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    The Stag, the Lion and the Raven Empty The Stag, the Lion and the Raven

    Post by Ginevra Lannister on Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:13 am

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks up from her book as she hears footsteps

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) looks about the empty city streets then pkumps back sititing on the steps witha sigh "such a waist of a city"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) glancing over to the tall man, clad in armour and a yellow tunique, she recognizes him as Lord Baratheon ... she slowly gets up from the grass , picks up her skirts and approaches him slowly, nodding towards one of the Lion Guard stationed close by

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) glances over seeing the girl draw near then nods as his famous smirk graces his lips "good eve"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) nods towards the man, arching her fine eyebrows in surprise, as she sees him sitting on the stairs leading up to the keep "And good eve to you, Lord Baratheon ... " she smiles a little and slowly steps closer, the evening sun dancing on her fine golden hair "The King has already left King's Landing ..."

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) motions for one of the patrolling gaurds to come over, then handing the gaurd a few coins he points to the tavern "my normal and the biggest serving horn they have" he then looks back to the girl a moment "left to go where? north to Winterfell?"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) watches the man sending the guard off to the tavern, then turns her gaze back to the man sitting on the stairs ... She tilts her head a little, studying his face and garment ... no sign of a Hand there "I am surprised you are not accompanying him ..."

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) shrugs his shoulders "those duties have been passed on to another; i finally have time to put my houses business in order" his tone calm and relaxed for the first time in a long while as he speaks, his foot tapping as he waits for the gaurd to return

    Ginevra Lannister: "You seem quite at ease ... are you not worried by the talk in the streets? The smallfolk seem restless, and my serving girl tells me that even in the taverns sometimes the men are less talkative ... " she laughs a little, remembering how he was standing by the King's right hand last time she had seen him, and now, he appears more calm and relaxed, even without his Silver emblem, or perhaps because of it

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): i have little time to listen to the smallfolk now days; what is it they are speaking of?

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks over to the tree, where she has left her plaid and her wine ... she smiles at the young Lion Guard and as he approaches asks him to bring her her wine "As the Lord Baratheon seems to have to wait too long for his drink ... I would gladly share some of my own," and her eyes twinkle as she speaks so ... she fills another cup and offers it to him "To the health of both our Houses, my Lord, she says," and takes a small sip ... "Why, the smallfolk are scared ... there are rumours of a Blackfyre bastard ... people talk about dragons ... and some are afraid for the Queen and the Prince "

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) raises a brow and he stands and walks over taking the offered cup of wine, his face puzzled as he speaks in a low voice "a blackfyre bastard? now that does make things complex"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) shrugs lightly ... "You know how the small folk speak - a lot if the days are long ... but still, there might be some truth in it. The King was not pleased to hear of this rumour ..."

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) raises the cup of wine raising his voice loud enough to be heard by those are as he smiles "yes to our families" he then glances around to see none standing close to them as his voice lowers again "a very odd afair; i told him to send the boy tristan to take the wall"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks up at him, showing some surprise "He has taken Tristan with him? He seemed to be ...a little displeased with the boy of late," she says in a low voice as well. "Why would you have him take the Prince to the Wall? "

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): the boy is not his, and no longer the rightful heir to the throne, its safer for the boy to take the wall and give up claim of family and title. He would probably live to grow older on the wall then with spies and rebels targeting him as a threat or hero. the kings friends and enemies could both have reason for such a child to die.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) stares at the lord, then slowly nods ... "It would seem so ... I hope nothing happens to the boy, he is a willful, but sweet child, although he seems to think of himself as a nearly grown man .." she adds with a small smile ... she then turns slightly to see Yseulte approaching "Good evening," she greets her, nodding her head

    Yseulte Mistwood: curtsies to the Lord Baratheon and the Lady Ginevra. "Good day to each of you"

