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(WGoTS) Was created by true intersim and Roleplay minded individuals to allow a fully immersive Roleplay by the individual - without the instruction of Mods detailing what your RP would be and the character you would have...


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    Dareon Clegane

    Post by Dareon Clegane on Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:53 am

    Dareon grew up in the Westerlands, serving House Lannister with his father. Being raised in the kennels, he had no time to learn to read or write. The eldest, and largest, of four siblings, he answered the call when Aedan Targaryen asked him to come to King's Landing to serve the throne. He was made Master of Laws and the King's Justice and given the title of Lord Clegane. Ever dutiful, he serves his king and queen faithfully and puts their safety before his own. Betrothed to Lady Najeh Hewett.

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