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    Envoy sent to Lord & Lady Lannister

    Elaena Velaryon
    Elaena Velaryon

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    Envoy sent to Lord & Lady Lannister

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:45 pm

    Lady Thresia, rolled and sealed with her signet ring, the sigil of the Starks, parchment containing an important message, this written in haste, and given to a trusted envoy.

    The message was placed about the ankle of the Raven, and the bird flew away toward Kings Landing

    Hurry! Send help! I was on my way to Kings Landing from my home in Winterfell, my large retinue is under attack by Wildlings! I thought I saw the Ice Queen. I'm about to be taken! Please send help! I was upon the Kings Road, nearly all my guards are down or dead...
    Lady Thresia Stark watched the Envoy flew away, she hoped it would not be shot down by arrow.....

    It was a shame as she was on her way to the funeral of the boy king, a greater shame that he was so young and had not a full life...what would we do now, who would rule? And further, who would rescue her? Oh where was Jayke when she needed Him... where was Vayon? .. would anyone come to her rescue?... she started looking for her dagger, she was glad, she thought that she left Notte at home for this trip, they would surely eat her.... began to think of her life, and wondered what the Ice Queen would do with her....
    "Vayon, you must come for me soon!"... Thresia heard voices a lot of them...oh no, she thought to herself.. they're coming for me now ..she hid her dirk in her boot...

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