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    The Court goes to Winterfell

    Ginevra Lannister
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    The Court goes to Winterfell Empty The Court goes to Winterfell

    Post by Ginevra Lannister on Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:09 am

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles to Ginevra, "good morrow, Ginevra, I see you still in colors and not white, suppose you decided not to take mine and the Septa's advice, hum?"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) watches the Queen in her elegant black and white gown stepping into the gardens, with her prince in her arms. She approaches her slowly and curtseys "My Queen, you look very beautiful, and the little Prince is adorable"
    She shrugs ever so lightly, bowing her head a little after the Queen's greeting ... "Your Grace, I do not wish to appear ungrateful ... yet I cannot renounce my family's possessions at this point."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles, "our traveling clothes...." cants her head listening, nods, "I see, so you intend to return to Lannisport, and without a husband?" arches a brow.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) blushes prettily and bites her lip ..."If truth be told, Your Grace, I am not looking forward very much to such a travel or a husband, that I might not even know ... But these are the burdens of all young noble ladies, I know. I would wish very much to stay at King's Landing and at the Court for a while, milady, and learn the ways of the nobility here."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to her, "then I suggest you see to it whatever family and guards you have remaining support you in that. With the rumors from the North, and the trip up there perhaps some suspecision will come off of the Lannister house but still.. I would watch yourself where the King is concerned."

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) swallows hard and nods, giving the Queen a thankful look "My Family have always entertained quarters in the capital, my Queen, and the Lion Guard protect me well ... enough, for the moment. Sir Jorah has offered me to use his quarters as well while he should be gone. The King ... he has no love for the Lannisters, I know." She sighs and looks down.

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) watches her steadily never lowering my chin, finally looking to the sept, "I should continue my walk, Ginevra, and I shall this morrow say my prayers in the sept the last time before we leave, I do wish you most well.. but too I must caution you again, as your friend and your queen. Give no reason to raise the king's eyes to look in your direction, least he find reason to think you might be other than you appear." wondering if the young lady catches her drift in that.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks up again and listens to the Queen's words, drawing in her breath and then nodding slightly. She takes a small step closer and looks at Brigit imploringly "Your Grace ... please, do not leave yet ... I am giving you or the King no reason to believe I am anyone else ... My Lady, and please accept my respects to the birth of your Son the ... crown prince" She offers a red box, carefully wrapped in satins and gold. "Those are but well crafted toys, my Queen, my family has always entertained good connections to the excellent craftsmen of all trades."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles and takes the offered gift, immediately passing it to one of the ladies behind her and shifting the baby to a position over her shoulder. "I must accompany my husband why would you not want me to do that?" looking at her curiously.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) smiles as the Queen accepts the giftbox for the young prince, then makes a small curtsey ... "Forgive me, but you have mistaken my meaning. I did not wish you to stop from accompanying His Grace, just was hoping for you to stay a little longer here before walking to the sept." Then she takes a deep breath and speaks in a lower voice .."My Queen ... the former Hand, Lord Ramsii, I heard him speak of Prince Tristan and the Wall ..."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) tilts my head again, sucking in my cheeks for a moment I seemed rather preoccupied with the child in my arms rather than the conversation. Lifting my head I look again to the young Lannister, "I see, well I shant tarry long, in that I have much yet to do before I climb into the wheelhouse, and I do wish to be with the Gods before I go into a Godless place, they have no septs in Winterfell that I know of..." trails off as she sees the white stallion, smiles.

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Not yet they do not. ::He replies as he rides up upon Orion and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a guard before making his way over to his Queen and kissing her gently:: It shall be but one of the issues I seek to discuss with the Warden of the North my love. Perhaps the light of the seven can save them from their own heathen beliefs.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) sees the people in the yard and gardens make space for the magnificent white stallion, bearing the King ... she takes a step back and lowers her eyes, standing respectfully back

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles, letting her lips meet his a moment, lowers her eyes before him, "perhaps we should take the Septa with us, she'd beat the Gods into em." snickers.

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly "I fear she would not have many days of travel left in her.....besides I need her here for aid in a matter concerning a petition I seek to give unto the High Septon, that I shall reveal to you later, my love." He replies kissing her once more while a hand flows over her dress "Love the dress my dear, is it new?"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) stays silent and in the background, pondering the decision whether it would be better to stand silent or to try to fade out to leave the royal couple without her presence

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles and shakes her head, glancing over to Ginevra their conversation taking an abrupt turn, "no its quite old actually, but thank you." takes a long breath, "its time I attend the Gods with your son, Daegon;... I will be ready to depart after I have my moments in the sept."

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) bows his head to her, "As you wish, my Queen." He replies, keeping his head bowed as he leans inward a bit to kiss his son gently on the forehead and whispering to him "Go my son, and feel as you stand amongst familiar friends, rather than supernatural beings forever from your touch."

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) sends a small smile to the Queen and her Prince, who looks so small in his mother's arms, then lowers her gaze again

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) rubs his bare shoulder letting her hand caress him there a moment before glancing again to Ginevra and moving to go the back way into the sept, knowing the guards would stay out, it was a holy place.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) stays back respectfully, her eyes demurely lowered, waiting for the King to either pass or address her, as he has so far not taken notice of her

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) It has always been my belief, that as the gods made us, we should feel as though we are in the presence of friends when we pray to them, rather than in the presence of some unknowable deity, like those heathen northerners and their unknowable god tree's......what do you think, Lady Lannister?

