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    Wenna Dunn, Lady of Rosby


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    Wenna Dunn, Lady of Rosby

    Post by Wenna on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:33 pm

    Wenna Dunn. Just a simple girl, of simple origins. Daughter of simple folk - bakers both, Maggie and Walter Dunn.

    Owns the Whistling Wren Tavern. Who says simple folk can't rise from the dirt?

    Wenna is now the Lady of Rosby.

    A small holding north of Kings Landing. Gifted by the late King. House Rosby's lands and castle are found at the village of Rosby, where there are daub-and-wattle huts, a sept, and a well.

    To certain circles, Wenna is known as ..... The Mistress of Secrets.

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