharbour and then home. There he met a beautiful white haired girl named Alkina, and she quickly won his favor and heart. He took her back to Westeros and before heading home he once again wandered Westeros seeing city after city, showing his new love all the wonders that existed in his homeland.
    Upon arriving home, his welcome was short lived as his father suffered a fatal heart attack while in council. His mother had died several years earlier, being thrown from her horse while riding.

    Now suddenly the Lord of House Stark, Lord and Warden of the North, and newly wed, he found himself with much power, and no sense of direction. His sister returned suddenly one day, not speaking of her past, but carrying word of her dead husband. Picking up where they left off as children, Vayon protects his sister at all costs, and with both his sister and love at his side, he rules the north with no concern of the squabbles in the south.


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