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    Post by CelligarB on Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:21 pm

    Name: Celligar Baratheon
    Allegiance: House Baratheon of Storm's End
    Age: early 30's
    Info: Celligar was the first child and only son born to the current Lord of Storm's Ends Uncle, making him a younger cousin to Lord Ramsii. Celligar grew up under his father's watchful eye. His father intended for him to be a great warrior, a knight that would bring much glory to Storm's End, but in the end his methods proved overbearing, leading to a rebellious nature in young Celligar as he wished t do everything his father told him not to do. He grew up as fiercely protective of his younger sister, but when he was only eleven a fire claimed her life as well as his fathers when it broke out in their holdfast. He took up residence with his mother at Storm's End directly after that, He had originally dreaded entering any competitions for fear of disappointing his father but after his death he decided to give it a go. To make things more interesting he decided to enter his first competition as a mystery knight, bearing the mask of a motley fool on his shield. He unhorsed every competitor he faced and was crowned champion. He entered many tournaments and won a staggering amount but was finally unhorsed and unmasked. In the time he rode as the mystery knight he had earned the nickname "The Feigned Knight" which he kept after his unmasking. He decided to wander as a sell-sword for a great many years, traveling to the free cities before he was finally convinced he should return to Storm's End and seek to regain his honor and start a family. He can be charming and witty at times but he has a major fault in his bull-headed nature and is extremely easy to anger.

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