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    Settling the Affairs... Empty Settling the Affairs...

    Post by Brigit on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:25 am

    [2012/02/13 22:32] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) adorns his helm as he escorts his beloved outside to their awaiting horses and wheel house.
    [2012/02/13 22:35] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) rides up and dismounts, handing her reigns off to a waiting guard, "thank you." she spoke to the guard and looked over to her husband.
    [2012/02/13 22:39] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) walks down stone path slowly,biting her lower lip as she composes her behavioure.Than finally forcing out short smile she gazes over King and Queen"Your Grace"she turns to Daegon and ignoring courtosies continues"Why is Casterly honoured by your visit?"
    [2012/02/13 22:39] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath, "my good sister," forces a smile, "maybe we should go inside?"
    [2012/02/13 22:39] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) looks to his beloved as he too dismounts motioning for the cart they pulled to come around. On the cart was an object covered with a pale white shroud "Just returning something you sent to us, my beloved sister..."
    [2012/02/13 22:41] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath, letting this be between brother and sister, she stepped back slightly.
    [2012/02/13 22:42] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) frowns as she glances at cart shortly,pausing just for moment before looking at Daegon"How kind of you Your Grace".Gazing at Brigit than she tilts head and carefully observes her"Married life does you good my Queen,you are simply glowing"than motioning to two servants standing behind her she points at cart"Take that to one of rooms"
    [2012/02/13 22:42] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) slowly removes his ancestral helm before tucking it beneath his arm and allowing his burning violet eyes to glare at his sister.
    [2012/02/13 22:44] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) trying not to twitch as Aeron's body was carried,refusing even to look at it she flashes somewhat angry look at Daegon"I do presume this wouldn't be the only reason of your visit Your Grace?"she asks with cold tone of voice focusing on him fully
    [2012/02/13 22:46] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) nods to Daena, "I'm sorry Daena." her soft voice would have been drowned out by the sounds around them, and she had no voice to raise it higher she would convey her condolences when things calmed down.
    [2012/02/13 22:46] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Actually, this wasnt my idea at all. I had planned on cutting him up into 15 parts and scattering him along Kings Road, just as our grand father did that one Martell lord...oh...what was his name again?" He asked, knwoing his sister had heard the same stories when they were young.
    [2012/02/13 22:49] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) raises eyebrow and looks at Brigit,playing confusion while saying in same,flat mellow voice"Sorry my Queen?About what are you sorry?It is lovely day outside and whole kingod rejoyce becouse of your new marriage",forcing another smile she glances at Daegon while shrugging lightly"I do not remember Your Grace.It was too long ago..".Pausing again she nods to him"And accept my deepest gratitude for returning Aeron's body after killing him.It was very kind gesture"
    [2012/02/13 22:51] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) suddenly gripped the handle of the Targaryen Family sword at his side as he began to step forward "You insult your own families memories!?" But he stopped his advance as he knew his bride would attempt to stop him before he could do anything.
    [2012/02/13 22:53] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) purses her lips and just looks pained, the woman was remarkable, a true Targaryen in all accounts, when one was in the presence of two such as they the power that eminated from them was quite overwhelming, "be that as it may I am still sorry for your loss good sister. I know you understand what happened and what had to be done... but none the less I know too you cared for the Lannister." holding her arm out, giving her husband a glowering look before smiling to him, "Daegon," she laughs, "Your Sisster is yet in good spirits...." lower in tone, "leave it." as if she could command him.
    [2012/02/13 22:55] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) glances over handle of sword,and than into his eyes as she even laughs softly,not moving from her spot and even proudly lifting her chin even though she felt cold shivers down her spine"My beloved brother,insult them? No..Remember them..Hardly"pausing she tilts her head aside as she continues looking at him"What i do remember is you beeing hasty as you always were."chuckling lower she tilts her head on other side while saying somewhat amused"You were like that even as we played as children.But you couldn't hurt me than..and i doubt you could hurt me now beloved brother"
    [2012/02/13 22:59] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) grumbles below his breath and mumbles something about her being hasty to suck the golden lannister cock, but it was barely audible. Slolwy he calmed himself, cracked his neck from side to side then turned his glowing eyes on her "Alot changes when one sibling bretrays the other...." he says as he stares her down from his massive height. The only time he had ever worn this look before was either right before or right after taking life. He had the same look when he killed his Nephew, and again when he took the life of his brother in law.