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) smiles and downs the last of the wine as the gaurd finally returns from the tavern with his horn of mead, reach out he quickly snatches the horn and glares at teh gaurd as he goes running to the heighst wall of the city; he then nods to Yse then looks back to Ginevra "Aye; its a complex thing"

    Yseulte Mistwood: proceeds to the Sept..... and pauses behind a wall within listening distance

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) follows the Lord's gaze, then turns back to him "That guard has surely taken his time ... " she smiles

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) smirks his famous smirk again "Aye know that gaurd, i'll see to it that i join in there card game tomorrow night and take a weeks pay for making me wait" he laughes as he finally gets a drink of his honey mead

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) joins in his laughter ... it would have been hard for her to picture the Lord Baratheon of a few weeks ago in the tavern with the guards ... she takes another sip of the Highgarden wine "You have been on private business, my lord? Or why has the King released you from your service ?"

    Yseulte Mistwood: ~~~Finally........~~~~

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) glances over "i had family matters to attend too; and i was released mostly at the queens request from what i was told...." his voice trails off a moment before his speaks again "tho, my full authority was never formally taken away from me personally; so i still carry much weight with the gaurds and armies of the city. Plus i was given teh kings promise for whatever support i might ever need"

    Yseulte Mistwood: ~~~The king still supports him? At least publically~~~

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) nods and takes another small sip, realizing how quickly Ramsii has finished his mead again ... "Our sweet Queen? ... And are you not troubled by the presence of the Red and Black Guard, that accompany the King everywhere?"

    Yseulte Mistwood: Steps from the Sept and leans against the column, pretending to be fussing with my skirts, brushing them, straightening them. I would not dare interrupt the conversation of nobles.

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) shakes his head "I've done my best to be a loyal friend to the King, since even before he was sure he would get the crown; i even took him tothe tavern in stead of the cells after he killed Aeden. He has given me no cause to fear him"

    Yseulte Mistwood: My head bowed--looking at my skirt--an eyebrow arches at Lord B's comment.

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) notes the arched brow of the women out of the corner of his eye before speaks again "People just like to worry and fear whats new or different, we all have to get used to change; or we'll all become paranoid husks of our former selves"

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) offers another fill of the cup to the lord ... "You led His Grace to a tavern after ... " she stops and shrugs, and listens to his other comment

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): Aye the tavern, it was so much close than the cells; and has better service for drinks

    Yseulte Mistwood: I raise my head, shaking it sligthly to get a strand of hair from my face before turning my gaze boldly to the Lord Baratheon. I stand and watch and listen............

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): i've never truely been and stateman, nor have i cared about teh affairs of teh whole realm, only my families lands. I only became the Kings Hand at his personal request.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) shakes her head slightly, then laughing "You speak of it as if you enjoyed those days ... "

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) grins "life was simple before my father died and i was named heir to Storm's End, and it was only a few days after that when i ment the Deagon and watched Aeden died by his hand....it was an odd week in my life. It changed the world in my eyes"

    Yseulte Mistwood: ~~~Remembers the simple life at Casterly Rock, my father --Lord Lannister's Maester--nearby, teaching me........~~

    Ginevra Lannister: "The way of the world? ... " she falls silent for a moment "It was his own nephew, wasn#t he ..."

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) nods "Aye, so it seems, the child of Deagon's younger brother" he glances over to Yse a moment eying her up before looking back to Ginevra "but that's all long past now, and with a new Hand maybe my life will be simpler again. leave the politcs to those that have a stake in it; no ones offered me anything to help the Storm Lands, so house Baratheon will sit neutral awhile"

    Yseulte Mistwood: ~~~Wonders if the 'world' has ever known peace and stability.~~~ His comment snaps me from my reverie. ~~~Neutral? no such thing under this king~~~ I think to myself.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) straightens herself a little ... "the King has promised you his assistance though if needs be? He would surely loathe an old friend to go without help if he would be in need. Unless he ..." she stops again, turns a little and looks Yse in the eye "Would you care to join our conversation? You and the Lord seem to be well acquainted, and I always enjoy people from home around so much ..."

