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    The severing of family ties.

    Lady Alkina Stark
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    The severing of family ties. Empty The severing of family ties.

    Post by Lady Alkina Stark on Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:46 am

    [20:19] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): ::The scene that the two would come upon could only be described as 'controlled chaos' all around them hill tribesman were fighting each other and raping women. All around also were northerners who had been captured during Lorchs raids in the neck, they were chained and stripped almost completely nude (men and women) amd in chains. And at the head of this barbaric party was Lorch sitting in a crude tribal throne and his soon to be wife Thresia on the cushion next to him. Everyone there at one point or another came to place gifts at their feet ranging from weapons to clothing and everyone there was showing them both complete loyalty and respect.::

    [20:25] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) knelt upon the thick fluffy cushion, one that had probably been taken in a raid in Essos, or elsewhere, Thresia did not know, she rested there in the place of Honor, beside her Khal, her eyes sparkled as she looked to Him..she had never before in her life enjoyed such happiness as she did when she was at his side, she had never felt safer, then she did since she had been with Tahekus, her eyes sparkled, as she looked out at the revelry makers, she would glance toward the Northerners, but then look away, some things she did not always agree with, but it was the way of her Khal, and she would stand by him till she was no more..

    [20:25] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) she glanced for a moment toward several that were fighting, and some women that were being bent over, her eyes would widen some, she was still so very innocent in many ways, she would glance back to her Khal..and enjoy the reverie.

    [20:27] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) looks down to his beloved for a moment and smiled before looking to a guard that had signaled him, he motioned to allow the guard to let the visitors he had been expecting enter into his camp before smiling down at his beloved "We have Guests."

    [20:29] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) nodded to him as she turned her head seeing her good friend Lady Diomy and her Sister in Law approach with the guards..she would have stood up but she waited, having not had word yet from her Brother, she drew her skirts about her leather clad thighs..tucking a soft boot up under her rump, as she sipped a cup of wine.."yes my Khal"

    [20:30] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Clenched her jaw as she And Lady Diomy moved to the edge of the camp an envoy of 50 guard surrounding them. seeing the sights before them she looked to Diomy. "T And this is who she desires to be with" she said her voice a mix of horror and anger. She would rain in her mount before moving threw the chaos. Steeling herself as her heart went out to the captives and how they had been treated realizing some of them were very likely her people.. Getting the attention of what appeared to be or so she hoped a sentry "I am here with envoy from Lord Stark" she said edging her mount aside so the boy whom Lorch had sent could move forward on his own mount, un harmed and well treated.

    [20:32] Diomy Takakura rode up to the gate, spotting Lord Lorch and her friend Lady Thresia....but no....lady no more. But still her friend. "Maybe she loves him?" Diomy replied back to Lady Alkina. As Diomy dismounted from her horse, Sleipnira, she handed it off ot one of the men who accompanied her and her ladyship to the camp. Diomy looked about the camp, seeing the naked men and women in chains and felt a sadness upon her.
    [20:33] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): ::The guard nodded, pointing to the seated khal and his bride, looking to the boy with a big smile before he ruffled his hair "Good boy Hagorth, go play." he said pointing to a group of children playing in the distance.::

    [20:34] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): ::Allowed for ten of the envoy to enter into the camp, anymore would have been stopped and threatened immediately*::

    [20:40] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She had stayed a moment longer on her mount. Shaking her head "Some of those here are our people could you love a man that would do that to your people. if she does she is not the person I knew Lady Diomy" she said softly. she nodded to the man who spoke and dis mounted . as did several of the guard angered when the majority were warned back She nodded "Stand down." She said in a commanding voice, the ten allowed to come stood protectively around the Ladies as the others remained waiting behind restlessly. she walked straight her gaze seeking in the direction the man pointed and moved that way, Coming to stand before Her once Sister a in law and the one she chose as mate. Offering a nod To them both. "We have come to give you The LOrd Starks response to you request for this blessing." she stated simply.