    [2012/02/13 23:01] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) knew she had to do something and fast, takes a breath, grabs Daena by the arm, swings her about so that both of their backs were to Daegon Targaryen, "take me in I have other news for you dear good-sister." and starts to walk away with her, turning back only to take one more look at her husband left standing there. Narrows her eyes at him, and then carries on walking.
    [2012/02/13 23:01] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) shrugs lightly as she looks at him even bit apathic"Betrayal is always so..unpleasent i would say",than glancing behind her shoulder while she thought for moment,she slowly returns gaze of her golden eyes to him,looking deeply into his"Our familly always punished for betrayal so harshly,didn't it my brother?One thing i took from our house was not to betray your own blood"than suddely feeling grabbed she follows Brigit
    [2012/02/13 23:03] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) ruffles her dress,pulling her arm out of Brigit's grip she gazes at one of her Lady companions while she was preparing bagage for trip,saying soflty"Yes Mahi,that dress"than turning to Brigit she waits patiently,only adding"Forgive mess,i am planning to start my travels as soon as possible"
    [2012/02/13 23:04] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) speaks to the maids as if she lived there, "food for three, and make it good, I want cakes and ... roast pork." takes a breath then to Daena, "must you challenge him so?" shakes her head, "where will you go?"
    [2012/02/13 23:05] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) shrugs"There..here..anywhere i wish? I have fortune i inherited to spend.These walls are too cold and too silent for my taste.And as far as chalenging him..Remember my Queen we have same blood running in our veins.Wouldn't he challenge?"chuckling lightly as she focuses on her"You mentioned..good news?"
    [2012/02/13 23:08] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) quietly enters the humble hall after taking a long moment to collect himself and his thoughts. His eyes looking first to his wife, then to his sister, before turning and looking upon the Throne of the Warden of the west. A wicked and sadistic grin adorning his lips as he slowly stepped up to it and seated himself upon it.
    [2012/02/13 23:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles, leans into her, "I'm with a child." knowing that instantly with that revealation Daena would know it was too soon to tell it just from when the wedding was only varily over a week ago now. Her eyes looked over to her husband, "but its his." she grins to her, "and how are you feeling? I do wish you would just come to King's Landing to court."
    [2012/02/13 23:12] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) frowns as she looks at her,genuinly shocked and for moment not beeing able to hide her rage"With child?".Making long pause in her words she continues looking at her as she almoust even hated her.Than realising smething,warm smile curves on her full lips and she leans foreward giving Brigit light hug.Than stpping back she sways her hand in air saying firmly"Nay my Queen,i decided i will travel for long time.I miss adventure and excitment of new places i have to say..And here nothing is left for me"
    [2012/02/13 23:14] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) takes out a small orange from his leather pouch before he began to peel it slowly. watching the two women converse with a look of mild disinterest on his face as he peeled thed orance.
    [2012/02/13 23:17] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) takes a breath and nods, "I understand, but you will always have a place at court, you know that." she pauses, glancing to her husband with his orange, even on the Lannister throne he was very handsome, and power eminated from his very being. Looking back to Daena, "what of the faction?" she whispered the words that Daegon could not hear her and would dismiss it as talk among women.
    [2012/02/13 23:20] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) obviously didnt hear the words his wife whispered as he took out a piece of the Orange and ate it slowly. Once he swallowed he finally chose to speak "In that case, dear sister. You will be stripped of all the Lannister wealth and influence, as well as Targaryen. You will be branded a Bastard and carry the Blackfyre name....as will your daughter...Since you care so little about her..."
