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    Lady Dahlia Greyjoy


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    Lady Dahlia Greyjoy

    Post by Dahlia on Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:38 pm

    Lady Dahlia Greyjoy is the wife of Lord Kronos Greyjoy. She is the Lady of the Iron Islands, born of the Ten Towers as the daughter of Lord Harlaw of Harlaw, a sworn house of the Greyjoys and a nobel house of the Ironborn. She is cunning and fierce, independant, but delicate and fragile in many ways. The marriage of Kronos and Dahlia was presumed to be arranged to stegnthen the allegiance of House Greyjoy and House Harlaw, but it is apparent that the two are very much in love. Lady Dahlia has given birth to twins, Hunter Greyjoy, heir to the Greyjoys and future king of the Iron Islands, and Addison, the younger born twin.

    Lady Dahlia's sister, Penelope has taken on the role of her Lady in Waiting, and Lady Dahlia is often seen with her sister in law, Lady Sheylira Greyjoy in the Pyke Castle or in travels to the coast of Westeros or Bear Iland, where the Greyjoys have a small stronghold, and a place to horde all that they pilage. Lady Dahlia, an educated and intellectual, is often found in the fields of flowers of Bear Island, picking only the most beautiful scented arrangements, and teaching their children about the Drowned God, the history of the Ironborn, and instructing them how to behave in public. She is a beautiful woman, unlike many of the Ironborn, showing little signs of a hard life, though her looks can be deciving, as she is skilled not only with her mind, her witt, but also a blade and bow.

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