    [20:43] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) accepted a bowl of fruit from a slave as it was set down beside her, she picked up a grape..and savored it, never having tasted such a delicacy in so long, she supped her sweet wine, as her eyes moved to her beloved Khal..she felt his eyes upon her as she shifted on the cushion..her soft soled boots tucked beneath her as she watched the goings on about her, she waited for their guests to approach, she lifted the bowl to her intended, "my Love?" She would speak, her eyes would sparkle as she felt his eyes roam her face and caress her body... she turned then hearing footsteps nearby, and her Sister Alkina, she started to smile, then paused seeing the anger in her eyes.. she glanced toward her friend Lady Diomy.."Eventide, my Lady's." She would say, as she waited to hear what her Brother had to say.

    [20:43] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) arched a brow as he looked down to his beloved "I no remember asking anyone permission.....did you ask, jalan atthirari anni?" he asked as he set his drinking horn aside to be refilled with fermented mares milk

    [20:44] Diomy Takakura approached with Lady Alkina. Her friend looked different, sitting on the cushion. It scared her but she did her best to hide her surprise as she greeted her, "Good eve my friend"
    [20:45] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) accepted a single grape form his beloved before slipping it into his mouth and chewing it slowly, awaiting his beloveds answer.

    [20:49] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "Nor did I say as much Sir Lorch" she stated quickly but he was asked for blessing that is not the same thing.. In any case I have been given leave to say he can not give his blessing as he no longer had a Sister" she stated after drawing in a slow deep breath. Her gaze moving to Thresia reaching into her pocket. Withdrawing the necklace her brother requested she give to her the one s he had given her for her birthday. She did not make the mistake of stepping forward simply extended her hand with the mangled necklace offered the gem that had been in it and the rest a mangled mess of gilded metal.

    [20:51] Diomy Takakura frowned as she gazed at the necklace. She remembered how Vayon popped out the jewel as if it were a heart.

    [20:51] Diomy Takakura frowned as she gazed at the necklace. She remembered how Vayon popped out the jewel as if it were a heart.
    [20:52] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) delicate black brow arched as she looked to her beloved Khal, she turned her gaze upon Lady Alkina, then she spoke with the accent of one of the North, "Normally it would be a requirement for me to wish my Brothers Blessing, I would have it if he would give it, but, I will wed you either or, my Khal." She said this as she turned her eyes upon his beloved visage. She looked toward Alkina as she moved to draw something forward, her brows moved together..she placed her hand outward..the palm upturned as the necklace was placed there in her palm..she sighed seeing the damaged necklace.."I see." She frowned.

    [20:54] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) suddenly drew his arakh and hooked the end of it on the chain of the necklace before pulling away from Alkina before offering it to his beloved. He then looked back to the two there "Haha. Stark so easily disown own family. No wonder so many would unite against him."

    [20:56] Diomy Takakura looked at Lord Lorch, wondering is his blood was actually red. However she said nothing. She only stared at him as if he was full of hot wind.

    [20:57] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) burst into laughter as two men who were fighting suddenly fell before him, one pulling a knife free from his belt and stabbing the other several times. Lorch yelled loudly "Fichas jahakes moon! " then patted the winner on the shoulder.

    [21:00] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) followed her beloveds movements as he offered her the necklace on the blade of his arakh..he was swift for sure, as he had moved before she could..her small hand cupped the necklace, which had been given as a gift from her brother when she was much younger, she had not worn it in a long time.. it was nearly forgotten, she looked to her Khal then toward Alkina, her eyes wide at the violence of the men as they fought.. she drew back as they came close.. blood spattered her chest... she watched as her Khal commanded the winner to take his braid.. she had been slowly learning Dothrak... she turned to look at Alkina.."So, my Brother does not wish me as family anymore, I see. Tell my Brother, I will not forget this choice." She narrowed her eyes.

    [21:02] Diomy Takakura watched the men fighting, as it took her back to her days in Dorne.. Those days had passed, Ironic. She watched Thresia grow dangerously angry at her brother's disowning of her. Somehow, she knew this was only the beginning of problems.

    [21:10] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Her gaze went to Thresia her head canting to the side "What did you truly expect Thresia? This man that you have accepted claim by tried to destroy your family making insults and threats false accusation to the queen and you about me that I am a witch that I am responsible for the death of Lord Tyros." she winced dodging to the side as the men fought lives cut short so pointlessly before here. She drew in a long breath. "Some of the people here in this camp tortured and raped and humiliated are your or were your people Thresia if you can sit back and find it all acceptable you are not the person I thought you were." her gaze turning to Lorch "And I suppose Lord Lorch you would be so forgiving to one of your blood sibling or other wise turning their back on you to be with one who has tried the destroy all you claim to hold dear?" she stated her gaze meeting his the tone of it different clearer sharper were those rose hues. As the dragon with in her was awaken with this sense of betrayal.

