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    Bloody Miscarriage and Death of Khaleesi Thresia

    Elaena Velaryon
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    Bloody Miscarriage and Death of Khaleesi Thresia Empty Bloody Miscarriage and Death of Khaleesi Thresia

    Post by Elaena Velaryon on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:25 pm

    [08:40 AM] shanelle Cerise breathed heavilly, she screamed as she felt it coming she felt it get stuck, she screamed..."AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" as her body shook terribly... there was a problem with the delivery the babe was too early.. blood started to flow from her.. It was too soon! Too soon.. the babe was coming too quickly!
    [08:40 AM] MyraAngelos Resident slides to her knees in a hurry,her face pale with fear as she looks into the Khaleesi's eyes "it..it's not your time yet,Khaleesi!!"
    [08:40 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Oh Gods!
    [08:40 AM] Emeralina Lisa: it can't come this soon!
    [08:40 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Its not ready
    [08:40 AM] Mama-Allpa (F) V2.11: Chose your step
    [08:41 AM] Emeralina Lisa throws her arms aroudn her Khaleesi!
    [08:41 AM] Zxenah Resident walked in an leaned over the scene. SHe heard she was only 5 moons in so this was not good. "Khaleesi.." she wan't sure what to do, but knew, "Don't over crowd, be careful. She needs water and cloths!", she leaned down and held to her head

    [08:42 AM] Emeralina Lisa leans over and strips the clothing from her midsection, noticing the distended shape

    [08:42 AM] Emeralina Lisa: It shouldn't be in tha tosition
    Resident (Entry)
    [08:42 AM] Emeralina Lisa: otr tha tlarge
    [08:43 AM] Emeralina Lisa: or that large
    [08:43 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Please Narvah fetch water and cloths
    [08:44 AM] shanelle Cerise body trembled, she screamed again... she bore down, as she felt her body tremble.."help me.. it hurts..." thick bright red blood flowed from her body... as she started to pale..

    [08:44 AM] Emeralina Lisa: sister, your dagger
    [08:44 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Have it to hand!
    [08:44 AM] MyraAngelos Resident looks frustrated and nervous,helpless as she doesn't know what to do she calls up to Emi "run to the midwife..rouse her!!..whip her awake!!"
    [08:44 AM] Emeralina Lisa closes her eyes and tries to think clearly, tries to overcome the terror and helplessness that flows from her liek lava froma volcano
    [08:45 AM] Emeralina Lisa: No time
    [08:45 AM] Emeralina Lisa: !
    [08:45 AM] Emeralina Lisa: My hands are smallest
    [08:45 AM] Emeralina Lisa kneels wiftly between her legs, urging them apart
    [08:45 AM] Emeralina Lisa closes her eyes and whispers Great Stallion guide my hands

    [08:46 AM] Zxenah Resident one of the girls came back with abucket of water and many cloths, Nakara gets some cloths under the Khaleesi and pts a towel over Khaleesi's sweating brow, "SHe has to deliver if it's like this." she told her to "Push."
    [08:46 AM] Emeralina Lisa as quickly as she dares, uses her eeeth to strips away her prized fingernails

    [08:46 AM] Emeralina Lisa wipes the clean and places her hand at the entrance, praying all the whle
    [08:46 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Must turn the baby
    [08:46 AM] MyraAngelos Resident is Offline
    [08:47 AM] Emeralina Lisa with hands as ignorant as a child's, she places her hand by the entrance to the womb and tries to feel her way forwards
    [08:47 AM] shanelle Cerise bled, and swiftly became weaker and weaker.. she sweated.. and burned with fever... she moaned.."Tahekus! What have you done to me!" She screamed again as she bore down...
    [08:48 AM] Emeralina Lisa recoils a moment, then tries again
    [08:48 AM] Khampoh Resident is Offline
    [08:48 AM] Emeralina Lisa: You must stay still Mistress!
    [08:49 AM] Luciandrien Blackheart is Online
    [08:49 AM] Emeralina Lisa: No!
    [08:49 AM] Zxenah Resident leaned down and would continue to support the woman's head, she was nervous now-and that was rare.
    [08:49 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Hodl still, I can't find its head!

