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    A heated dispute between Lord And Lady Stark

    Lady Alkina Stark
    Lady Alkina Stark

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    A heated dispute between Lord And Lady Stark

    Post by Lady Alkina Stark on Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:08 pm

    [21:55:58] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) storms into the bedroom and throws the curtains closed.. turns in haste and March angrily into the room muttering some foul language

    [21:57:05] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Tenses on Edge as it was already, She spun hearing him rant as he entered And could see the anger. "Vayon what is wrong?" she said her hands immediately dropping to her belly a habit she had taken to when ever she got worried

    [21:59:00] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "we received a raven from kingslanding, he king wishes me to meet him in kingslanding if we are to speak, otherwise he will not commit to a meeting"

    [22:02:02] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed softly "What do you plan to do? The more I think on things Vayon HE may be a lout and to pompous for his own good. but I still can not imagine he would do as much as he has for us. If he meant to simply turn on you?"

    [22:09:02] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head "the kings gestures of kindness are a mirror love, he tends to make us his puppets like those other southern lords"

    [22:11:16] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "And our Children? all that a play.. how do you know this. You said before he was the rightful Heir to the throne. what if you are wrong what if he is just trying to make up for what the acts of Aeden, Just Like his son Aidan claims to wish. I am not saying he is not Love but we need more then suspicions we need facts." she stated softly

    [22:12:07] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "how else would you gain someones faith then by giving them what they want, then claiming power the minute they submit?

    [22:18:08] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "But he offered you the North with out making you take the knee.. How do you even know he wants submission Vayon He did not before why would he now. Again you are basing all this on suspicions. When in Kingslanding you seemed intent enough to trust him at his words. What made that all change? Because he spoke of betrothing our daughter to his son, because he asked if we would build a Sept here. That does not make for an act of betrayal. Vayon. Arrogance perhaps but we still have no proof of anything," she said softly. "All I am saying Vayon. Is you have to be sure and that means getting facts not just acting on suspicions."

    [22:19:26] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) unfurls the ravens message, and hands it to Alkina "he took our offer for an alliance as me taking the knee.. he sees us as HIS lords.. not allies.. he treats Winterfell as if he owns it"

    [22:27:30] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed again, "He orders nothing Vayon. I do not see why you find this such an insult. He made the trip here Vayon To see you. I know it was not in your control to be here I know you sought to see to his and our Safety but the fact of the matter is You were not here. and then when he went to seek you he could not find you. And with no word at all his Queen set back to Kingslanding. He is King Vayon I do not see this as an unreasonable request. I .." she pressed the parchment back to him Trying to find the words. "As Far as I understood when we were in kingslanding He offered you to title of Warden of the North. He said it he even made a point to say he did not expect you to take the knee. Making you A lord does not make you his slave, .. I am sorry I do not mean to argue. yes I am a woman love But you know full well I am not ignorant. " she stated. I do not understand why you are so infuriated about this.

    [22:29:39] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) raises his voice to the level just below yelling, his face continually getting red "BECAUSE I DON'T REMEMBER ACCEPTING, HE RECOGNIZES US AS ALLIES, BUT TREATS US LIKE LORDS,MAKES DEMANDS OF US WITH NO RECIPROCATION FROM HIM, I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO UNDERSTAND"

    [22:37:04] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Her own temper flared. "How can you say that. He offered you the title Warden of the North Vayon he did not ask any thing of you. He gave you back Ice. he Made THIS POSSIBLE!!" She too all but shouted , her hands and gaze dropping the her distended belly. So upset now tears were filling her eyes. "How can you say he has done nothing for us? I do not say this because he is my Cousin I do not even know him, The visit to Kingslanding had been the first time I ever laid eyes on the man. But I do know this.Because of him, you have Ice, he gave The flame root. He even offered us supplies and trade. You may not have accepted title BUT you never declined it either" You say he has offered nothing Then tell me what was all that?" she added trying to get her temper back under control.