    [21:18] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Avvos astolat hake! ::He roars out as he stands suddenly, his arakh still in his hand. Suddenly the entire camp went quiet as he stood up with nger filling his eyes...He looked to alkina as she asked if he could forgive a sibling ans he nodded "Sek." Before turninf to his beloved "Me astolat k’athijilari......" But he didn't seem ashamed at all.

    [21:25] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) looked at her beloved, she wished to assure him she would stand by him, as she turned to look to Alkina, "Tis the truth that this was said, but, my heart belongs to Him.. He rescued me from sure torture, He took me, aye, he claimed my womanhood for himself, and he has given me much." She then stood up as well beside her Khal, "Aye, I was born a Stark, in my heart I am still a Stark, but, my life journey has changed, I've sought a different path now, to journey with my Khal and his people." She said this, then again to him in the clipped Dothrak she had learned, so He too would know and understand what she was saying. "I know you are no Witch, Alkina, you have a gift to see visions, as I've seen you see such, but my Khal, has not known you, nor has met you other than that other time in the hall of Castle Stark." glanced back to her beloved, she spoke once more, translating for him in Dothrak...then turning again to Alkina, "There are those that are the enemy and hated by the Dothrak that are deemed Witches, whether they be or not, I would not know, I've never seen a Witch, but you ask how I could love him?" She smiled to Him..then turned back her eyes darkened with fire..she looked to Diomy and her gaze softened some then turned back to Alkina, "He is my Life mate." That is what she answered. " We do not choose who we are destined to love, it is chosen for us by destiny."

    [21:30] Diomy Takakura sighed. She could not argue or say anything.To come between siblings was suicide, however she would do her best to be a friend to both. Inside, she felt as if something were eating at her heart, filling it with sadness.

    [21:31] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) finished with, "my Khal says you do not have permission to speak Tyros' name." She was not sure why this was, but knew he would wish it, as she translated for him.

    [21:34] Diomy Takakura: "I don't see my dad around here...nor my mother. Far as I'm concerned, I'll speak how I like. "

    [21:37] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She t stood her ground making forcing herself still at his outburst, She looked between Thresia and him she got a partial grasp of his words. but was not sure of the context She had been trained intensely as she grew up by th measters when she loved across the narrow seas in Ashai. the education of other cultures were intense they taught her many languages Dothraci being one but it was the most difficult for her as it was not a written language. and hard to translate she had a basic grasp but perceptions were difficult as many words had none in her own language to define them. Her gaze went back to Thresia not sure what he had meant She got as much that she spoke the truth but she did not know whether they yes was an affirmation to that or to whether he could forgive someone whom he had loved betraying them. but when Thresia then said she had no permission to speak of Tyros. She looked back at him fuming and to her once again "No more right then he had to call me a witch and accuse me of murder and accusation you made no defense to Thresia. " She said hurt an bitterness in her own voice. "I did not if you think back ask how you could love him I asked how you can sit here see so man including some of your own people being raped and tortured treated lesser then beasts." she asked drawing in another deep breath trying to control her emotions.

    [21:45] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) simply chuckled at Alkina as she spoke "You speak as if She had as choice. She didn't." he replied before moving his hand downward to caress Thresia's firm belly gently "I wanted her. So I took her. Was jut going to keep as slave, but there is fire in her.....fire no man could tame....so I took her as Khaleesi instead." he then looked back to Alkina "You people....your view of shame is foolish. She tell me she could not return home even if she kill me.....So I take her in, as all those around us have taken her in. They accept her, complete strangers accept her, and yet you, her own blood, deny her?" Sheathed his arakh slowly before shaking his head and looking to Thresia "I am sorry for loss beloved." Before turning back to diomy "You wont, or I will rend your tongue from your throat." He then looked away and nodded to one of his guards who came over dragging a man wearing half plate armor and bearing the sigil of the Stark house "Lady Stark, I have gift for you." Lorch tells her, motioning down to the knight.

