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    Moved "Death of Stag" Empty Moved "Death of Stag"

    Post by Brigit on Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:10 pm

    [2011-11-21 08:27:37] Aidan Lannister looks around the room as he paces then calls out "I left something in my room.. I'll be back shortly" he walks to the doors and opens them descending the stair case down until he stes inside noting his things had been moved around by someone and calls out "GUARDS!"

    [2011-11-21 08:28:49] Bradd Baratheon answers the call quickly descending the stairway, "M'Lord? something wrong?"

    [2011-11-21 08:29:17] Aidan Lannister motions around the room "someone has been in here and gone through my things!"

    [2011-11-21 08:30:08] Bradd Baratheon looks around, "anything missing?" it didn't seem to be in any more disarray than it was before, with the exception of the letter in his pocket.

    [2011-11-21 08:31:00] Aidan Lannister moves over to his desk and sorts through his papers and taps "this there was a letter from Maester Biggins right here, I just read it this morning and made sure to leave it here.."

    [2011-11-21 08:32:22] Bradd Baratheon pulls from his pocket the letter, "this letter?" holding it up.

    [2011-11-21 08:32:48] Aidan Lannister raises a brow and nods "and how did you gain custody of my letter?"

    [2011-11-21 08:33:57] Bradd Baratheon puts it back in his pocket, "surely you would not want to stand in the way of my investigation of this treason, M'Lord. I am confiscating this letter as evidence."

    [2011-11-21 08:39:14] Aidan Lannister raises a brow "what is treason is entering the room of the hand of the king without permission, and going through my things. On top of that you stole from the hand of the king" he moves his hand to the handle of the sword "now, put my letter back Lord Commander, or be labeled a traitor to the throne and killed"

    [2011-11-21 08:41:53] Bradd Baratheon arches a brow, "you Lord Lannister are the treasonous one, you seek to 'put the child king out of his misery' though your wife would not name you directly I know you are the third that was about to be named, shall we call a trial and see who is right? This letter from the Maester says it clearly... do you deny his words, "you may be right about the scales" he wrote, "and dreamwine would make the end painless." eyes the stairway as Clegane comes down.

    [2011-11-21 08:42:15] Dareon Clegane hears commotion and rushes in the room, "My lord, what is the matter..." He eyes Bradd, "Lord Commander, what is the meaning of this?"

    [2011-11-21 08:43:50] Aidan Lannister raises a brow "How have I committed any act of treason by telling the Maester the scales may be unable to be healed?" he turns to Dareon and points "seems the Lord Commander has taken it upon himself to come into my room, go through my things, and steal my property then accuses me, the hand of the king of treason."

    [2011-11-21 08:44:55] Bradd Baratheon looks at the Clegane, "Treason is the meaning Lord Clegane, and you yourself have been implicated, do you deny saying where the Lady Wife of the Hand could overhear that it might be better to end the king's pain... a treasonous statement?" his hand fell to the hilt of his own sword.

    [2011-11-21 08:47:27] Dareon Clegane laughs and looks at the Lord Commander's hand, "I don't deny anything. I would also advise you to move your hand from your sword. You are in the presence of the Hand of the King, who rules for the king and speaks with his voice, and the King's Justice. Seems you broke into the bedchamber of the ruler of the realm without cause or leave. Who's treasonous now, Lord commander?"

    [2011-11-21 08:49:32] Aidan Lannister takes a step back keeping a hand on the handle of the valyrian steel blade keeping his eyes on the Baratheon then turns slightly "Lord Clegane, remove this traitorous swine from my office and retrieve the Maester's letter for me if you will"

    [2011-11-21 08:49:48] Bradd Baratheon narrows his eyes, "so" taps on TruthFinder, "you admit it then, you the Master of Laws, and the King's Justice seek the King's own demise." shakes his head, not knowing if he could take them both or not, it was either beat them or join them. Watches Aidan closely, but does not move his hand from his sword, "I am sworn to protect the King at all costs"

    [2011-11-21 08:59:25] Bradd Baratheon narrows my eyes at Clegane, "I do not doubt that Lord Lannister has the makings of a King, and he is our King's heir surely that is not disputed, but the rightful king Lord Clegane, is up there in his bed, scales covering half his face, and you it seems have spoke yourself of "putting him out of his misery" I have a witness... and in my pocket I have a letter, implicating the Maester in his own writing." his face was as hard as the valarian steel at his side.