    [22:48:36] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Her temper flared again. "I do not care what he called me I was Blackfyre and I have no shame in having been one. no matter how he sees the name. MY lineage was legitimized on the grand fathers death bed. So I do not care regardless. I am not Blackfyre or Targaryan any more I am a Stark. How do you know any of what you feel is True Vayon? All these suspicions what do you truly have to base it on?"She shouted back. "You said he was the legitimate Air. you accepted all of what he said when we were There. What suddenly has you so suspicious of him. I will admit I did as well for a time But well I do not know what to think.As far the dragons. He said he planed to hatch one and he has, he also took back his request for the other. he said to keep those we had.. I have told you this. So what is it now that has you so ready to condemn him? Perhaps he is eager to know where you stand because he needs you. He said himself there might be a civil war in the Iron Islands. Maybe it has nothing to do with wanting you at his beck and call, but he respects you as a man Values your skill as a leader and warrior, and yes perhaps I am wrong but I point out again. we have nothing to prove it one way or another"

    [22:57:50] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head and clinches his jaw "he does not respect us, he addressed you as Targaryen Stark.. you are stark.. period.. he did not so much leave a message and then he ignores everything i sent in my raven, and basically whistles me down to kings landing like a dog.. I will send a raven to Lord Umber and order him to set up the encampment sooner than planned"

    [23:05:22] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed "He did not just call me A Targaryan Vayon He made a formal note of my entire name. Which Is still Stark. He said in Kingslanding to if you recall he gave me back the name Targaryan. and if you recall as well I was never ashamed of MY Blackfyre name Perhaps he meant that only to reassure me, That I was accepted as family. I see no insult there as the Sir name Is there and that IS Stark. He is not snapping his fingers at you. HE asks you to come there As he can not leave there, He came here Vayon, And he did say he had to leave. He did not just up and go. Though he did not go into detail. Vayon honestly if we ventured there. And you went out for what ever reason and came back to find out I had left. Would you stay there or would you follow. I left no word or reason you just came back to find me gone." What would you have done?" She asked her rose gaze meeting his,

    [23:08:20] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) sighs the vein in his head still visible as ever "I would trust my guards to see you home, as I know you would not intentionally leave me for some ill reason... I would follow yes.. but I would make sure our host was seen to first"

    [23:13:07] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She tilted her head "Truly. The queen left no word, not to any of us. We just woke and she was gone along with half his guard, But then again you do trust me. How do you know he completely trusts her. You recall the raven sent, about the dragons. She now has a child and perhaps another in her belly Both potentially with mothers blood who knows. Perhaps he feared, she intends to betray him. I do not know. But Vayon He is king. and he had no way of knowing when you would return. So he left word with me,that he was leaving. I did not ask details or why. He is king Cousin or not it is not my place. " she said softening her tone weariness etched upon her features.

    [23:14:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) still mad as ever takes a deep breath "doesn't change anything, he does not honor the alliance.. he honors himself, and it will not stand...i will make plans with him and preparations with Lord Umber"

    [23:19:49] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed shaking her head Turning toward the bed as her back was aching horribly. The tension in her taking it's toll, "And still you give no real reason All this is based on Assumptions Vayon You have no way to prove anything. I think you are so sure he is like Aeden you are seeing things that may not be there. You see an ulterior motive in a every good deed, but have nothing NOTHING at all to base any of this on You give him the perfect reason to not trust you, Because you have already condemned him before knowing if any of it is true or not" she said wincing. "I am going to bed, You do what you choose it is obvious what I think and feel does not matter. All I have tried to do is make you see reason be sure and have real facts before you act. but it's obvious you already made up your mind" she said easing to the edge of the bed to weary to even change, She lay down on her side tears cascading down her cheeks. She had so wanted peace and now she felt like she was at war with her own husband.

    [23:27:55] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) waves his hand in dismissal as his wife goes to lay in the bed, he turns to leave the room. the first time he has ever left her crying

    [23:33:42] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She did not see the wave. Nor did she turn as she heard the heavy steps taking him away from her. she curled up into the bedding silent sobs causing her form to tremble. her hands hugging her belly. trying to gain comfort from the life with in. eventually crying herself to sleep.

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