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    Lady Diomy Karvalius Empty Lady Diomy Karvalius

    Post by Diomy Karvalius on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:32 pm

    *Age: 30
    *Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
    *Hair: White
    *Skintone: Tan/light caramel (depending on how much sun she gets)
    *Eye color: Brown
    *Scars: none (yet)
    *Favorite Foods: Olives, sweet wine, cheese, stuffed grape leaves, spicy roasted pheasant, sun-dried tomatoes, couscous, northern Ales, pies, and CAKE (especially wedding cake)
    *Hobbies: Writing, drawing, sword play, reading, playing games of any kind
    *Vices: Cake, massages, long hot bathes filled with oils, ales and Meade, having her hair braided and done, new quills, shopping, midnight snacks, laying naked by the fire.

    The eldest of two daughters in the Yunsa family, Diomy was brought up to be always honorable, always thinking, and always protective and dutiful to her family. She had a happy childhood in Starfall, as her mother, Othelia, and her father, Dorian, always made sure she was well loved and nurtured. This does not mean Diomy was without problems, as her younger sister, Cloelia, would often involve her in the various tricks and pranks that were concocted with the daily whims of a younger sister.

    Diomy's mother, Othelia, is a sandy Dornishwoman who was born a bastard with white hair, and is the owner of a textile business that was passed down from her mother's side of the family. Her father, Dorian, is a stony Dornishman who owns a caravan as a result of years of adventuring and whoring about as a young lad.

    Cloelia,the younger sibling by 5 years, is a clever, alluring, and energetic prankster, who's mischief is legendary in Starfall. Aside from trying to scare her aunt, Valencia Jordayne, with a dead rat and to going as far as to cause three of their family's paramours (male and female) to leave, she also races horses and proves to be a most alluring lady. As the oldest sibling, Diomy would inherit the textile business and caravan, however she has no interest in such, which is why she has made it known that the business would instead pass to Cloelia.

    At the age of twenty, Diomy decided to venture out on her own and start a new life for herself, feeling as if there were a distant voice on the wind, calling her to her destiny. For years she traveled around, sometimes with her family's caravan, exploring what she could. She has sailed to the land across the narrow sea and many other distant lands, which is how she learned much of what she knows about sailing. On the day of her thirtieth birthday, she was given word of an opening in Winterfell; the librarian position. Such news sounded as though it would be a perfect place to settle down, so she decided to travel to Winterfell and see what destiny had in store for her future.

    As soon as she arrived, mystery and deceit made themselves known to her, as schemes of some unknown evil tried their best to delay her acquiring the position. With the help of her friend (now husband), Faust, Diomy was able to help unearth spies that had positioned themselves within the castle walls. As the situation unfolded, it became clear that the spies had one intent on the minds; the destruction of the Stark family. Though the identity of those who planned the scheme had yet to be revealed, Diomy knows that they are still close, and suspects that they are involved in the current disappearance of the Ice Witch's spell book.

    Currently, Diomy is now wed to the enchanting Lord Faust Karvalius and loves to care for her step children, though they are close in age to her. As her husband is often away on business for Lord Vayon, she finds that there is never a dull moment in her life. She is finally where she belongs, though it is cold as hell.

    Her step-daughter Cendre, has now given birth to twins, which she almost refuses to let go of every time they come to visit.

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