    [2011-11-21 09:02:35] Dareon Clegane walks over to the large desk and puts his ass cheek on it. Laughing he says, "That old fool. Let me see this letter you speak of. I should be at least able to see the evidence against me..."

    [2011-11-21 09:06:02] Bradd Baratheon pats his pocket, "the evidence against you Lord Clegane is in Lady Lannisters own words." nodding put pulls out the letter, "its says here, "you may be right about the scales" he wrote, "and dreamwine would make the end painless." that only implicates himself, however... there was a third person on Lady Lannister's tongue she would not say his or her name, but its not hard to summise who that is." turning to look hard upon Aidan.

    [2011-11-21 09:06:41] Aidan Lannister nods and looks between the two keeping his grip on loudroar so he could draw it at a moments notice if needed he holds a hand out "let me see the letter then."

    [2011-11-21 09:07:21] Bradd Baratheon shoves it back into his pocket, "I told you I'm keeping this for evidence."

    [2011-11-21 09:07:55] Dareon Clegane moves closer to Aidan and Bradd, "So your evidence against me is heresay? The babblings of a lady who just had a baby?"

    [2011-11-21 09:09:53] Bradd Baratheon nods to him, "I would have dismissed it as such, except for one thing." chuckles... "I believe her." looks hard at Aidan again, "and with this letter..." arches an eybrow, "seems plausable the both of you and the Maester have plotted the king's life."

    [2011-11-21 09:10:48] Aidan Lannister raises a brow "all you have is proof for the Maester, but the Lord Commander of the kingsguard who was a known sellsword before elevated by me versus the word of the king's justice and the hand of the king?"

    [2011-11-21 09:12:16] Bradd Baratheon considers that running his hand across the stubbles on his chin, "that and the word of your wife, that's correct, but if you were not plotting, wouldn't you be more inclined to agree than disagree as you are?"

    [2011-11-21 09:12:54] Dareon Clegane laughs and grabs the hilt of Headhunter, "Well, Baratheon, it seems you are in a bit of horse's shit here. Do you fancy joining us, or should we string you up beside the Greyjoy?"

    [2011-11-21 09:13:57] Aidan Lannister shrugs "I merely find it interesting that you take the word of a hormonal female over the hand of the king and the king's justice" he looks to the Clegane and frowns as he just openly admitted the treason luckily none but the threee of them were around he steps back even further drawing the blade just a little to make it easier to pull if needed

    [2011-11-21 09:14:49] Bradd Baratheon his hand crosses also to his sword, "I am sworn to protect the king, and I would give my life for his, so if you say to me, you mean to kill him I will mean to kill you." Truthfinder clears its sheath almost soundlessly.

    [2011-11-21 09:15:17] Dareon Clegane draws his blade

    [2011-11-21 09:15:57] Aidan Lannister pulls his blade as the Baratheon drew his blade and gets into his ready stance, he didn't wait for the baratheon to charge him instead he stepped forward and swung at him

    [2011-11-21 09:18:16] GM 4.1: Aidan Braveheart Has Captured Bradd Blackheart!

    [2011-11-21 09:18:58] Aidan Lannister looks to Dareon "you can keep his blade if you'd like but I want this man killed, it's too risky to keep him alive"

    [2011-11-21 09:19:44] Dareon Clegane sheathes his sword and walks over to Baratheon's body laying on the floor and grabs his hair, pulling out his dagger, "Shall I open him up here my lord, or use the block?""

