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    Alyson Snow

    Post by Alyson Snow on Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:42 am

    Alyson Snow is the bastard daughter of a minor Targaryen cousin and a young Stark daughter. The two did not marry, as the Targaryen was betrothed to his sister. The Stark girl bore her child in seclusion before fostering the girl out to the peasant family who sheltered her. The girl became a woman, married into a banner house, and abandoned her child. Now lacking the Stark coin that had contributed to Alyson's keep, her foster parents cast the child out into the forest snows.

    Hungry and alone, little Alyson fell in with a gang of highwaymen along the King's Road. These smallfolk she considers her only true family. They taught her to live by her wits as well as by the tip of her dagger. She is a wanderer, stealing or earning coin as she can. Now, a mixture of curiosity and anger draws her to her mother's ancestral home. Who are these Starks who abandoned her to the road? More importantly, do they deserve her forgiveness, or her vengeance?

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