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    Bound, Released and Claimed Part 1


    Bound, Released and Claimed Part 1

    Post by Guest on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:00 pm

    [10:47 PM] Aidan Braveheart thinks for a few moments "I'm going to take some of my soldiers to white harbor to take it, I think anyways" he leans in speaking quietly so only the two would hear "you and Lord Lorch go and pay our friends a visit hm?"
    [10:49 PM] Bradd Blackheart nods "gladly, Your Grace, and if we find the Wolf?" would love nothing more than to see wolf blood spilled.
    [10:49 PM] Aidan Braveheart thinks for a few moments "IF you find him. Take him into custody but do not kill him"
    [10:50 PM] Bradd Blackheart nods again, "You want him brought back here, let me give him some pain.. just a bit... hum?"
    [10:51 PM] Aidan Braveheart nods "just a little, I need him alive and coherent"
    [10:51 PM] Bradd Blackheart bows, "Lord Lorch, I presume." had heard much of the man, "the outriders said your host was on their way back."
    [10:51 PM] Alkandros Resident moves as silent as a shadow among the tents until he is within the Kings Presence, , he allows his a\presence to be known by snapping a single twig on the ground before nodding "Good evening Your Grace."
    [10:51 PM] Thresia rose from a nap.. her belly rumbled, but she was able to ignore it, she wondered where everyone was, she heard noises in the camp..she did not dare to set foot from her prison tent.. as she sat on the chair, and wondered what she would write to her brother, she thought of finding a sharp knife to cut some of her hair and place that with a ribbon.. in the note,t hat maybe seeing her hair might frighten him into taking the knee... she hated the htought of cutting her hair.. she loved her hair.. it was her pride...
    [10:52 PM] Aidan Braveheart turns and nods "Lord Lorch, good to see you"
    [10:54 PM] Alkandros Resident looks to the man with his grace before looking back to the Lord Dragon "Lannister Bannermen, Mountain Tribe Fodder and Lion Guard all wait for your word,"
    [10:55 PM] Aidan Braveheart chuckles quietly "as I was telling Ser Stone here.. I want you both to go pay our friends a visit, should any complications arise take captives but alive and unharmed fr the most part. I am riding to white harbor to take it and ensure that trade route is cut off"
    [10:55 PM]
    [10:56 PM] Thresia had no desire to ever see that knave that captured her again.. her eyes smoldered at how he had dared to touch her and to treat her, she walked to her chest and thrust the lid upward..she sifted throught he things there..she found nothing of use other then gowns, some jewelry, a pair of soft soled slippers, and brushes for her hair.. she sighed angrilly, she cursed angrilly...and slammed the lid closed...then sat upon the lid.. she would not walk the camp as she was told she could do... by the king.. only if all were asleep but that bloody maester always gave her something that would knock her out.
    [10:56 PM] Bradd Blackheart stands quietly, he knew what the king wanted them to do but would wait and see if that changed. The camp was well fortified this night, eyes the Lord wondering where the man got his stamina, "should not be a difficult task." he chuckles.
    [10:57 PM] Alkandros Resident nods "Rest assured Lord Dragon, I have already cleared the way for you....Wait...unharmed..?" Arches a thick brow at the Dragon then chuckles "Oh, Lord Dragon make joke. I get it."
    [10:57 PM] Aidan Braveheart shakes his head "I need Lord Stark alive and coherent"
    [10:58 PM] Bradd Blackheart shrugs, would like nothing more than to flay the wolf from groin to adam's apple but would do as the king commanded, nodding to the tent. "what about that one?"
    [10:58 PM] Alkandros Resident: And the rest? ::he asks, eyeing what he presumed was a sell sword at the side of the king.::
    [10:59 PM] Aidan Braveheart shrugs "the kingsguard and a small group will remain to ensure she stays. Try not to kill anyone important, not yet anyways"
    [11:00 PM] Alkandros Resident: As long as I spill blood in vengence of Qoy Qoyi, I be content."
    [11:00 PM] Aidan Braveheart nods and turns "I need to go get my armor on, may you both ride swiftly"
    [11:01 PM] Bradd Blackheart shrugs again, "as you command, Your Grace." looking to Lord Lorch, not knowing if he would really do as the king asked or not at this point.
