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    i pray the gods will save you


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    i pray the gods will save you

    Post by Lady_Darklyn on Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:04 pm

    [19:29] Cendre sighs as she kneels down " i pray to you all to protect my loved one in this time of need" she lowers her voice and sighs standing "i know i am not one of you followers but he is and i wish you to keep him in your graces"
    [19:34] Lord Arrogance Boreas (leralu.bracken) smiled as he heard his wifes prayer he leaned agaiinst the wall for a few before trning to leave he headed back to work as he motioned his guard to follow
    [19:35] Cendre turns to go seeing her lord "going ot say good bye lover?"
    [19:40] Lord Arrogance Boreas (leralu.bracken) stoped and turned you were praying my love, you northerners interupt prayers i dont " he stuck his tongue out at her as he moved to her kissing her softly butthen he kisses her pasionatly as if it may be the last time he may be bale to kiss her for it may well be" good bye my love" he turned offering her his arm"your escort is ready the escort will stay in winterfell with you so you have guards i trust around you
    [19:44] Lord Arrogance Boreas (leralu.bracken) oh before i forget ~he pull a rolled up parchment out and hands it to her~ give this to lady Star its for her and her husband eyes only telling of what is going on an asking if i should be named a traitor an executed you be given save have in the north "
    [19:45] Lord Arrogance Boreas (leralu.bracken): *safe
    [19:46] Cendre kisses him back then takes his arm " i will miss you every day your not with us.." she nods taking the scroll.." yes my love "
    [19:47] Lord Arrogance Boreas (leralu.bracken): if you see Lord stark tell him...~he shook his head~tell him something appropriate
    [19:51] Cendre smiles at him " will do my best"
    [19:52] Lord Arrogance Boreas (leralu.bracken) led her to the stable an helped her up onto her horse as he lookedt each soldier he trusted to deliver his wife safely to her home "gods speed soldiers"
    [19:54] Cendre looks athim from atop the horse" and gods bewith you and keep you safe and with that they leave out

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