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    Post by Winter Lannister on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:58 pm

    I am Winter Lannister, only sister to the king, Aedan Targaryn. As a child growing up in Lannisport, my mother Maelyra taught me all the ladies' gracies ... and my father Rowan let me keep a dagger and fight and play with my brothers in the courtyard. My happy childhood came to an end when I was betrothed to Vedic Lefford, the oldest son of that house, and sent to House Lefford as a ward. To my surprise, Vedic was intelligent, kind and funloving, and I cared for him very much--I was looking forward to our married life. But before we could wed, Vedic was killed in a mysterious accident in the woods. The Leffords began to show ill feeling toward me, and after a short time returned me to my family. I now divide my time between the court of my brother in King's Landing, and Casterly Rock, where my mother lives. Since the death of our Lord Father her health has not been good, and I am gravely concerned about her. Meanwhile, I struggle to find my place.

    I am intelligent, headstrong, and proud of some of my less ladylike characteristics (like my skill with bow and daggar--be not fooled, I am always armed). You might find in me compassion ... or brutality. I am half Targaryn, after all! I love my family and am fiercely loyal to House Lannister and all its issue, especially my brother the King, his Queen Brigit, and young Prince Tristan.

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