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    Post by ravansky on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:40 pm

    Irien was born to Lord and Lady Arryn in the vale in a long summer. Shortly after his birth he was wardened out to the sister house of the Arryn's called House Longthorpe. He was raised as one of the children of that house learning all the stories of grumpkins and snarks and white walkers. He learned some of how to shoot a bow and played with wooden swords with the brothers of the house. Irien had a wild side though, and his temperment though mainly happy can at times turn dark. Like a typical boy he learned to ride and do things required of him around the keep. One day there was news from a passing knight his parents were warring with the hill tribes and all were killed. The Longthorpe's fled from the keep and Irien lost his way in the hills. Finally he found the road and following it came into contact with an old traveling Septon Having told the Septon his story and what happened to his parents and the Longthorpes, the Septon told him he should see the King, claim his birthright and retake the Eyrie in due time. The Septon took him as far as the big gates to King's Landing making sure no fruther trouble found the boy. He had his 12th name day traveling. The Old Septon told him he was nearly a man grown, at the gates of King's Landing they departed, the Old Septon continued his journey, leaving the boy with a sack of clothing, and some small amount of coins a bit of food and the words... "As High as Honor"

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