    Yseulte Mistwood: I look across the plaza with a small smile/smirk. "Thank you m'Lady." My gaze turns to Lord Baratheon

    Ginevra Lannister: "Oh, and please take one of the cups, if it pleases you, Yseulte, from that young Lion Guard .. we are sharing a bottle of Highgarden here." She smiles at the Guard, who respectfully nods his head, then enjoys the sight of the light reflect on her large Lannister ruby ring

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) nods agian to Yse a moment before looing to the lady again "you were about to say something else?" he askes

    Yseulte Mistwood: "Thank you m'Lady" I graciously accept the drink, raise it to my mouth and sip. "Tis a treat indeed" I offer the Guard a small smile of appreciation.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks up at the Lord again, looking a little lost ..."I must have forgotten what it was. But perhaps Yseulte has some news? She is so learned in many ways."

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak): oh?

    Yseulte Mistwood: Lowering the goblet I shake my head as I swallow. "No m'Lady. I have no news at the moment. I have seen neither the Queen, King nor the Lord Hand in many days."

    Ginevra Lannister: "I was telling our good Lord about the rumours one of the serving wenches has been telling me about ... People being disquieted, restless, unwilling to talk ... unsettled by stories of dragons. What say you to this?"

    Yseulte Mistwood: "I have heard those same stories but will believe only mine own eyes. A dragon? Have either of you seen a dragon of any size?" My gaze moves from one to the other.

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) quitely passes of the topic without a thought given to dragons "what about the rumor of a blackfyre bastard?"

    Yseulte Mistwood: "now THATs a rumor I'd like to see settled. This man is quite the ghost--seen then disappears then reappears hundreds of miles away the next day." I take another drink of the mead.

    Ginevra Lannister: "With a fully grown dragon the King would be ... very powerful." She smiles slightly, then turns serious "Even more powerful than already ... almost ... God-like." She takes a small sip again, "I know of two people, who have seen the dragon."

    Yseulte Mistwood: The eyebrow goes up again as I look at the Lady. "You do? What color is the beast?" having heard through my own sources that it was black.

    Ginevra Lannister "The bastard - the King seems to think he should not wear the name Blackfyre, but Hills .."

    Ramsii Baratheon (ramsii.greycloak) leans over to listen to a gaurd whispering in his ear in a low voice then looks to the women "if you'll pardon me a while" he nods his head respectful to them "it was a delight talking" he then turns to quickly head off toward the stables

    Yseulte Mistwood: "Tis a bold lad to carry the family name" I nod in agreement, noticing that Lord Baratheon has yet to pipe in about the dragon. I watch him as he listens to the guard then departs. "Hum. Well THAT was interesting?" then I swallow the last of the mead.

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) looks after him depart ... then turn back to Yse "Where do you know the Lord from?"

    Yseulte Mistwood: My eyes catch a blur of black crossing the patch of sky I can see. Following the form I see it is going towards the top of the keep where my current rooms are. I return my gaze to the Lady, shaking my head. "I do not. I have only seen him in court."

    Ginevra Lannister (princessginnie) smiles pleasantly ... " You seem to have a hand with .. Hands"
    "Well, he is not Hand anymore, so maybe the luck has left him. Our dear Jorah on the other hand ... has he made for Winterfell yet?"

    Yseulte Mistwood: snickers then laughs and shrugs. "I do not know Lord Baratheon. Lord Algood? Well, I got to know him before he was The Hand. And I have not seen much of him since then." I sigh "If you will pardon me m'Lady, I have some chores to attend to." I set the goblet next to the bottle and offer her a curtsy. "I hope we have a chance to talk more soon."

    Yseulte Mistwood: I begin the long climb up all those stairs to my little piece of heaven at the top of the keep

    Ginevra Lannister "It was good to talk to someone from home ... have a good day, Yseulte."

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