    [2012/02/13 23:21] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) glances over her shoulder watching Daegon sitting in throne Areon hated so much and couldn't help but laugh silvery"Ah that oversized chair finally have some use.Areon hated it greatly.As i recall he always said it is too..pompeus for any man"she grins at him hoping he would understand it as it was ment,on edge of offence.Than turning to Brigit she looks at her even more surprised,suddenly grasping woman's hand so tight it must brought her some amount of pain,beeing careful that grasp is interpreted as act of affection and hideing it with warm hug while whispering in her ear"Fraction is dead for me,i was never part of it,i lost my husband becouse of it.You have yours to take care of now..I suggest you serve him well"than hearing Daegon's words she turns around and looks at him in light surprise"Are you trying to keep me close dear brother,by your subtle threats?"she chuckled and shrugged"Do what you think you have to.I am in your power as i always were"
    [2012/02/13 23:24] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) glaces a sidelong glance at Daena so glad to hear the words she spoke. Squeeses her hand back before releasing it, nodding but still she didn't trust. Pulling free from her, shepping toward her husband, with a santuring gait, "I tried to convince her, maybe you can do better than I." smiles that disarming smile she reserves only for him and give a playful curtsey.
    [2012/02/13 23:25] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall): *shepping=stepping lol
    [2012/02/13 23:26] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) simply shrugged as he consumed another piece of orange between his lips "Was not a threat. It simply will be done. So I suggest you make your choice no dear sister. Either rejoin your true house and strike the kittens name. Or live out the rest of your days as a Bastard who must whore herself out for a few coppers here and there. Or come to live with us in Kings Landing. In the red keep. Your rightful home."
    [2012/02/13 23:29] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) turns to him,sighing deeply as she looks at evident love that was between Brigit and her brother.She than finally throws away cold mask and says bit tired and defeated,something that rarely happened with Daena"Must you torture me even now Daegon?What more do you wish from me..I gave you my loyalty even when you killed my husband,now i just need time to forget pain that is in my heart.What else can i give you?"she looks at Brigit than before continuing"You have your Queen,child on way..Kingdom to rule.Everything you ever wanted.I am left with nothing,leave me be if you still care for me even little"
    [2012/02/13 23:34] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looked between them, it was a sticky situation one she could not, would not step in the middle of. She lowered her eyes, feeling for Daena, having just gone through the loss of a husband not long ago she felt that pain, even if there was no love there it was painful, regardless. For a moment she saw into the depth of the woman she so admired, then looking over the expression on her husbands face was one she'd never seen before. She found it bewildering, that the two had something between them no one else in this world could ever understand. She stepped back and spoke to the maids, taking a tea off the tray. Staying silent now was her best option and she knew it.
    [2012/02/13 23:41] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) 's eyes suddenly turned ablaze as the fire within them began to burn like furnace "Hold your silver tongue Daena. Do you not remember what you tried to take from me not long ago?" He growled motioning to Brigit "Whether she was willing or not, you still tried to take her from me. Just as you tried to exact your vengence upon me for Aedans death. You could care less about me and you know it. I should never had revealed myself to you. ..Admit it, You no longer have any love for me at all, in anyway, do you!?" He roared out as he stood up gripping the Dragon helm tightly beneath his arm. "You will do as you want, as you always have, always playing the victim. But from now on, you will do so as a Bastard Blackfyre.....until you realize the mistakes you have made against your own flesh and blood." He then shoved the helm upon his head and looked to the guards "Be sure if she leaves she leaves ONLY with her cloths and one horse...Everything else belongs to my step-son now."
    [2012/02/13 23:46] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) sighs as she sways hand in air"As always you do not listen.You never did..Nor did Aeron.I didn't try to take away anything from you.I couldn't even if i wanted."she raises eyebrow and looks at Brigit while continuing"Those who tried to do what they wanted against you,did it on their own conciounse."she raises eyebrow and gazes at him"I will do as i want,as you always did.What i know i learned from you,our father..grandfather.Do not forget who raised me."she frowns slowly lifting her arm and with one gracefull move takes of tiara she worn,laying it on wooden table and gazing over it,before looking to him once more"You could have stopped me if you wanted.And i will obey your orders as i always did.Farewell Your Grace.I hope you have long and wonderful life,and as sister..I can do nothing more but love my brother.More than you can immagine"
    [2012/02/13 23:49] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) covers her mouth, unable to believe the things she was hearing... where had it all gone so wrong? why must powerful houses always be divided among themselves? Suddenly from nowhere she was furious, furious at him, furious at Daena, stepping up she grabbed the King's arm and swung him around to face her. looking beneath that great helm, "NO you will not do this to her... she's YOUR Sister, and she lives and breathes you loyalty even when Aeron did not." unwavering in her tone and manner.
