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    Steps to helping somene do Character Creation


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    Steps to helping somene do Character Creation

    Post by Brigit on Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:50 pm

    Helping people to create characters is VITAL to our growing community. Dailey there are 4-6 new players wanting to join us contacting at least one of our members or showing up at the landing. This is wonderful and an indication that the advertising we are doing is working. However, I could make it my full time occupation If I were the only one helping these people or if they were all directed to me by our current players. So I'm asking you to help me help them. The goal here is to grow our community and have these new folks fit right into the rp.

    The good news is its not difficult to do it, some of you will find this very familiar as myself or someone else have done it with you Smile

    1. Give them the NC's and and an LM to the Info Center.
      a. How to create a character for GoT.

      b. Rules for the Sim. Encourage reading them because of the child rules.

    2. Go to the Info center with them and ascertain charactics of the character they would like to play; i.e nobility or smallfolk. Age of Character, how much do they know about GoT's etc. Bascially your going to be asking the same questions that are on the NC you gave them in step one.

    3. Suggest a house(s) if there isn't one apparent. Hair color matters as does mannerisms. I.e. You wouldn't want a tall blonde regal woman in the Storm's End house, she would likely be a Lannister. If the person is willing to change their appearace to fit the rp then it opens up a lot of possiblilities.

    4. IF they chose any of the locations over houses, lead them to the right place.
      a. If they chose Winterfell, Stark, or a Stark bannerman, guide them fruther by getting them the info from the Winterfell adboard with includes and LM and NC to Winterfell. Encourage them to IM the folks from Winterfell, Pepe or Alkina.

      b. If they chose one of the locations Jac Naxos has encourage they contact him. i.e. Grassy Vale, the Wall, Crossroads, etc. The adboards will give the LM and information as to who to contact.

      c. Each holding as its own rp community, house, or family has a NC with whom to contatct to rp in these places. i.e Baratheon has Storm's End, Lannister has Casterly Rock, etc. All the contact info is in the NC just click the adboard appropriate and give them the contents.

    5. If you haven't already solved it that means they are still wanting to rp in King's Landing, and that's great too! Any house and anyone from the free cities can rp in King's Landing at any time. Anyone is welcome and it is the major city in Westeros so we do have the most traffic and rp's going on.
      a. If the person wants to be a small folk, just help them with a backstory. Figure out the information in steps 1 & 2 and get a plausable reason why they ended up in KL. All you need to do at this point is guide them. Doesn't have to be super detailed to start. The main thing is to get them into rp.

      b. If nobiltity, you must find them a house and repeat step 4 if needed here, giving contact information to the Lord/Lady or head of that house. They are leaders of that house for a reason. We do not try to place people in the houses for them, instead we make sure those people have contact information to existing house members.

    6. Get them the groups and websites:
      a. The KL group is open enrollment, copy the url from the group info window and paste it to them as a link, they can click to open the group window and join for $0.

      b. The Game of Thrones Help Group.

      c. Give them the forum website addy; which is included in that NC you gave them to start with.

      d. Give them the Citadel website addy; which is included in that NC you gave them to start with.

    7. Sometimes its important to know what not to do so here goes with what you do not want to do.

      a. Do not commit to giving them a Lordship or a Ladyship. NO one gets these with out rp'ing into it.

      b. Many people come in and right off the bat say "I want to be royalty" royalty positions are by approval only as the only royalty is house Targaryen at the moment and it is closed to new members. The only other royalty is House Martell simply for the Dornish traditions, those people are not actual royalty but are titled as such.

      c. Getting familiar yourself with the rules so you know what cannot be done. i.e. Rules for children, there can be no dragons... yet. We rarely approve animals, there are no Wargs except in Winterfell. etc.

    YES if you are in doubt contact myself or Thilil Resident (Daegon). Good Luck and happy recruiting..

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