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    Ill Tidings and A Halfman


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    Ill Tidings and A Halfman

    Post by Gemagem00 on Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:48 pm

    - Jorah Algood Arrives at the Eyrie Seeking to be hidden
    - Akira Arryn learns of the kings thoughts about giving the eyrie away to anouther
    - Akira Arryn Agrees to hide Jorah at the Eyrie
    - Jorah & Akira Plan to journey to winterfell to seek out lord stark, and there get married.

    Jorah Algood rides up spotting the eyrie finally, he dismounts slowly, looking exhausted he looks around from left to right then up to her and places a finger to his lips "get inside fast.."
    [15:58] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn frowns, hurrying inside, "Is there something wrong? I am not informed of all the details of your visit..."
    [15:58] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood lets a long sigh out as he steps in and looks to her "I'm sorry.. Akira.. I just accused the king of things that could have my head roll..."
    [15:59] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn eyes widen, lips parting slightly in confusion, "The king?.... what did you do Jorah, if the king finds out..."
    [16:00] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn waves a hand in the general direction of the study, "come, let us speak of this in private, allow me to escort you to my private study..."
    [16:00] Hello DaenerysTargaryen00 .
    [16:01] Good bye DaenerysTargaryen00 .
    [16:02] Hello DaenerysTargaryen00 .
    [16:02] Hello MattaeusJacobus .
    [16:02] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn gestures to the chair, "Have a seat..."
    [16:02] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood laughs and looks to the chair then looks up to her then down to his small frame
    [16:03] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn smirks, "It was not intended for you." smiles and laughs heartily
    [16:03] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn smiles again, "I will be sure to have a chair more suited to your needs for our next discussion..."
    [16:04] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn suddenly becomes serious, "Now... what is it that you have gotten yourself into now, Jorah?"
    [16:05] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood nods "well the king has an army of unsullied, no one I once knew is safe any longer.. I told the master of laws"

    [16:07] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn pinches the bridge of her nose and leans her head back sighing, "That was not a very safe move... if the king were to find out you would be in a lot of danger Jorah, and you know i do not wish any harm to come to you..."
    [16:08] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood looks to her "it gets worse.. I already am in hot water since I spoke to his wife this morning.. Akira, I need you to hide me for a little then I need you to accompany me to winterfell to speak to lord stark"
    [16:08] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn looks up again, frowning, "Unsullies you say?... i have heard the are the best of the best for fighting... what use has the king of the unsullied?"
    [16:09] Jorah Algood: what use do you think, I hear plots of him offering the Eyrie to another man.. Akira the dark times have come and we need to see if the starks can help.. Lord Stark seems to be one of the few men of honor left
    [16:11] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn hesitates, then nods slowly "Of course, the eyrie and its men are yours, for now. Do you think the Starks will aid us?... and he will not take the eyrie from House Arryn, or i fear that if he does he will have forced me to become his enemy... and that is something i would like to avoid."
    Jorah Algood shrugs "all I know is for now.. we must speak to Lord Stark as soon as we can"
    [16:13] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn nods, "Of course, shall i send a raven to winterfell and tell them of our visit, or shall i send one of my most loyal men with the message?"
    [16:13] Akira Arryn: "Perhaps we should keep this journey... quiet."
    [16:18] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood nods "I agree.. Akira, even though I'm not here on good terms I must say you look as beautiful as the last time I saw you"
    [16:20] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn feels a flush of heat redden her cheeks, "You flatter me as always, and the journey here has not dulled your looks either, i see." smiles, leaning back in the chair
    [16:21] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn smiles, rising from the chair, "Come, i will show you to your room while you stay with us."

    [16:22] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood nods and steps back "after you"
    [16:22] Good bye DaenerysTargaryen00 .
    [16:22] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn gestures, "it is just up the stairs, that part of the eyrie i keep private other than my ladys maids
    [16:23] Good bye DaenerysTargaryen00 .
    [16:23] Good bye MattaeusJacobus .
    [16:23] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn "Here we are, it is quite simply though you may decorate it how you wish."
    [16:23] Jorah Algood: will you be staying here with me?
    [16:24] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn smiles and smirks, "Perhaps, if your good..." giggles and blushes a deep crimson
    [16:25] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn "You should be safe enough here, my men are loyal and maids even more so, they will not speak of your being here.

    [16:25] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood grins "if I'm good you say? I think I have been good so far"
    [16:27] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn lip twitches, "That you have been." Giggles, "In more ways than one."
    [16:27] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood smiles up at her "and when we go north.. I would like to take you as my bride by their customs"
    [16:28] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn laughs, "Though there will be time for that later, now i will send a raven to Lord Stark, and --" cuts of, smileing, "You still wish to take me as your bride? Wont that anger the king?... though you have angered him enough as it is" laughs, placing my hands on my hips
    [16:29] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn smiles, walking over and leaning to kiss the halfmans forehead, "I look forward to it..."
    [16:31] Jorah AlgoodJorah Algood places his hands on her thighs feeling the kiss he grins "thought you got off that easy?"
    [16:31] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn laughs, "pushing him playfully away, "You dont get more that easy, halfman.
    [16:33] Akira ArrynAkira Arryn smiles, her eyes slightly sad, you will get more when your in no danger of your rolling..." kisses him on the forehead again, and leave the room with a silent farewell to send the raven to Lord Stark...

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