    [11:01 PM] Thresia stood suddenly, she walked toward the tent opening she stopped seeing the king talking to the hated captor and.. 'oh no...' she drew back.. seeing that bloody dothraki from the castle. she hid.. terrified.. she tried to listen but heard nothing from this distance.. she shut the curtain.. and moved with stealth toward the far wall, she wondered if she could sneak out underneath it, she could use her hands as shovels...she cursed the Cur and the Dothrak..
    [11:01 PM] Aidan Braveheart: ((bed time lol see you both tomorrow.. hopefully by then all will be well))
    [11:01 PM] Thresia: ((you wish)
    [11:01 PM] Luciandrien Blackheart is Online
    [11:02 PM] Aidan Braveheart: ((I do wish! This is killing me here))
    [11:02 PM] Bradd Blackheart: ((have a good night))
    [11:02 PM] Alkandros Resident nodded then unshouldered a pack he had on and withdrew from it his own armor, the COmmander of the Lion Guard armor, and began strapping it on
    [11:02 PM] Thresia: ((sleep well)
    [11:02 PM]
    [11:02 PM] Alkandros Resident: ((Dont let the bed bugs bite
    [11:02 PM] Thresia: ((get your ass to bed and get better)
    [11:03 PM] Bradd Blackheart sees the man strapping on armor and as a good squire would assists where he can. "I never had no knight to squire under but, I do try M'Lord."
    [11:03 PM] Aidan Braveheart stops nodding to the guards near Thresia's tent then speaks in an authoritative voice "ensure she stays put you two" he then continues on to his tent and watches Thierry begin to strap his armor on him
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    [11:05 PM]
    [11:05 PM] Thresia growled hearing the King issue his orders to the two twins standing guard outside... she walked over... pushing aside the tent..she spied a woman by a cookfire.."You there.. bring me food now, wench!" She was angry, she'd not eaten since the other day.. as another servant woman had not listened nor brough her food, she thought they meant to starve her into submission..the woman nodded and ran to the tent to obey...Lady Thresia, gave botht he men readying themselves a dirty look... "Knaves" she said.. loud enough for both to hear.. she looked at the two guarding her..shook her head and moved back within.. sitting upon the chair.
    [11:06 PM] Alkandros Resident almost immediatly shoves the man away, but not in a harmful way "I have title knight, but it not who I am. I am Rider for Lannister, Tyros Lannister...I need no help in preparing for war."
    [11:07 PM] Alkandros Resident turns to the hollar of the woman and says something in a brutish language then looks back to bradd "What fuck that?"
    [11:08 PM]
    [11:08 PM] Bradd Blackheart held his hands up, "of course M'Lord, I meant no disrespect." he looked away, "I'm no knight, Ser, just a hired sword willing to die for the king." cants his head, "the wolf's sister, captured her two days ago, the king won't let me flay her.... yet."
    [11:09 PM] Alkandros Resident smirks then pats the man on the shoulder "No disrespect. It is known." The grins wickedly "I no believe I meet. Care to introduce before we ride out and dburn down her brother frozen castle?
    [11:10 PM] Bradd Blackheart nods, "the king calls me Sandman, but you can call me Stone." he chuckles, "pleased to meet you, Ser...Lord Lorch, I have heard much of your... prowess."
    [11:11 PM]
    [11:11 PM] Thresia growled a little.. she was bored.. nothing to read, nothing to do, she could not ride her horse..what good could she possibly do in the aid of her home? She would ask for some sewing at least perhaps.. something to do to while away her time here in this bloody camp...her eyes darkened.. as they flashed toward the entry, wondering what was taking that woman so long with her food... she was tempted to go into the bloody mess tent herself...
    [11:12 PM]
    [11:15 PM] Bradd Blackheart checks his draw
    [11:15 PM] Alkandros Resident: Aye...Stone....It good name I think. Come, now you introduce me she-mutt" He said as he began walking toward the captives tent.:: Aye, Many men fall my arakh.... and soon many more."
    [11:16 PM] Bradd Blackheart beats on the tent roughly, "up in there She-Wolf you have a visitor."
    [11:17 PM] Thresia growled angrilly... she looked toward the entry.."what do you want, Knave?" Looks at the Dothrak...she says nothing.. her eyes narrow as she snears his way..."mounter of women..pig."
    [11:18 PM]
    [11:18 PM] Bradd Blackheart comes in hot, grabs her by the throat, "you have no respect woman, and you best learn some and learn some now!" shoving her hard from him not caring where she landed.
    [11:19 PM] Alkandros Resident nods the twins who were guarding the entrancem smirking as he knew they were moments away from quaking in their boots at the very sight of him. Then looks to thresia and chuckles "Aye. Soon be mounter of your sister in law too. Never had witch before, Sure it will be fun."

