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    Post by Vayronaeka on Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:32 pm

    As a small child, Vayronaeka always imagined what life was like on the other side of the wall – on the inside of it. She fantasized about the girls’ fancy dresses, their courtly education, and how it felt to be the King’s or a Bannerman’s daughter. Life outside of the wall was tumultuous, even though she had kind and loving parents. They had tried to shelter her from the comments of the other Free Folk about her questionable parentage, but she had heard the rumors and hoped they were true.

    Vayronaeka was almost an albino – her skin was the color of fresh cream and her nearly-white hair shone in the light like an icicle. Although her mother had never admitted to any indiscretion, rumor had it that Vayronaeka had been fathered by one of the Night’s Watch.

    Vayronaeka’s life took a turn for the worse when her parents were killed in a fire that destroyed their meager home. Left with no possessions and shunned by her Wildling family because of her appearance, she reluctantly accepted the invitation to become the cook and cleaning woman for a pleasure-giver. Once initiated into this woman’s make-shift family, Vayronaeka learned the ways and practices of the concubine and realized that in time, she would become a concubine, too.

    Now a fully-grown woman of nineteen, Vayronaeka said her good-byes to the woman who trained her and ventured inside of the wall, chasing her childhood fantasy of experiencing courtly life, looking for her biological father, and hoping to trade her companionship skills for protection and the basic needs of life.

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