    [21:53] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) nodded to her beloved as he spoke, she smiled, feeling his hand to move downward to her now firm belly, she knew that within her had been created life, she looked to Alkina then to Diomy whom she saw still the love she bore to Thresia, she returned her gaze to Alkina.."I am who I am, after I was taken, and claimed, I could not return to Winterfell, I would have only brought shame upon the family name, in my Brothers eyes, no longer a maiden. But, do you think, tis not possible for me to have found love? He takes care of my every need, I am completely protected, and you may think I am no longer a Lady? Did you think that? My Khal is a Titled Lord. So think again, of what you say to me and how you say it."she stood there beside her Khal...her eyes stony," I am the future, Alkina, I bear the blood of the Starks, and the child I will have will have a mixture of my blood and Dothraki blood...will you bear a child for the Starks?"

    [21:58] Diomy Takakura huffed at the dothraki and looked to Alkina, "I should leave before I do damage. I cannot guarantee that I wont do something we will all regret""

    [22:06] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Her gaze turned upon him then simply shrugged . "Choice or not the parchment said she was freed. and it was not us who turned our back on her is was she. If she truly wished her brothers blessing she would have asked you to bring her to her home as A warrior if you had honor you would have come yourself righted the wrongs the slights you did upon her blood. neither of you did."She said looking between them and then to the knight dragged out before her. seeing the sigil of house stark. But not knowing his face at all. Frowning He bares the mark of Stark but I do not know this man why would you gift him to me?" She asked looking to Lorch canting her head a delicately arched brow lifting. Then looked to Thresia then to Diomy "Take 25 of the men with you" and then back to Thresiss " perhaps if you had had the courage to come face your brother Thresia you might have found things very different. you never gave any of us a chance. nor did you stand up for your blood when his accusations were made, So if there is shame that is where it is not in being taken by force by someone, even if that lead to more" She tensed at her words the barb of her words hitting deep. the pain it bought obvious in her gaze for the tears burning at the back of them,she had for some time tried they both had to have a child it had been difficult. "And by throwing that in my face Thresia you prove to me you are not the woman I knew and loved. in Any case Vayon knew the difficulty that might come by choosing me but he did none the less" she said yet unaware she might actual carry life with in herself time would tell if her latest measures had been successful, So upset by her words she began trembling,>>>
    [22:07] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): "It is clear that you have changed the Thresia I new would never intentionally cut someone so deeply. " She looked between them both fury swamping the hurt. "You do make a good match "The strength and compassion that I always admired in you if sadly gone. and he is not better then the ones that cut his mothers throat the moment he slipped form her womb" she hissed her rage getting the best of her.

    [22:12] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) allowed his beloveds friend to leave with a nod to his men, looking to lady stark who now had only five guards with her "You speak of honor, but yet you allow stark to disown her before having chance to speak with her yourself. That is deepest cut any who could call then family can make." He then looked over the men many who had gathered for his wedding and nodded to them, suddenly they all drew swords and spears and surrounded lady Starks and her guards before slowly bending down to lift the knight at his feet by his chin This man deserter, I let him be example of what I can do to North if my Khaleesi allow me...." Suddenly he pulled a jeweled handle from his sash and cut the mans belly open, spilling his guts in front of Alkina moments before reaching inward inside the cut and pulling free his heart. He then slowly stood and took a large bite out of his heart, before dropping it down to Alkinas feet and turning to his beloved "It is your choice what happen now My love...."
    [22:18] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) looked toward the 'knight' he was not any she had recognized, he may have wore the sigil of Stark, but she did not think he truly was, she canted her head as she gasped, drawing back as the horde drew weapons suddenly and seemed on the attack, her hand moved to her beloved Khals arm.. as she gripped for a moment, then watched slightly in alarm, as one hand moved before her mouth, she felt nausea at what she saw, though knowing her intended was very barbaric, unlike anyone she had ever seen, she pressed her hand to her belly, knowing there was indeed life within her, or why would have these sensations.. she watched as the mans guts were spilled...and then the most bizarre thing the devouring of the heart.. her eyes wide... realization finally came to her as she lowered her hand from her beloved's arm... she looked to Alkina..."Tell Lord Stark, my Brother is dead to me." She said coolly..her eyes narrowed, she had been hurt by her Brother's answer, so sent a message herself... then she against all things she knew leaned forth and bit into the bleeding pulsing heart he still held..upon her lips blood... she looked to her Love.."I have no family other then you, my Khal." Then she turned from Alkina..