    [11:21 PM] Thresia hissed as Stone grabbed her she drew her arm out and she scratched at his face as she was shoved downard and thrown against the chest, she cried out as it struck a few ribs.. possibly racking some..she again got up, she grabbed a boot as she did and threw it at Stones head,.. she sneared at him.."I hate you!" Then looking at the Dothrak... "Don't you dare touch her!" She said vehemently... holding her side..she was all fierce stark, nails ready to scratch at him again...
    [11:23 PM] Bradd Blackheart dodges the boot, "ahh so, you want to feel the dirk tonight I take it, M'Lady?" his voice suddenly very quiet and calm, he pulled the dirk, held out his hand palm up, "come here. you know what to do, put your hand palm up in mine and do it NOW."

    [11:24 PM] Alkandros Resident tilts his head to the side before chuckling, and dodging the flying boot easily ans with only another tilt of his head "I plan on doing much more with witch. Come day she be scrubbing my floor. At night, she be bent over table with true rider inside her.." He then stops and looks to Stone as he commands the woman to do something he thought so odd."

    [11:27 PM] Thresia had forgotten about his dirk, she shook her head.. "No I shan't!" She drew her small jeweled dagger.. it was practically useless but all she had at her defense.. she thrust it before her.."get away from me you knave...I hate you I hate you... all you do is hurt me!" She thrust it at him.. as if she could do him harm with it.. she wished for the twin daggers they had taken from her... she looked at the dothrak...she had one word for him.."pig" she said, it was all she knew.. "I hate you too! My Brother's men will kill you all!" She shook with rage..

    [11:31 PM] Bradd Blackheart easily bypassed the dagger grabbing her wrist and twisting, squeesing her wrist so tight the blood was cut off from her hand, "guess you lose that now too." he then took the dagger from her and tosses it to Lord Lorch with his free hand while keeping her wrist captive, "now, you have gotton on my last neve she-wolf, and that's not a good idea." he posed the dirk this time instead of her ring finger he presses the tip to her pinky, "what was that you called a Lord just now?" pausing.
    [11:33 PM] Alkandros Resident catche the small dagger easily, examining it for a moment before sheathing it in his belt and only chucklres "You no know me. You only know of me...He smirks, having a feeling he knows what is coming "Make it quic" He tells stone before ehe turns to leave he tent
    [11:34 PM] Thresia smiled evilly to herself, her eyes sparkled,.... she had not told them the true amount of men that guarded Winterfell and castle stark, she said a small amount so they would go in there blindly...when in fact we had thousands that would gather at a ravens notice..alarmed as she was swiftly blocked, the weapon knocked from her hand, and her wrist caught in a viselike grip, her eyes widened as she lashed out at him with her soft soled shoes.. doing little damage save to herself.. shse shriekd.. slamming her body up against his as she fought him..she scratched at his face with her other hand.. her long dark hair flying about her as she screamed.."Let me go you knave!!".. she refused to answer him regarding the Dothrak.... he was a pig after all...

    [11:38 PM] Bradd Blackheart twisted her wrist harder, taking her to her knees, the dirk pressed hard enough to her pinky blood began to pool at the small opening, "Letting you go is not in the plan." with his free hand he grabs the hempen rope from under his sheild at his waist, quickly tying the wrist he held. raising her arm, he tied it to the pole above her, then shoving her hard to the pole it was not difficult to get her to her other wrist, and quicly tied it, the knots so high above her there was no way for her to reach them. "and there you will stay til I return, and when I do, your pinky will open til you beg me cut it from you." checking the knot, turning, "I'm ready, Lord Lorch." nodding to him.
    [11:41 PM] Thresia shrieked angrilly as she was tied to the blasted tent..."You bastard, I hate you I hate you.. I hope you die and rot where you fall!" She screamed...She shuddered.. her finger bled the droplets fell down along her arm.. wetting the sleeve of her gown, she eyed him with hatred..."I hate you!" She shook with such rage, she struggled in the binds.. feeling the rope tear at her wrists..she could not get free.."I hate you.. You pig! You are both pigs!" She hoped they would both be slaughtered.
    [11:41 PM] Alkandros Resident arches a brow as he looks to Stone "You not going honor her with your seed?" He asked seemingly confused at the man mercifculness. But then shrugged as he had a stable boy bring him Kazarian, his giant war steed and cliimbed into the saddle. "It okay, when we return I let Kazarian honor her, after Lion Guard, :annister banner men and Mountain Tribes.. haha."

