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    Post by Sandy Lannister on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:36 am

    Brigit Targaryen waves to Sandy.

    Sandy Lannister looks up and smiles at the Queen waving wildly back. "Good Morrow!!!" she yells up and then covers her mouth as she was probably too loud and Septa Lesatia would not have her yelling.

    Brigit Targaryen giggles to Sandy, "its okay the Septa sleeps like a rock." laughs.

    Sandy Lannister laughs and nods at the Queen. "Well then...is there anything You need, Your Grace!!!!!"

    Brigit Targaryen nods to her "lemmoncakes, you want some too?"
    Brigit Targaryen comes down off the battlement and down the stairs, "come on, we can have tea and lemmoncakes in the smallfolks feast hall."

    Sandy Lannister smiles at the Queen. "Your Grace, may I ask who that young girl was out there? She seemed very upset over...dead flowers."

    Brigit Targaryen shrugs, "Princess Elysian Marell of Dorne."
    Sandy Lannister nods "Oh....I see...." Sandy twiddles with her fingers. "I hope she will be alright..."

    Brigit Targaryen nods, "she'll be fine, she's probably rather homesick, she's young, her father fostered her here and I'm afraid I haven't had much time for her."

    Sandy Lannister nods "Oh the poor thing. Perhaps she needs a friend? Someone to talk to.....Maybe I can help her?"

    Brigit Targaryen nods, "that would be very nice of you Sandy, I don't think she has made many friends here yet."

    Sandy Lannister nods and smacks her hand lightly on the table. "That's what I shall do then. I shall befriend her and make her feel....more at home. I couldn't bear to see a young girl like that upset and moping about so..."

    Brigit Targaryen smiles, startled, and giggles as the servant jumped also, nearly spilling the tray she was carrying. Neverthe less the food came and was served with the tea, the Kingsguard trying a bit of them both, leaving Brigit and Sandy waiting to see if he keels over dead before they could eat and drink it. When enough time had passed she waved her hand and the mean looking fat man in undersized armor moved away. Taking a small plate and cup she pours the tea and dishes the lemmon cakes, setting Sandy's plate to her place and takes her own plate. "I think you have a good heart, and certainly not he heart of a Lannister, Sandy."

    Sandy Lannister takes her plate gratefully and nods her thanks. "Thank you, Your Grace. I understand.....some of my family were.....well....I suppose not very kind....but people can change things . Don't you think?" She takes a small bite of her lemoncake and tasting the sugary treat decides a small bite isn't good enough. Going in for a bigger one....her cheeks puffed out.

    Brigit Targaryen eats licking the lemmon filling out, drinks down the crust with her tea, "no, I don't think you can change your blood, but I do think you are more Targaryen than you are Lannister, though I'm not sure how that all works out... let me ask you something... does fire burn you?" then looking at her trying to catch a glimpse of her eyes to see if she saw any purple at all in there not having looked for that before.

    Sandy Lannister stops chewing and swallows, looking at the Queen. "Burn? Well I have never purposely placed fire on my skin or anywhere on my body but I'm sure it would hurt something terrible." She looks at the Queen questioningly.

    Brigit Targaryen motions a serving woman who comes quicly over an kneels, "get us a candle, any candle will do." and shoos her away with the flick of my hand. Smiles to Sandy, "we'll just find out then." when the serving woman hurries back and sets a candle down on the table she motions for it to be lit

    Sandy Lannister watches as the candle is brought to the table and looks over at the Queen. "Um.....Your Grace? What .....Why ........you don't mean for me to stick my hand in the candle do you?"

    Brigit Targaryen shrugs, reaches out and puts her hand in the flame holding it there.

    Sandy Lannister opens her mouth about to yelp in pain as her hand is put in the flame but when nothing happens she closes her mouth and her eyes widen. "I.....um..." She looks at the Queen and quickly looks back to her hand in the flame. Nothing....there is no pain at all. She stares curiously almost as if she doesn't believe what she is seeing.

    Brigit Targaryen pulls their hands back out of the flame and turns to look at her and just smiles.

    Sandy Lannister pulls her hand back to her face and inspects her hand. Nothing. No burn...no redness. With her hand still up in front of her face she looks at the Queen and back at her hand, closing her hand into a fist and opening it again, making sure she can still do so. "......I ....didn't know I could do that....." she says quietly.

    Brigit Targaryen finishes her lemmon cake and her tea, "I need to go make water." giggles, "it happens a lot to me now!" blinks at her, patting her on the shoulder, "now you know." nodding to her... "good night Sandy, sleep well when you do." chuckles and waddles off.

    Sandy Lannister still looking at her hand she nods. "Yes your Grace.....good night....."

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