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) raises her eyes to meet his "Your Grace is in a different position there ... among the Seven. But if I could I would wish to rather feel love and respect than fear." She lowers her eyes again. "I am surprised to see you here in King's Landing and not with the Army, but it is not for me to question,"

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) stepping out, interrupts whatever conversation they might have been having, "Daegon when we get back from Winterfell we should hold a formal naming with the High Septon."

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly "My Legions come with me. Some will ride ahead, others behind so as to ensure safe travel. ::He replies to ginerva before looking to his beloved and nodding once. "Agreed my love. I shall have a guard ask Septa Lestatia if she wishes to accompany us or not, as I doubt she would pass up the chance to beat some guilt into some heathens with the strong light of the seven." He replies with a chuckle

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks up again and at the Queen, who has returned from the sept and quietly listens to the Lord and the Lady exchange their words

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head, "the old woman has taken to her bed, its said by the younger septa that she is with grief from your leaving," purses her lips, "I am ready then if the wheelhouse is?"

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) arches a low brow before nodding "Aye it is....And I shall have the old woman rest carefuly, in another wheelhouse, without waking her, if it would please you, my love?"

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) shakes her head waving a hand, "I thought you wanted her here?" looking rather confused.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) listens to the curious conversation, wondering how the Queen will reply to the repeated suggestion of the Old Septa to join them

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) shrugs lightly "As it is now I will not have time to send the petition to the high septon until I return, so I leave the choice to you my love."

    Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods, "leave the ancient thing in peace then, we need her not where we are going, she'd just work herself into a frazzel," she turns and walks toward the gate.

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly and nods to his wife before muttering to himself "Perhaps it best, so she does not end up spouting out anymore so called 'Prophecies' about my son..."

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) carefully notes the King's reaction, but says nothing, either not to anger him perhaps, or to meddle with affairs that he might not want to explain, but she cannot but let a curious look out

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly seeing the Lannisters curious look before turning towards "And will you be joining us, Lady lannister?"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "I would, if my King wishes it. I am trying to learn the ways of the court, Your Grace." She says in a flat tone, fidgeting with the ribbons of her belt

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) shrugs lightly as the Dragon guard bring Orion to him and he quickly climbs up into the saddle
    Daegon Targaryen (thilil): You are free to do as you wish milady. You are a woman of title, even though it maybe tarnished by the deeds of your dead relatives it is still a title.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) listens to his words, curtseys, her face still as a mask
    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): "It is not my wish to burden Your Grace. " she starts, then stops, looking after the man who walks through the yard and by them

    Daegon Targaryen (thilil) chuckles lightly before shrugging again "Your choice." he replies before raising his hand, motioning for the dragon guard to fall in to formation. He nods once to her before giving Orion a slight nudge in the sides and begins trotting away slowly with the Knights Marchimg in unison behind him.

    Mister Ashley (jinx.ashley) approaches the pair with deference, recognizing at once the man on the magnificent steed, "Your Grace... my lady", he bows
    Mister Ashley (jinx.ashley) steps forward towards the highborn lady, as soon as the King leaves. "My lady" he puts a hand to his chest as he greets her

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) watches the King ride off with his Guard, then turns slowly towards the man in dark garb and lets her gaze pass over him

    Mister Ashley (jinx.ashley) looks about for her household guards, before taking another step forward, "Do you require an escort, my lady? [The town centre isn't exactly the place for a lady such as yourself.]"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie): As the man steps closer, she motions some of the Lion Guard to advance a little, then looks at him "And who might you be, ser?" she addresses him

    Mister Ashley (jinx.ashley) backs off a little before introducing himself with a flourish of his hand, "I'm no ser, my lady. The name's Brandon. From the North." he says simply. He notices the crest on her guards' armor, "Indeed what people say about the famed Lannister beauty is true." he looks at her admiringly

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) gives the stranger one of her charming smiles and inclines her head slightly, before she raises a fine brow "You do know that walking straight into the King might be considered folly by some?" she chuckles lightly. "And how and why have you come such a far way from the North, Brandon?"

    Mister Ashley (jinx.ashley) clears his throat and runs his fingers through his hair, realising he looked a little too shabby in front of the Lannister woman, "I'm a wandering crow, my lady. I am here for men bound for the Wall... It is a noble profession." He quickly adds

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks at the man in black, realizing she has not met a Crow in person in the past few years "So you have taken the Crows' vows?" she asks curiously, studying his handsome face, wondering how many girls he had already made unhappy

    Mister Ashley (jinx.ashley) notices the woman's eyes looking over his face and smirks, "Well yes... no wife or sons... it's easy as long as I'm careful enough," he says trying to maintain a straight face, wondering if this talk is inappropriate for her

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) shrugs lightly and laughs at the man's words and his straight face .. then she picks up her skirts and motions for her guards to walk up the stairs "Farewell ... Brandon, maybe our paths will cross again"

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