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    Sonya Storm "Lady Blackfyre"


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    Sonya Storm "Lady Blackfyre" Empty Sonya Storm "Lady Blackfyre"

    Post by Frost897 on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:40 pm

    To assist in clearing things up, my friends are very silly. Both Sonya and Valentine have failed in keeping their e-mails in check, since they don't go on the internet that much. Ah well, but never fear, I am here for them, and will post up their character sheets for the sake of the rp!
    here is Sonya, enjoy! ^w^

    Sonya Storm
    Unknown origins, raised in House Baratheon.
    Age: recently 20
    position and rank:(changeable) Second in command of the City Watch of King's Landing, and Royal Guardian of house Targaryen.
    Bio: Nicknamed "Lady Blackfyre" for two reasons: her appearance which most people is artificed by some maester trick looks strikingly like that of the Targaryens, and her temprament is like that of a dragon, full of passion and fury, taking nothing dishonorable from anyone.
    She has taken to the name well, but will not mind punching any man who uses it as a shame.
    She was found out from a storm one night by a local house of the Stormlands, and taken into the House of Baratheon, raised along with Sam Baratheon as, at first, a lady in waiting. She showed great promise for combat when she started to grow, her body more muscled and taller than a regular woman's. So the Lord permitted that she be trained in combat.
    This is one reason why the men mock her and the women scoff usually around her. She loves the sword and the heat of battle far more than dresses and pleasantries of court, though still has the ability to act courtly in certain cases.
    Her first kills were not numbered, despite her eventual becoming of a Sellsword. Rather, before her 15th nameday, a pair of men overtook her after tricking the girl into a hidden place, and forced themselves upon her. Afterwardss, they scoffed, and tossed her dulled metal sword back to her as she lay on the ground in tears.
    Their mistake, for when Sonya was done with them, there was no way to identify the two men.
    Shortly after her 17th nameday, she left the Baratheon home and became a sellsword, causing quite a stir through the stormlands all the way up to King's Landing, seeking fame, honor,and to help the Kingdom through her force.
    When she entered the Keep, she could not explain it, but the place felt...strange, and she could hear a sound, like a heart beat, somewhere within...and then three

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