    [22:25] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She tilted her head "That was my soul purpose for coming to understand As I said it is hard to take when one you love dearly turns their back on her own for someone who has intentionally tried to destroy her family" she said her voice shaking with emotion, "Despite your words Lord Lorch. after seeing what I have seen here I find it hard to believe you would be but then I have been shown nothing to say other wise. She pleaded nothing in that parchment simply stated she was claimed and wanted blessing she said nothing to make us understand why. She did not say anything about looking past all that was done by you. Does her brother not deserve some explanation? She did tense however when his men surrounded them but again forced herself to stand her ground, watching dispassionately as he meated out punishment to a deserter "If he is a deserter then it is no less then he deserved and she will tell you also deserters when caught are met with swift justice at the hands of Lord Stark himself any one he finds guilty he dispenses justice to" she said wrinkling her nose as he tossed the heart at her feet. she promptly kicked it away in inadvertently sending it in Thresia Direction. Standing there her head high despite her fear as the men and their blades surrounded her and her envoy. Standing silently waiting for what happened next.. Then looking to Thresia Then back to him "See it is she who turns her back on even those who would come try to understand her."

    [22:33] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) chuckles lightly as he leans down to kiss his beloved his mouth wet with blood as was hers before looking to Alkina. "It was a symbol, If the moon of my life wants me to tear out the heart of Winterfell and devour it, I will do so." he then draws his arakh and points it at Alkina "If she wants me to kill these men and have you given to my men then I will. She is mine. She still wants acceptance from you people,,,,I will never know why but she does....And she has asked me to leave you and Winterfell alone....so I shall..." he then sheaths his arakh and wraps his arms around his love looking to his men who still surrounded lady stark "Unless you have changed your mind, my love?"

    [22:39] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) shook her head as a sign she did not seek to end Winterfell in one slash of His Arakh, she pressed her slender form to His..he was decidedly larger then she, perhaps as large if not larger then Lord Stark, she looked not unkindly upon Lady Alkina, once her Sister, but no longer, their ties cut, "I seek no more bloodshed, my Khal, there has been enough tonight," she said as she swayed slightly, she had never liked the sight of blood, and was not used to it, let alone tasting it.. her lips bloodied further by His possessive kiss.."I've not changed my mind, my love, let her go home, to her own Beloved, and perhaps we can each find happiness for ourselves."

    [22:46] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She stood very still her head still high however as she looked to him and the blade he drew and blade pointing the long blades point in her direction. Staring what could be her death in the face, then met his gaze once again "IF she wants acceptance perhaps she could but that would e involve facing her brother. he has never questioned your strengths Lord Lorch and had held you in quite high respect until you insulted him and me and then b made threats and accusations again he and his family by your own admission you took his sister against his will.

    [22:46] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Would you be so happy had that been your sister taken by force. Would you so easily in such short time accept it. he is hurt just as I am. And angry more because she did not come herself.and did not stand up for the family she had once loved so dearly." She said softly the anger ebbing away with the finality of it all. She had truly hoped that this would have gone another way. Fighting back tears as she went silent once again. her gaze moved to Thresia filled with nothing but sorrow for her for her brother that such a tie w had been severed, unable to keep the tears from slipping down her cheeks. Waiting once agin to be given leave to go if it was to come.

    [22:49] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): ::The men would have put their weapons away and backed away from Lady stark as soon as their khaleesi had commanded it.

    [22:54] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) raised a hand to still the horde..then waved them back, "Allow her to leave safely, though he is no longer my brother he is still my blood, something which cannot be helped." She spoke, expecting them to obey her word, she looked to her Khal.. then to Alkina. "Go back to Winterfell. I will not return, Vayon may keep my things or burn them, I care not, I have no need of them here." She shrugged and leaned against Khal Tahekus for support, she'd grown weak with the viewing of blood letting, and all the violence of the day, she wished to only rest now..the babe within her causing her nausea...she lifted her arm and wiped the blood from her lips.."I need wine, my Khal.. please." she stated, as she suddenly appeared wan and pale..