    [2011-11-21 09:20:00] Bradd Baratheon goes down bleeding profusely from many wounds, soaking the carpet wiht blood.

    [2011-11-21 09:22:05] Aidan Lannister shakes his head "take him outside or to the block but not in here, I'll have LeRoy change the carpets"

    [2011-11-21 09:23:26] Dareon Clegane nods, "As you wish. I'll take him to the dungeons and have his head. Care to watch, My lord?"

    [2011-11-21 09:23:51] Aidan Lannister nods "I suppose I should watch the deed be done"

    [2011-11-21 09:24:15] Dareon Clegane drags Bradd to the dungeons to face his justice...

    [2011-11-21 09:24:40] Bradd Baratheon gets drug cause he can't much walk, bleeding and moaning

    [2011-11-21 09:26:31] Dareon Clegane throws Bradd down on the block

    [2011-11-21 09:26:33] Bradd Baratheon would probably die of his wounds in a short time anyway

    [2011-11-21 09:28:07] Dareon Clegane drwas his sword and speaks, "Bradd baratheon, you are sentenced to die for treason against the Hand of the King." he draws his sword and strikes off Bradd's head with 1 stroke

    [2011-11-21 09:29:42] Bradd Baratheon dies with only the sound of steel slicing though skin and bone, and the life blood runs out of him.

    [2011-11-21 09:29:58] Dareon Clegane holds up the head for Aidan to see, "How's this for justice, My Lord?"

    [2011-11-21 09:32:16] Aidan Lannister smiled and nods "thank you Lord Clegane"

    [2011-11-21 09:51:25] Brigit Frey-Lannister sees her husband goes to step over and gasps looking at him, he was soaked in blood, covers her mouth, "what happened, are you hurt?"

    [2011-11-21 09:52:23] Aidan Lannister walks in the door and sighs closing it he had wiped some of the blood from him but the sword still had signs of it he frowns a bit "the Lord Commander of the kignsguard was found guilty of treason and then attempted to attack me, Dareon and I got him and executed him for attempting to kill me"

    [2011-11-21 09:53:27] Brigit Frey-Lannister gasps, "Baratheon? treason?" she was shocked, "did he hurt you?"

    [2011-11-21 09:54:20] Aidan Lannister looks down and shrugs "he has always been good with his sword, I wouldn't be surprised if he did hit me a few times.."

    [2011-11-21 09:55:21] Brigit Frey-Lannister her eyes got big, she went to him, looking for any signs of him wounded, wraps her arms around his neck, kisses him, "I'm glad you got him then."

    [2011-11-21 09:56:54] Aidan Lannister kisses her back and frowns "he went into my office, stole some of my belongings, he used to be my friend.. he then went wild speaking of how I'm guilty of treason.."

    [2011-11-21 09:58:45] Brigit Frey-Lannister puts her cheek against your chest, "you cannot be treasonous against yourself, that would just not be possible, your grace." she turns her head up and smiles to him, "but you are right, I'm sure you didn't want to have to do that but I think now.. might want to act quickly, save anymore of this kind of thing."

    [2011-11-21 10:01:49] Aidan Lannister sighs "I don't want my own cousin hurt or killed, I keep trying to explain this to people, but I cannot bear to watch him suffer"

    [2011-11-21 10:02:56] Brigit Frey-Lannister nods in empathy, "I understand completely, love, I do.. his face its just getting worse, and his lips are hardening... its bad for him, he varily cries anymore, you know they say the tongue turns to stone, its got to be so painful for him."

    [2011-11-21 10:14:44] Aidan Lannister nods and sighs "I keep getting accused of treason though and it hurts me that is all anyone thinks, I know it is treason to speak of killing the king, but you can't kill what may as well already be dead.."

    [2011-11-21 10:16:06] Brigit Frey-Lannister frowns, she knew it was her fault the Baratheon was now dead, "Its... I'm at fault, its my fault." she breaks down again, "eveything is my fault." covering her face she just wanted the pain to end.

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