    [11:42 PM] Bradd Blackheart shakes his head, "the king said we cannot touch her precious maidenhead." grumbles, "not that we'd really want to." chuckles and gets on his on horse. One last look back at the bound female.
    [11:43 PM] Thresia screamed angrilly.."Pig.. you are all pigs! No one will touch me!" She was terrified.. she was a maiden, what the said scared her she did not understand what they spoke of only the words sounded evil..

    [12:54 AM] Bradd Blackheart is Online
    [12:54 AM] shanelle Cerise had hung for so long from the rope.. blood had congealed upon her arm as she stopped struggling long after they had left her.. her head had fallen forward as she had fallen into a sleep, her skin had turned splotchy with rash without the healing of the oils from the maester.. she was in pain, her ribs had either been cracked or broken..she felt the pain there and moaned.. she had fought, and swiftly tired herself..her toes barely touching the ground as she hung there limply...helplessly..

    [12:59 AM] Bradd Blackheart shoved the man forward again, and once more parlayed his attack, this time a different approach as he brought the wood, over and up then low and across, around and down, meeting his oppononets eyes as he came up the middle again. The tip of his wood glancing off Lorch's at ever turn. Sidestepping, steping back, then forward, all in the same moves, but never taking his eyes off the pupils of Lorch's eyes. "so you must be mereneese then." he chuckles guessing at Lorch's true heritage but knowing that would be a stab, "do you wear a tokar?" he was testing th man's temper.

    [01:05 AM] Alkandros Resident chuckled lightly at the sellswords words before simply catching an oncoming strike and thrusting downwards, causing their swords to almost instinctfully return to their sides "My fathers people are those that your mother warned you about across the narrow sea. We are the riders who have never been beaten by any western army....You know of what I speak." He says before suddenly stopping for for a moment, keeping his wooden weapon at the ready "It seem your doll has woken. Haha."

    [01:07 AM] Bradd Blackheart doesn't takes his eyes off Lorch, "yea I hear her, but she's not my doll, much to uppity for me, I'm just a lowly baseborn sellsword with no coin and glad the king see fit to let me die in his service." drops the stick, "I just want to die with honor that's all, I've nothing on a highborn lady like her."

    [01:09 AM] Alkandros Resident suddenly swings his wood around knocking the boy a good one in the head "The you will die as a fool would die." He smirks before stomping on the hedge knights wooden blade and snapping it as he tosses his own away. "I will teach you how to truely be honorable. But it will take time, boy." He said before moving past him towards the she-wolfs tent

    [01:10 AM] Bradd Blackheart watches as the Lord goes, suddenly glad for the heavy chain mail hood, "ouch." he chuckles jesting. He glanced over one more time before turning to head to his own tent and find himself a tank of ale.

    [01:13 AM] Alkandros Resident quietly walks to the entrance of the tent once more looking to the twin guards His face going from friendly to cold "Leave us." He commanded them, and they quickly and nervously nodded before leaving, choosing to guard the lady stark from afar rather than risk their own necks over a woman. "Greet, Lady Stark."
    [01:17 AM] shanelle Cerise lifted her head proudly.. that Stark pride sparkling in her light blue/green gaze... they threaded toward the Dothrak...then narrowed as her gaze smoldered a darker green..."Lord Lorch." Was all she deigned to say to this male... she hated him he was one of her captors too... he meant her family ill.
    [01:19 AM] Alkandros Resident unclipped the cloth door to the tent, allowing it to fall closed before tying it shut, the best lock that the simple tents had. He then slowly withdrew the small dagger that Stone had taken from her and raised it to her bound hands "I cut, you be good dog and sit still?" He asked in a sadistic almost playful way.
    [01:22 AM] Thresia growled at him.."I am not a dog, you heathen pig!" She grated out at him... she was seething as he cut her free.. she drew her hands down and rubbed her welted wrists... she did not thank him.. she would not..her eyes dark with pain, as her arms hung at her sides.. she moved away from him... she eyed her jeweled dagger..."Give it back that is Mine!" her hatred in her voice...easilly seen..her color was high in her cheeks, and her chest.. as her dark hair swirled about her to her waist.