    [2012/02/13 23:51] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) rolled his eyes behind his helm "Then if you speak the truth, then come home. And the past will be behind us...." He began to say before his wife interupted him "What would you have me do? Let her travel freely so any hedge kngiht with a hole in his pocket can kidnap her and hold her for ransome knowing I would pay to get her back? Hmph!?" He asks seemingly out of options as he didnt want to see his sister leave, but he didnt want to see her harmed either.
    [2012/02/13 23:54] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) gazes once more at him,feeling all rage and dissapointmant,as she felt loss just now,yelling out loudly hearing her voice echos stone walls"Mahi tell stable boy to prepare me horse,well fed one.I won't take anything else from here".Than pausing she turns to him once more and says in flat tone"You could always ask me nicely to stay Daegon"chuckles and shrugs lightly,looking even pleased he showed,well any type of concern for her
    [2012/02/13 23:54] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) growls to him, "I would that you would give her time to greive, time to find herself again, and then made her own decisions..." looks around, "I would that you would grant her the ladyship she is due to Casterly Rock and let her remain as she is, why must you always see the bad in things, can you not see the good once?" blinking at him, looking over to Daena, "this is a trying time for all of us good-sister, but perhaps traveling now is not the best option, maybe just come to King's Landing and let things settle a while, be with me when the baby comes."
    [2012/02/13 23:55] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) motions towards Daegon as she reply to Brigit"I want him not to order,but ask me to stay.I never put up with his orders,i never will"shrugs once more lightly"It is his decission"
    [2012/02/14 00:00] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) growled lowly inside his helm. The tone of his growl echoing off the inside of the Dragoniron the helm was forged from made a unique combination, as when the sound exited through the mouth of the helm allowing others to hear it, it sounded just like the growl of a young dragon. His fist clenched the handle of his sword as he glared with glowing violet eyes at his sister befre finally sighing heavily "Dear Sister. Would you please accept the position as high lady of the lannister house and come with us to Kings Landing to allow your later husband to be entomed with the rest of....his family?" He asked, as if it actually pained him to have to have to ask anything of her, his own flesh and blood.
    [2012/02/14 00:02] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) couldn't help but to smile contently,becouse after all..She loved any type of power and victory.Exaling softly in relief beeing she did not wanted to leave here,especially without her wealth she says in indiferent tone of voice,just to burn him even more"Well,when you say it like that dear brother,it would be my pleasure.And thank you for your graciouse offer"
    [2012/02/14 00:04] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) smiles herself, she couldn't help it, "good then it is settled and I'll have the maids prepare your rooms afresh for you. " knowing she'd rather have no one else with her when this baby comes than Daena, she would know what to do, "when can we expect you good sister, so I may be sure to have everything ready?"
    [2012/02/14 00:06] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) glances around,pondering things for moment.Than seeing stable boys preparing horse,simply shrugs and yells out"Mahi my belongings will be sent in King's Landing as soon as possible"than turns to Brigit and with smirk on her face says"Well,as far as i am concerned i am ready.I travel light"chuckles lowly and looks at Daegon once more before turning to Brigit as she adds"I do not wish to stay here any longer"
    [2012/02/14 00:08] Daegon Targaryen (thilil) rolls his eyes before calling for his horse and quickly mounting atop it. Looking to the Guard and sighing
    [2012/02/14 00:09] Daegon Targaryen (thilil): Let her bring what she wants....and help her with her bags. ::He commanded reluctantly as he blew a smal kiss to his beloved, knowing she would accompany Daena in the wheel house.
    [2012/02/14 00:09] Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) looks at Dusty, at the wheel house and at the King, "I'll ride in the wheel house, if it please you, my Husband," she rubbed her belly
    [2012/02/14 00:11] S t a g e i s a (tiale.highwater) snorts as she pats neck of big horse that was saddled and swiftly mount on it,despite of long trailed dress she was wearing"Forgive me if i don't act like Lady,it was never my best strenght"she chuckles and forces horse into galop yelling out"I'll ride alone"

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