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    Payne Waters Tavern wrench.


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    Payne Waters Tavern wrench.

    Post by Payne on Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:45 pm

    ((hope i got this correct laughs))

    Payne Waters is the bastard child of Ser Glenn Payne and her Mother Lady Astridr Lannister, Astrid was known for her fair haired good looks... Asridr caused uproar to her family and house when she fell pregnant with Payne.. But before hers and Glenn's secret was known she was hussled to an inn keep and there with help of her maidens gave birth to Payne Ser Glenn acknowledged his fatherhood to payne But Astrid couldn't, So both her and Glenn gave her the name Payne waters and gave her to the innkeepers wife... and a bag of coins to look after her.

    Payne is known for her good looks and gentle heart she is cunning and pretty and will do anything to keep her head on her shoulders... shes had much abuse over the years from men who pass though the taverns... Most know who she is the real child of... She is favoured as one of the most best tavern wrenches in westerlands. She is of simple nature. She knows she has noble blood in her but as she says …I was born in a Inn I will stay in an inn...

    Payne talents are giving men a good time in bed.. singing and bakeing... she has the talent of making good with coins and making pretty dressers she has an awesome fashion sense she can make fashion from rags...

    She currently doesn't have a sweetheart... she did date the local blacksmith but he died in a brawl.

    How this all came down in history

    A good thing came from this was that Payne married a Lannister and gave them there fair looks and her fathers house swore there true and utter Loyalty to Tyrion Lannistor as it was said he looked a double to the husband there great great great grandmother wed....And had children with.

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