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    Septa Lesatia

    Post by Septa Lesatia on Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:33 pm

    Lesatia born over sixty years ago in a small keep called Dun Fort just inside the peremeter of the crownlands. She was the third daughter born in the noble House Darklyn.
    When she was thirty and not yet wed, her father arranged a marriage to a sell sword for her. Before the wedding could take place the man had his way with her in the stable, against her will. She could not hide the fact from her mother who saw the bruises and scrapes. When her father heard of it the wedding was called off and she was pregnant and whisked away to King's Landing to join the holy sept.
    The High Septon showed pity on her, he allowed her to birth the child before she took her vows, she did not ever know what happened to the baby, they never let her hold the child, or even know what sex it was. Not long after recovery she took her vows giving up family name, and family ties for The Faith.
    Several months after taking her vows she was called to service of House Targaryen. The King on the Iron Throne was none other than Daegar Targaryen, and his Queen Rhaemya, big with a child. After helping to birth that child she acted as wetnurse to the new baby and had many governess and nanny duties to all of the children of the royal family. Until her dismissal back to the Holy Sept of Baelor and the High Septon many years later.

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