    [01:25 AM] Thresia one hand moved protectively to her side, as she winced...she knew for sure Stone had broken perhaps several of her ribs as he had thrown her.. she was unable to catch herself before crashing into the chest with the borrowed clothing..she flinched as she breathed.. but there wass still fight within her.. as she shrank from the Dothraki..her eyes narrowed on him.. she eyed his Ankh...it was long and sharp..,.
    [01:25 AM] Alkandros Resident suddenly reached out and gripped the girls neck "Wrong. It is mine.. Know why? Cause I want it. So I took it. I take what want. Only one man rule me, ever. And that man is dead because of your witch sister..." he said before releasing her from his powerful grasp. and lowing himself into a crouched position on the furrs "If you behave...and drink with me. I will gift it to you." He finally added before reaching into his small satchel and pulling out a small bottle of dornish red.
    [01:28 AM] Thresia eyes smoldered... she made not a sound. ... as her neck was gripped.. such a vise abou ther as she felt the huge hand there.. she aquiessed his wishes, and sank do wn to her knees and sat upon the furred rug.. she eyed him... she wanted that knife back... her mother had given it to her..she though did not trust him... not one bit.. she eyed the wine, and then his hands.. her throat hurt from where he had held her tightly.. he was a strange man.. this Dothrak..she was not sure of what he wanted from her..

    [01:32 AM] Thresia attempted to speak, she coughed.. touched her bruised throat where he had gripped her. she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.. she had never been so abused by anyone before..till this week...she looked away a moment so he could not see the look on her face.. she blinked back her tears of pain.. brushing them with her hair to make them disappear... she then turned back an said..."as pleases you my Lord..may I have wine too?" She was terribly thirsty, she had not been fed, nor had she drank anything in two days.
    [01:33 AM] Alkandros Resident shrugs lightly as he uncorks the wine and takes a swallow "Tell me Stark. What do you pray to?" He asked, offering the bottle to her again as it seemed like for a rare moment he honestly had no need nor desire for violence, but what was capable of it at the drop of a hat . But for the moment it seemed he simply wanted a bit of conversation. He then rolled his eyes "No call me Lord. Lord title I own, it not own me."
    [01:37 AM] Thresia she did not understand all of his words, the language was brutally chopped up..she put her hand to her chest.."I am Thresia..Th reh sah..." she pronounced her name for him.."My Gods are the Old Gods, not these silly Seven Kingdoms.. whatever they be these silly southerners believe in. My blood is from those of Kings and Giants...though.. you'd not know that by looking at me...since, I am small for my people.." She looked away..then glanced to the goblet of his wine.. she wanted some but would not beg for it.. she was too proud to beg..she tossed back thick tendrils of inky black hair..then dared to look into his eyes.."And then if not Lord, what would I call you?" She thought of calling him a Knave like she had Stone but thought better of it.
    [01:41 AM] Alkandros Resident: Rider. Great Rider. The ones who raise me call me Argo..... Here. drink." He said, putting the bottle down infront of her "Giants? Hm...I no care efor blood or blood line. It matter little when you lying on death bed.....Tell me Why you worship what you call old gods?
    [01:44 AM] Thresia lifts a small hand and pours some of the dornish wine in a cup.. she sipped some of it then drank like she was dying of thirst. setting it down she handed the bottle back.."my Brother worships the gods, I am a woman, I pray to them, I do not worship them." I too am a rider. My Mare was taken from me. I have ridden since I was just a babe...All I always care about is riding, caring for my mare, and more riding...I do not even know if she is alright.. they tell me little of her, but she is a Destrier..a very large horse.
    [01:49 AM] Alkandros Resident: I know of Destrier. Kazarian is Essos Born Destrier..He..very large compared to westeros horses...." His eyes caught her for a moment and he tilted his head to the side "You no think praying sign of weak? " he asked before stretching out his torso as he stood for a momen and popping his neck from side to side. His skin being littered with battle scars here and there and his body well toned and obviouslty earned through hard work as he was large and muscular, unlike other lords of westeros who were thin and rather small. He crouched down again, reaching into the back and tossing her a half loaf of bread as they talked.
    [01:49 AM] Alkandros Resident accepted your inventory offer.
    [01:53 AM] Alkandros Resident: reaching into the pack and tossing her a half loaf of bread as they talked*