    [08:50 AM] Emeralina Lisa ters stream fromher eyes as she finally locates it, feeling somethingisn't right even as she does
    [08:51 AM] Zxenah Resident: what is it Emi!?
    [08:51 AM] Emeralina Lisa: I don't know but its not right
    [08:52 AM] Emeralina Lisa feels something *pop* inside her Khaleesi, as she finds and tries to turn the baby's head
    [08:53 AM] shanelle Cerise screamed again.. then cursed all men...blood spilled from her body and she moaned... collapsing against the furs.. the pillows the woman behind her, she screamed... her bare knees drawn up, her small body convulsing as thick clots spilled from her body..
    [08:53 AM] Emeralina Lisa SCREAMS!!!!
    [08:53 AM] Zxenah Resident was worried and anxious, "this is some sign, this shouldn't be happening. Whatever it is, get it out!"
    [08:53 AM] Emeralina Lisa: I LOVE YOU KHALEESI!!!
    [08:54 AM] Zxenah Resident pleads, "Khaleesi stay with us, push it!" all the chaos loud in the tent and around other tents. People woke to wonder what the screaming was about and panicked
    [08:54 AM] Emeralina Lisa: stares in horror as bloodpumps from her Khaleesi, moe than any woman has in her, and it keeps coming, harder then softer, fainter as as if it were a weakening..
    [08:54 AM] Emeralina Lisa: CHECK HER OUSLE
    [08:54 AM] Emeralina Lisa: PULSE
    [08:55 AM] Emeralina Lisa wrenches her hand free and goes to lean her ear over her Khaleeesi's lips, searching for breath
    [08:55 AM] Zxenah Resident leanes over and placed fingers on Khaleesi's neck
    [08:56 AM] shanelle Cerise pushed one last time..weakly;..she was in a very weakened state... the fetus spilled from her body..bloody, along with thick clots of bloood, she fell to the furs weakened... a bit of blood trickled from her lips... and down her chin...

    [08:56 AM] Emeralina Lisa handsfly to her face
    [08:56 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Khaleesi?
    [08:56 AM] Zxenah Resident panicks, "No! Stay with us. Great Stallion!" there was blood everywhere on all of them, "too muc blood." she looked at the thing that came out and frowned, lifting it.
    [08:56 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Please hold on!
    [08:56 AM] Emeralina Lisa tears flowingdown her cheeks
    [08:56 AM] Emeralina Lisa: please hold on I love you please stay with emi

    [08:57 AM] Zxenah Resident began crying herself, and examined the fetus in her hands and looked at the Khaleesi with it in her hand not knowing what it was or about the Khaleesi.
    [08:57 AM] Emeralina Lisa sobs and beats her fists in frustration

    [08:58 AM] Zxenah Resident: Khaleesi fight it!, the bloody thing running blood and gunk in her hands and all.

    [09:00 AM] Emeralina Lisa cries and cries like a river of spent love
    [09:01 AM] shanelle Cerise moaned as she shook, the babe now gone from her body as she curled on her side in a fetal position..."my baby... my baby..." was all she could say, as she fainted dead away...the midwife had pressed cloths to her body, staunching the flow of the blood as she had Hemmoraged in her pregnancy...bearing the babe away in a delicate cloth of silks... to show to the father the loss, the Midwife returned to the Khaleesi and covered her in warmed blankets... she turned to the girls present.."keep her warm, she needs to rest now, and lots of fluids.."
    [09:03 AM] Zxenah Resident the creature unmoves in her hand-dead. She now sobs and goes on her knees her and the creature and gives the baby off to the maid to do so. SHe nodded up to the midwife that they would do so. and stood weakly
    [09:03 AM] Emeralina Lisa stares, just stares in shock and horror

    [09:04 AM] Emeralina Lisa buries her face in her hands and rushes fro the door out ot the forest, the wall and whatever lays beyond
    [09:05 AM] Zxenah Resident looks down for what seems a very long time and walks stunned fom the tent, with tears down her cheeks.

    The Khaleesi would succumb to her loss of blood, dying during the night, within her hand clutched a broken golden necklace that she'd held onto throughout the ordeal.

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