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    A message for the Lord and Lady of Winterfell


    A message for the Lord and Lady of Winterfell

    Post by Guest on Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:24 pm

    [16:28] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) smiled as he brought his horse, as well; as thresia's mare around to the front of the tent, "Good morning, Moonn of my life."
    [16:28] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) looks to her Lord.. long lashes sweeping over pale green eyes as she smooths her hands over her skirts, she stepped out to stand before her Mate..she tilted her chin, as she lifted her eyes to his..
    [16:28] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) eyes brightened seeing Notte..
    [16:28] Thresia (shanelle.cerise): good morning my Lord
    [16:29] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros): Care to go for ride with me? There are many who are awaiting to meet you."
    [16:30] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) easily slips up onto her horses back..patting Nottes flanks...and stroking her mane...she leaned in... whispering.."I missed you, Notte.
    [16:30] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) asks before he climbs atop his freakishly huge detrier war horse, named 'Kazarian'
    [16:34] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) smiles as his soon t be bride is reunited with her mare "Come. Meet your our people." he tells her before leading Kaz away from the camp
    [16:35] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) follows her soon to be Husband, as she knees her horse lightly, her feet in her stirrups, as she holds tight and gallops with him.
    [16:38] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) glances down embarrassed as her horse pisses..
    [16:39] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) leads her on a ride a few miles from the kings camp where they would come upon the sight of a great ocean of people, somewhere around 70,000 men women and children. Some wore Lion Guard armor while others were dressed as the Mountain and Hill Tribe people dressed. He raised his hand in greeting to them. "These will be our Khalasaar after the war. These will be your subjects, and you will be their Khaleesi, their Queen."
    [16:42] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) galloped her mare as they came upon a huge horde of people.. she drew back on her reigns as her horse pawed the ground, and lifted upward, she gripped her horse with her legs kneeing her lightlyu and she once more set her forward hoofs back down.. she looked in awe about her never seeing so many, she looked to her intended.."aye, my Lord."
    [16:45] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) smiles before reaching into his pouch and puling free from it a piece of parchment a quil and an ink bottle, moving kazarian over a bit so he could hand it to his bride "Write to your brother and sister. Let them know of our plans to wed. And I will see that it is delievered to them safely, I promise."
    [16:47] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) smiles
    [16:49] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) reached out as she took what he offered, she wrote exactly that, that she was willingly wedding the man of her heart, she had given this to him willingly when he came into her lifetime.. she looked to her intended, her eyes sparkled for once in joy, she had not had anyone to give herself to, he had given her so much, andn perhaps much more, there was perhaps life growing within her right now.. she lightly caressed her small belly, then looked back and wrote the letter, drawing her sigil ring out and pressing it within wax on the bottom and shook it to dry it...she slid her right to her intendeds hand and pressed it into his palm with the parchment..
    [16:55] Tahekus Lorch (alkandros) smiled as he took the letter, then unsheathed his blade a little and sliced his thumb on the edge, he poured a few drops onto the parchement then pressed his own signit ring into the blood until it dried, their sigils were side by side, one made of wax, the other of blood. The Manticore and the dire wolf....He then looked up and called for a messenger "Hagorth! Come! Take this message to the Lord and Lady of Winterfell, then return to camp." He said as he young boy of maybe 12 years of age came up and took the letter, nodding before he began his journey to winterfell. "Soon. We shall be bound, and soon we shall be free from all, forever."
    [16:59] Thresia (shanelle.cerise) watched her intended, her gaze upon his face, as she slid her eyes down to the one called Hagorth, then nodded to the boy, as he ran off with the parchment clutched, she hoped her brother did not harm him she nodded, wondering if she might someday get her things from Winterfell, wondering if she will really need them anymore, her life was changing, a new path was unfolding before her, she kneed her mare and moved to sit her horse closer to her intended.."aye, my Lord..we shall be free.

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