    [01:55 AM] Thresia small hands took the bread.. she tore at a piece and took a bite, her stomach grumbled angrilly as she set the bread back to him.."thank you my Lor...Argo," she was unsure if he would allow her the use of his name.. as she averted her eyes a moment in thought.."I do not know if praying will do me any bit of good, whether to my Gods or any Gods, I am not sure they exist." As for Horses, My Horse is not like the small Westeros horses, she is a large Destrier, very large, bigger then most horses and bigger, meaner, and heavier then the Westeros little horses. She would rather stomp you, bite you or run you over rather then allow you to ride her, she will not allow any save me ride her, they must have her chained somewhere.." she said, she calmed some in his presence..though she was aware he could be vicious if he wished to, he had shown some kindness to her the first shown her, she was not sure what he wanted of her.. she again took more bread into her mouth..and drank more of the wine.. she hungered terrib
    [01:55 AM] Thresia flinched as she swallowed.. a small whimper escaping her lips.. as she set the cup down and the bread soon followed.." <end>

    [02:00 AM] Alkandros Resident: You no need eat like lady around me. Eat until full. No manners needed here. ::He said as he leaned back a bit, eyeing her up and down for a moment "Aye I know where she is. I not know she yours....I was going to mate her with Kazarian, they seem make good pair....Haha. But it be hell trying keep him from her, I had tie him up good mile and half away from her." Chuckled lightly at the thought before moving his eyes back to hers "Speaking of. Is it no common for Lord to marry off woman at your age?....And as far as Gods concerned....I worship nor pray to anything I can kill. I hold Loyalty above all...that is my faith."
    [02:06 AM] Thresia shook her head some.. she had not stopped eating to appear ladylike, she was having a hard time breathing, as she ate..she lifted the bread again, hearing his command and ate more bites, burying the pain within as she visibly flinched.. she did not complain verbally...but only respond with, "My ribs are cracked." She thought maybe they were they felt as such..then she look him into the eyes.."Mating with my Notte?" She arch delicate black brows...she wondered she had not thought to mate her Destrier.."Aye, She is Mine, She has never Foaled." She then looked away again took more bread and scarfing it down, drank the wine to wash it down as well...tilting her chin..."I have no husband, my betrothed was slain. No husband chosen for me after," She looked away..then she looked back.."I am untouched."
    [02:10 AM] Thresia drew her knees in to her xhest, and wrapped slender arms about them she looked to the large Dothrak nearby..she did not believe she was in the same room with one, let alone having wine with one.. she had always been told frightening stories..she shook away the thoughts, and try to ease herself.. the rash was going away on its own as she started to calm down more.. the wine easing her, relaxing her..she sipped more, eying the bottle, her gaze lifting toward his curiously.. her lips parted as she traced her tongue over her lips moistening them, she brushed back dark tendrils that enveloped her like a shroud..she said only, "there is no man to wed me, the Baratheon disappear...and my Brother does not give his blessing to any." she delicately shrugged..
    [02:11 AM] Alkandros Resident arched a brow " THe one who kill husband, he not take you after?" He rolled his eyes at the thought of some fool missing his chance to taste such sweet honey before looking back to the small stark woman "That can be changed." he replied as she mentioned herself as being untouched. "I know Lord Dragon Order no one take you...but as I said, there was only one man who ever command me. Qoy Qoyi....Blood of my Blood, Tyros Lannister....And he is dead..." he said as he slowly stood, his hands moving down to begin to untie the belt that hung on his waist.
    [02:16 AM] Thresia shook her head.."nay..I was not wedded, my Lor... Argo, We were betrothed, I was promised to him he did not wed me.. he went out to the forest and never returned..." she then become a little alarmed as he began to remove his belt she drew away... shrinking back on her hands and knees..she thought he might beat her now... she did not know what he wanted..."nay..please..do not hurt me!"
    [02:19 AM] Alkandros Resident allowed the sash to fall to the ground as he approached her. A single hand reaching out to graps her by the ankle and pull her back to him as he placed himself between her thighs before moving to pin her hands above her head "It will only hurt the more you resist. I do you honor, truly. Few women can say they have laid with true rider and live to tell of it."
    [02:21 AM] Thresia felt her ankle tugged and she fell backward, but not before her wrists were caught, she struggled beneath him he was much bigger than she.."Nay, I'm a maiden!" She could not get away.. she did not understand, she tried to buck him off her.. arching her head back, her long hair spread out about her.. her small wrists were captured.."Im a maid, I'm a maid..nay!" She fought him..


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