    [22:54] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) looks to Lady stark with a smirk "It too bad that this clash of cultures has grown to rot so much and bring forth so much hate and blood...but now.." looks to the sun as it finally set and night had come upon them "Now that the marriage is consummated, and the ceremony complete, perhaps we can forge peace between Stark house and Lorch house....If Vayon would have it....We will withdraw our army from your land but those we have captured will remain ours as we have won them through battle......And we shall require a gift from Winterfell if he would have peace... Bring to us all your prisoners, lowlifes and criminals, present them to Our horde as a gift, and there will be peace....do it not, and there shall be more blood and more pain...As the law of the horde states." He tells Alkina before moving to sit back down in his throne, reaching out and wrapping his arms around his beloveds waist. A slight chuckle as he slowly feels his hand up along her thigh seeing no shame in touching his beloved in such a way in front of so many
    [22:59] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) was drawn against her Khal, she felt his hand possessively stroke her thigh beneath her skirts as she leaned upon him..one hand pressed to his chest as she was drawn close...she nodded at his words and decision.."aye, peace is always a good thing, my Khal..." she said as she looked at Alkina to see how she would respond to his offer..."my Lord is Generous, Lady Alkina." She thought perhaps more generous than she herself or her once Brother may have been.

    [23:05] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She relaxed a bit as the horde lowered their blades listening to him silently. "A gift though I can not speak for My Lord and Husband one w might say you have already stolen what he had held most dear Lord Lorch. IF peace is to be had both must give whether simply reason or other wise. What can he give that has not already been taken. What criminals would have been to be had are sent to w the wall in hopes of quelling the wilding threats. and he had no power over the watch they are a law unto themselves.. She looked to her "Generous Thresia perhaps we see very differently in that when your own people are hear in chains and shackles tortured and humiliated. perhaps a show of good faith by freeing at least those that served you and your Brother so loyally would be something that would convince Vayon to trust the one that slighted your family so grievously, to seek the peace you wish."
    [23:05] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): she said softly. "In Any case I will take back your words." she said turning her gaze back to Lorch as she turned heading r toward her mount then pausing " A Cart with all your things is just outside the camp with the rest of my envoy Thresia. It will be left for you"She said moving to her mare leaping lithely up to the saddle of her own large mount patting Lewana's neck before if permitted she turned with the envoy as they to mounted up to head home.

    [23:08] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Stolen? no. Found during times of war......I claim those as prize for fighting for Lord Dragon in war against North... You know what I seek Lady stark, bring them to me and there is chance war may end...." he replied as he motioned for his people to move out of the way and let her pass.

    [23:08] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Stolen? no. Found during times of war......I claim those as prize for fighting for Lord Dragon in war against North... You know what I seek Lady stark, bring them to me and there is chance war may end...." he replied as he motioned for his people to move out of the way and let her pass.

    [23:18] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) rested one hand on her beloveds, knowing he was wise and would make good and strong decisions for their people and that her own opinion would matter in many things to him, unlike back in Winterfell or even the south, when her opinion would not truly matter for family, and that only the man made all the decisions for the rest. She looked to her Khal, needing rest now as it grew darker, and she wanted to feel his body pressed to hers as well, to become one with him as night fell, she touched his arm her own seeking his...

    [23:19] Lady Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She turned on her saddle looking back "It was merely a term Lord Lorch you spoke of something of value and well He had held his sister as a treasure as much as he holds me. but by your own admission you took her against her will some may indeed perceive that as steeling in any case As I said I will take your words back to him. He will know what you wish." She said softly. Then looked to Thresia "Despite it all Thresia .. I am glad you are happy" she said softly her gaze not really meeting hers not because she did not mean the words she spoke. but she did not trust herself to keep her emotions in check should she look upon her knowing this might be the last time she ever saw her., fighting back tears as she turned and urged her mount forward, her envoy surrounding her waiting until well away from the camp before h she let the tears of her sorrow fall freely.

    [23:19] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) looked to the Lady Alkina, "thank you for bringing my possessions, May the Gods protect you as you return home to Winterfell." She then leaned heavily against Tahekus..she was weary.

    [23:21] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) smiled as he looked to his love "Gods are broken here....She can only protect herself.

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