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    Lord/ Ser Tahekus Lorch


    Lord/ Ser Tahekus Lorch

    Post by Guest on Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:50 pm

    He only came to Lannisport less than a few months ago, yet oddly enough this long haired stranger was welcomed with open arms, literally, by the Lannister House. His past in shrouded in mystery and to ask him of it would seem dangerous. His voice and accent is obviously not native of westeros, and yet he is the most trusted among Tyros Lannisters Lion Guard, so much so that the day after his arrival he was named Commander of the Lion Guard. His skin is of a dark tan shade, his emerald green eyes are fierce, his body large with only a few scars not unlike most warriors save for his hair, which he keeps the sides of completely shaved clean with a single braided tail trailing over his head that hangs down to his butt. Those who know him, know he is capable of many things, such as:
    Horse riding, Sword Fighting, Spear fighting, Archery, Animal taming, Butchering, skinning, leather tanning, Improvised weapon making, foraging, tracking, hand-to-hand Combat, Mounted Combat, Capturing of beasts (As well as other people), etc.
    As well as a distinct expansive knowledge of Hill Tribes as well as Tribes the 'Way of the Dothraki'.
    Where did he come from? What happened to his family, the rest of the Lorch House? Why has he come now? All of these questions remain unanswered to all those except two people: Tahekus Lorch himself and Tyros Lannister....Would you dare to ask either of them?

    Re: Lord/ Ser Tahekus Lorch

    Post by Guest on Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:39 pm

    Just thought I'd remind everyone that there is officially ONLY 2-3 people ICly who actually know that Lord Lorch is Half Dothraki, and one of those people are already dead. As far as everyone else is concerned they only have ASSUMPTIONS. Not FACTS. I know its painfully obvious by Lorchs appearence but seriously, 1.) How many people from westeros have actually been to essos and seen a dothraki and lived to tell about it?
    and 2.) Unless you are actually told by either Lorch or one of the two people that know that his blood is mixed, Iam sorry, but no your character ICly does not actually know that he is. Any information RP'd about him as being dothraki so far is fine, I'll let it pass Very Happy But from now on please, no more.
    The only thing the bulk of the public should know about Lord Lorch is thus:
    1.) He is from a Noble House that has been loyal to the Lannisters for Generations
    2.) He is Head of the Lion Guard and thusly by Law and tradtion A Ser.
    3.) He is Barbaric and Blood thirsty and quick to take the lives of people on nothing more than a whim.

    thank you Smile

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