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    conversation at the citadel


    nikolaoc kozlov

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    conversation at the citadel

    Post by nikolaoc kozlov on Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:34 am

    [6:37] Nikolaoc Kozlov: good morning yseulte
    [6:38] Yseulte Mistwood: Good morning Maester. Peers outside and the still dark sky.
    [6:38] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it is a hard morning i fear
    [6:39] Nikolaoc Kozlov: soon the sun will rise and we willl have to deal with the new claimant to the throne
    [6:39] Nikolaoc Kozlov: the queen is in her quarters with her son
    [6:40] Yseulte Mistwood: "How so, Maester? Oh, aye, that............" looks up at the moon still shinning bright in the western sky. "Know you anything about this man?"
    [6:40] Nikolaoc Kozlov: and there are gold cloaks and Ser Jacs men guarding her
    [6:40] Nikolaoc Kozlov: only that he openly admits to killing the late King who he refers to as his uncle
    [6:41] Nikolaoc Kozlov: Kinslaying is a not an auspicious start to a reign IF he is found to be a Targaryen
    [6:41] Yseulte Mistwood: frowns. "How OLD is this man?"
    [6:42] Nikolaoc Kozlov: he is young still around 30 i think the right age to in fact be Daemon Targaryn
    [6:42] Yseulte Mistwood: My mind begins to race. "Do we have the lineage here at the citadel?"
    [6:42] Nikolaoc Kozlov: yes we have books that name but we need more than that
    [6:43] Nikolaoc Kozlov: we need some way to tell that he is in fact who he says he is
    [6:43] Yseulte Mistwood: "Aye, indeed, but the lineage will point us to places and other names that we may use."
    [6:43] Nikolaoc Kozlov: Old maester Biggins delivered the child Daemon
    [6:44] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i will have to send for him but its a long journey from Winterfell to here
    [6:44] Yseulte Mistwood: "Did he mention any outstanding birthmarks?" I ask hopefully.
    [6:44] Nikolaoc Kozlov: not to me but hopefully he will tell us
    [6:45] Nikolaoc Kozlov: daegon or daemon i am not sure what name was given by the man
    [6:46] Yseulte Mistwood: Steps into the library behind the Maester, moving over towards the warmth of the fire. "If he is Daemon, where has he been all this time?"
    [6:46] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it was so confused yesterday
    [6:46] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i do not know
    [6:46] Yseulte Mistwood: "Where does he CLAIM to have been?"
    [6:46] Nikolaoc Kozlov: there is much to be answered in court before we can rule on his claim
    [6:47] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i never heard all i did was wisk the queento her quarters to protect her
    [6:47] Yseulte Mistwood: "Why now? Why claim the throne now? Before Aedan had time to establish himself?"
    [6:48] Nikolaoc Kozlov: aedan was not a true targaryen but a lannister cousin he took the name and the throne at the death of the targaryen child who was to be king
    [6:49] Nikolaoc Kozlov: IF Daegon was alive he would consider that a usurpation and his coming here would be most normal
    [6:49] sttina Rae is Online
    [6:49] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i must consult the books
    [6:49] Nikolaoc Kozlov: flips throught the large book in front of him
    [6:52] Yseulte Mistwood: Conjurs a candle for more reading light
    [6:57] Nikolaoc Kozlov: what is that
    [6:57] Nikolaoc Kozlov: sees a light in the air
    [6:57] Yseulte Mistwood: wb
    [6:57] Yseulte Mistwood: a candle?
    [6:57] Nikolaoc Kozlov: a candle floating?
    [6:57] Nikolaoc Kozlov: is that your doing?
    [6:57] Yseulte Mistwood: narrows my eyes and looks at him. "Aye........."
    [6:58] Nikolaoc Kozlov: nice illusion
    [6:58] Nikolaoc Kozlov: goes back to looking through the books
    [6:59] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i am searching for some mention of this targaryen beyond it record of his birth which is there
    [6:59] Nikolaoc Kozlov: i have no idea where he has been I
    [6:59] Nikolaoc Kozlov: we must contact biggins
    [7:00] Yseulte Mistwood: follows the Maester from the library assuming we are going to the rookery.
    [7:02] sttina Rae is Offline
    [7:05] Nikolaoc Kozlov scribbles a note summoning maester biggins to come south to Kings Landing with all haste
    [7:08] Yseulte Mistwood: "It will still take him several weeks to get here. And with the fighting all around........ and his age......... "
    [7:08] Nikolaoc Kozlov: there hands a the note ot yseulte to read
    [7:08] Nikolaoc Kozlov: yes
    [7:08] Nikolaoc Kozlov: and iam not sure a raven will get through but we must send
    [7:10] Yseulte Mistwood: "Perhaps we should send several throughout the day? What about a coded message asking him to send sources of info ahead of his arrival so that we may begin researching?"
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    [7:11] Nikolaoc Kozlov: takes a bird from the cage
    [[7:14] Yseulte Mistwood: "Maester Nik......... perhaps I am being overly excited about these developments but ............ I have a feeling we cannot wait for Maester Biggins to arrive. Not if we want to stop this claimant BEFORE he takes the throne......."
    [7:14] Nikolaoc Kozlov: if he is who he says he is then he IS the rightful King
    [7:14] Yseulte Mistwood: "Aye. And if he isn't?"
    [7:15] Nikolaoc Kozlov: he cannot be crowned unitl his claim is proved
    [7:15] Nikolaoc Kozlov: the high septon and myself and the various Lords will have to be satisfied
    [7:15] Yseulte Mistwood: "And as you pointed out, regicide is not the best note to begin on. What kind of man is he? He does not have to be officially crowned to take the throne, Maester......... not if he really intends to."
    [7:16] Nikolaoc Kozlov: he is one man the Lords command armies
    [7:16] Nikolaoc Kozlov: the queen commands the gold cloaks
    [7:16] Yseulte Mistwood: "But who does he have supporting him? Surely he didn't come to this without significant support? If he did then he is too stupid to be king."
    [7:16] Nikolaoc Kozlov: or very bold
    [7:17] [7:17] Yseulte Mistwood: "Very bold without proper support is stupidity incarnate."
    [7:17] [7:18] Nikolaoc Kozlov: much to ponder
    [7:19] Nikolaoc Kozlov: I think he may have convinced Lord Barratheon
    [7:19] Yseulte Mistwood: Arches a brow.
    [7:19] Nikolaoc Kozlov: they came into the city together
    [7:20] Yseulte Mistwood: Steps to the edge of the platform, looking to the east and the first hints of grey in the sky.
    [7:20] Nikolaoc Kozlov: but I have not had the opportunity to talk with Lord Barratheon
    [7:20] Nikolaoc Kozlov: finally the dawn is breaking
    [7:21] Nikolaoc Kozlov: it has been a very long night
    [7:21] Yseulte Mistwood: Murmurs "I hate to see the morning come for I dearly love the night and all its blessings. I particularly distrust this particular morning."
    [7:22] Nikolaoc Kozlov: yes a long night followed by a long day and long days to come

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