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    Post by Lady Alkina Stark on Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:19 pm

    Ever since she can remember, she has been treated differently. Pale skinned, red eyed, snow-white hair. It was the gods who made her this way. But that mattered little to the other children. Even being a Blackfyre. Born to a noble family. Dayon Darkstar and Alora Blackfyre daughter to Daemon Blackfyre II, They would tease her, call her names, and eventually, outcast her. At least that is what they called it. She was born in lands east of the free cities, lands known to all, but understood by few. Asshai, also called the Shadowlands.
    To the men of the west and across the narrow sea, her countrymen were magicians and dragon riders. It was said that the Targaryens learned to ride their fierce battle dragons there. In fact, it is the house Blackfyre, a Targaryen offshoot, that flows in her blood.

    Being tutored by Maester Lynus, she spent her days in his keep Taken from her parents for her teachings . She was more fit for studying and learning, and was always treated as special by the elders and Maesters. "Someday you will call the dreams from the stars" they would tell her. They also would tell her that the other children and villagers would not treat her so kindly, being a white skin. In Asshai, a country of magic and mystery, white skins were seen as a magical blessing, and those born to that curse were either exalted above the rest or left in the wastelands to be fed to the dragons.

    When she turned 16, she was taken on a long journey. It was a big party, Maester Lynus, his brother Targis and several men only called the Shadow binders accompanied her, as well as 30 servants and other girls. She was denied clothing, and was forced to show herself to all those who asked, but never allowed to be touched (it was believed that touching her sexually against her will would negate out her powers). After a 3 months of traveling, they ended up in a large, wealthy city called Pentos.

    The shadow binders would not go near the city, so Maester Lynus took her into the gates. It was more than she had ever seen, men in Silk robes with long beards, Merchants selling wares and yelling out prices, Guards and men in armor walking the streets, Women both naked and clothed offering themselves to all who would look upon them. "This is goodbye Alkina, I will not see you again" Maester Lynus said in a sorrow filled voice. "I have taught you all I can, and the men who came with us, he hesitated for several moments, They fear what you have not learned to Control your gifts and are afraid. Alkina they expect me to end you and I will not, You are to stay in these gates, do as you must to survive, free or otherwise.

    Alkina understood his words, with tears in her eyes she hugged the man who had been so kind to her, almost like the father she had hardly gotten to know. knowing that when he left these gates without her, his life would be forfeit. As much as she wanted to go to him, or tell him to come. She knew she could not. She ran, ran until she reached the sea... DOCKS. She saw a way to escape.. but to where? She knew no one.. never talked to anybody other than her Maester and other teachers.

    "Are you lost white skin?" she heard a voice say from behind her. The young man was tall... much taller than any man she had seen in Asshai or Pentos. He had strong arms and chest, handsome features and gorgeous raven black flowing hair. Before she could stop herself, she was telling him EVERYTHING. He seemed to understand her, and never once looked upon her differently. As of she was some freak.

    His name was Vayon Stark, Next lord of the land of Winterfell, and he came from across the narrow sea. He was interested in what the world had to offer, always searching for knowledge, as she often did in her studies. For the next 3 years they would pal around the world, seeing new cultures and sights, occasionally stopping off in Vayon's home of Winterfell to get supplies or for him to tend to duties. Around her 19th year, things changed. She looked at Vayon differently, in a new kind of light. Their relation ship was growing far more personal deeper, One evening in his chambers, she came to him, spent the night talking and laughing, reminiscing about their travels, not noticing his gaze upon her. To her surprise he leaned over and kissed her, then proceeded to undress and head to the bath. She caught herself staring at his form, as he lead her to the bathing chambers, A longing like she had never known warming her form with in. After it was over, the two became closer than ever. Now, in her home in Winterfell, with her man beside her and new friends accepting her.. her fate is hers to live.. not knowing it already has been sealed....
    She is now his wife and Lady Stark of Winterfell. By his side and offering her undying support.

    For her ancestral blood line look here.


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